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  1. If you lift a kangaroo’s tail off the ground it can’t hop. (Figured you Aussies would appreciate this one )
  2. Happy Birthday Di !!
  3. Just received the sampler pack from the new music drawing. Magnum 46 , Juan lopez 2 & Monte petit edmundo. Thanks Prez!
  4. Love seeing posts like this. I can always show the wife "See I'm not that bad I only get 2 or 3 boxes at once". ☺
  5. I'm glad I stocked up quite a bit this year. Got some great stuff. Have to be selective with my purchases for the next few months. At least the Prez is honest with us. Thanks
  6. Wow I haven't won anything that I actually wanted in Years. Usually some gift basket at charity auction with candles and crap. Thanks Prez and team! 😀
  7. Loved to see the progress. Looks Great!
  8. Not new but one of my favorites. N'awlins Funk! The Meters. https://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=Ma8ABYwo1Ew
  9. I'm lovin' this thread
  10. Nice setup! Looks like you've got tons of great stuff too. I haven't checked in on Camp in a couple of weeks. You guys are great. Also provides me with examples to show the wife "Look I'm not as bad as these guys, I only have 3 footlockers a newair and 3 desktop humidors" The third footlocker is gonna be full once i get the next 3 shipments from the Prez. I'm startin' to think about the zarges...
  11. Awesome! Thanks Hurltim! I'll try it out tomorrow.
  12. Love the newsletter! Now I gotta find me some Epi Especials. I've always stuck with the Epi 2.
  13. Heading to the local cigar hut tonight. Tomorrow a bathroom overhaul for the downstairs bath. It started out the wife asking to repaint the bathroom now it's me tearing out and replacing the sink,vanity, bowl, cabinets, towel rods. It seems whenever she wants to paint that always leads to a larger job ☺
  14. Looks Great! Nice selection of smokes also.

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