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  1. Awesome! Thanks Hurltim! I'll try it out tomorrow.
  2. Love the newsletter! Now I gotta find me some Epi Especials. I've always stuck with the Epi 2.
  3. Heading to the local cigar hut tonight. Tomorrow a bathroom overhaul for the downstairs bath. It started out the wife asking to repaint the bathroom now it's me tearing out and replacing the sink,vanity, bowl, cabinets, towel rods. It seems whenever she wants to paint that always leads to a larger job ☺
  4. Looks Great! Nice selection of smokes also.
  5. Congrats Tim! Nice review on the H Upmann.
  6. Nice find! The old German instruments are great.
  7. Looks great! I was looking at a similar icebox last week. This might be my solution for storage ...... For now. Too much is never enough when it comes to cigars.
  8. I'd say 95%. The rest was from local stores NOT the malls. I absolutely hate the malls. Pretty painless this year and I was done about 2 weeks early. For me that's a Christmas miracle :-) I'm usually the one running to the shops on Christmas eve.
  9. Done, Have used this site many times. Hope they can rebuild.
  10. I have a larger savinelli. I've had it for years. Got it used. Nice box. Holds humidity well. I know when they were new they were overpriced. They were trying to sell them for the same as Prometheus which are much nicer. Savinelli got out of the humidor business around 2011. They still make pipes. You can find used Savinelli's online every once in a while usually for $60 - $80 for small around $100 for the large.
  11. Thanks blazer! I just ordered the fan. I have a new aire cc-300. Holds about 400 smokes. I also read some other post about using more than the suggested amount of HF beads, so I ordered more beads. Right now I'm using the beads supplemented with bovedas up top and just beads on the bottom. Hopefully the fan will help even things out.
  12. Wanted to say hello! New to the forum I'm from Long Island,NY. Just ordered my first 24:24. Can't wait for delivery. Anyone else from Ny?
  13. I'm also having the same problem. What type of fan are you guys using?

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