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  1. Excellent video! One of my favorite marcas.

    Happy Birthday! Lisa
  3. Pre embargo humidor

    It all depends. They can be a few hundred to a couple thousand. They made standard humi's and also custom ones for certain clients. The custom ones have fancier inlays etc.
  4. Pre embargo humidor

    ☺ No it's remnants of the old black foam insulation used around the A/C last year. The glue from that insulation is crazy. I never cleaned off the glue. The room is only used for my cigars and my CD's/stereo.
  5. Valija Diplomatica

    Cool memento and a great story.
  6. Pre embargo humidor

    I've seen a few of the smaller Upmann's around, never saw a Punch. Maybe they're around in europe more than the states.
  7. Pre embargo humidor

    I guess it depends on what sizes. Probably 70 - 100. I plan on stocking this one with hoyo DC's, Epi 2's and du prince. That's what I have on hand right now. I already have a wineador, 2 footlockers and 4 desktop humidors. I just thought it was kinda cool.
  8. Pre embargo humidor

    ☺ It's open right now. I want to be able to use the lock. You're right the lock is not complex.
  9. Pre embargo humidor

    Here are some pics. A friend of mine who collects antiques has a bunch of old skeleton keys he's going to let me have, maybe one of them will work. If not I'll bring it to a locksmith.
  10. Pre embargo humidor

    No cigars inside just a nice old decent sized humidor. It's around 20" w x 9" d x 6" h
  11. Pre embargo humidor

    I'm sure I could take it apart. I was hoping to find an old key instead of disturbing the lock. I just thought someone here might have some info. Thanks.
  12. Wonder if anyone might be able to help? I just picked up an old Hoyo de Monterrey humidor from the 40's or 50's. It doesn't have a key. Does anyone know what size skeleton keys the old Cuban humidors used? The newer humidor keys are too large.
  13. If you lift a kangaroo’s tail off the ground it can’t hop. (Figured you Aussies would appreciate this one )

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