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  1. Tins

    I've aways wondered about people that travel with these or go about the day with these in their pocket... I mean people talk about cigars having to sit at a perfect Rh or itll burn funky etc. Well, sitting in a airy tin that's leaking RH, doesn't that effect the cigars smoke quality and taste? That's why I've been pushed away from the tinned cigars like HUHC, shorts, clubs etc.
  2. Does anyone have a copy of the English MRN book that they are willing to pass on/sell? With light of a new book coming out, maybe someone would allow a new guy to read the old book for a while... If not, no biggie!
  3. Normally you'll see a lot RH at the top and higher at the bottom. Thus leading you to store your CCs at the top and your NCs at the bottom. Usually about 2-3rh higher at the bottom. While now ideal, it's better than 63-65 for NCS
  4. Stepping outside the box here/normal routine. I know these really are against the grain for "average" recommendations, but what do you guys think about these? There are some 08-10 and current boxes out there. Any suggestions on years that are better, worse, yay, nay etc? Thanks.
  5. This is where I bought mine from: They sell all sizes and its the same thing just WAY cheaper. They do sell by the pound and shipping isnt too bad. I dont know why mine creep up in RH but my OLDDDDD silica beads from CigarMony ( anyone remember that guy? Mark Neff. ) are still PERFECT 8-9 years later at 63% RH. Crazy.... I guess that is what an engineered bead does versus something else that were trying to MAKE work.
  6. Maybe too many beads lol
  7. I do not add any water with HCM beads. Nor the Cm ( CigarMony ) beads that I have. I USED to add water directly to the CM beads, but learning that it cracks them, I now and always mist the door. I allow it to absorb naturally. My problem is that the HCM beads ARE at 63% but then some how some way creep up. VERY weird.
  8. I know this has to pop up every now and then, but I havnet seen a comparison similar to this via searching. Im sure there is going to be someone else to prove me wrong, so be it. Anyway, I bought beads while ago form Mark ( on another forum ) and Ive been running them for a WHILE. Working great... But many are colored and cracked etc. Now what Im wondering is, in the end they are silica beads. What differentiates CigarMony beads, HF beads ( name brands ) from say the Exquisicat. The litter is just generic beads, and the Hf and marketed towards cigar storage... Isnt salt, salt? Also I have some HCM generic beads here 4A grade, and I cannot for the life of me get them to maintain 63-ish RH. They get there and then slowly creep up to 65% or higher. I throw the OLD CigarMony beads in there and solid... I have two hygrometers in the same places and the only thing that changes is the beads ( HCM or Silica ). So the hygrometers are constant at all times... All in all,I want to get new beads since mine are looking sad, should I pay more for the name branded silicas, HCMs ( Scotts ) or just go generic silica?
  9. Where else is he going to be? Is there a list?
  10. Edgestar 28 bottle: Cannot get the RH back again...

    Pig, I did some shifting and lower the RH of the beads and its sitting at 62 up top and 63 down the bottom. Im happy with that. A bit lower would be nice, but small changes at a time... Thanks!
  11. Edgestar 28 bottle: Cannot get the RH back again...

    Thanks. Stand by for a reply later tonight. Can't read it all just yet. Thanks
  12. First off here it is:,default,pd.html?cgid=Wine_and_Beverage-Wine_Refrigerators Now Ive had this cooler for years like 7-8 years and at first it took a bit to get it settled down. It ran GREAT for years. I moved into my own place and ever since then I cannot get it dialed in. I know Piggy talks about micro climates and how the ambient plays a big part, I can see that now. Before as I said it was great, barely any fluctuation of RH. What I did change was I added some 4a HCM ( well generic ) beads and removed my OLD HF beads. They were discolored and cracked so I thought why not do an upgrade, the 4A beads seem to work great. My RH isnt terrible now, I can get it around 64 and 66% ( 64 on top and 66 at the bottom ) I have a fan blowing up the back wall to help even it out some and it doesn't seem like it wants to work. I have it on 100% of the time, maybe I need more CFM? Occasionally I'll get some condensate on the back wall, but it collects into a dry bin of HF beads. I dont get much so I dont really consider that a HUGE issue. I have since removed all beads except for about 8oz of HCM beads. I have them in the top right and left corners ( using bulk HF bead tubes )of the cabinet to help even out the RH more. I have like 16oz or so on the bottom ( well had ) and I had about 4 oz in the middle. I have unplugged it and plugged it in and I dont see much of a jump or drop in RH. I understand that the moisture saturation at say 65deg / 65RH will be less or more than 70deg /65RH but it still confuses me. Anyway, any and all help here on dialing this thing back to 65RH Id appreciate it. Im about to go to walmart and get some silica kitty litter as a cheap alternative to run another test. Also the cigars havent been tasting good nor are they burning great. They end up going out in about 30-45seconds or so. Maybe thats normal, but it doesnt seem to be where it should be burn wise. Thanks again.
  13. Thanks guys. I sucked the air out of them and they looked like they were vac packed. I did pretty good. Plus I triple bagged them. First time with this roller as well...
  14. So I had some customs and I threw em in the freezer doing the standard method etc. All went well etc but now they are SUPER tight to draw through. Is that just from them being fresh to begin with and then the elevated RH from freezing them? They have been sitting in 65/65 for about 1.5-2 weeks. We've had the windows opened here ( little humid here and there lately ) and the RH in the house is about 60% +/-5%, so if I were to dry box them, then wouldnt it be pretty much like leaving them in the humidor since the RH is about the same as the house is now?

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