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  1. I find the distinct grassy flavor in the JL 1 unique.
  2. I've had very good experiences wih GRs; I'm particularly looking forward to the upcoming Sir Winston GR, which should be an amazing cigar. GRs are poor value compared to regular production cigars, but they definitely serves a purpose for me as a special occasion smoke. I'll echo what everyone here says about the Anejados though - have not had good experiences with any of them and would much rather have one of my usual regular production cigars.
  3. 95.8 for me. Down 3kg from the weigh in.
  4. Happy birthday and all the best Rob!
  5. I have boxes from 2013 and 2015 and both are fantastic. Love the intense flavours on these.
  6. Another vote for PLPCs. Love smoking them young.
  7. To me, getting a handle on cubans would entail possessing a basic level of knowledge on the cigars. To draw an analogy to golf, it would be similar to having the ability to head out to the course and shoot a round of 120. Back to cigars, it would probably be at the stage where I've tried the more popular/common options and ascertained what are my preferences. It probably took me around 6 months (averaging 2 sticks a day).
  8. Have put on about 15kg in the past few years. Time to try and lose some of it!
  9. Thanks Rob and the FOH team for this lovely box
  10. Will be posting my weight. Perfect reason to start the much needed diet.
  11. Just did a quick count of my stock before this year's buying starts. A good reminder to slow down for the year, and to pick up more San Cristobals. Total: 229 boxes. Mostly 25s (or 24s for the Trinidads), remaining would be an approximately even split of 50s and 10s. About half of these should still be full boxes in various stages of aging. Montecristo: 33 boxes (14.4%) Ramon Allones: 27 boxes (11.7%) Hoyo: 25 boxes (10.9%) RyJ: 19 boxes (8.3%) Cohiba: 18 boxes (7.9%) Upmann: 17 boxes (7.4%) Partagas: 12 boxes (5.2%) Trinidad: 12 boxes (5.2%) Por Larranaga: 11 boxes (4.8%) Cuaba: 9 boxes (3.9%) Punch: 7 boxes (3.1%) Bolivar: 6 boxes (2.6%) Vegas Robaina: 6 boxes (2.6%) Fonseca: 5 boxes (2.2%) Juan Lopez: 4 boxes (1.7%) La Gloria Cubana: 3 boxes (1.3%) San Cristobal: 2 boxes (0.9%) Diplomaticos: 2 boxes (0.9%) Quai Dorsay: 2 boxes (0.9%) El Rey Del Mundo: 1 box (0.4%) Sancho Panza: 1 box (0.4%) Assorted NCs: 7 boxes (3.1%)
  12. pm sent
  13. Will drop you a PM
  14. Thanks guys. I've checked under the sticker and the box code was indeed there. SOM DIC 2015. Looking forward to seeing how these smoke after a few months of rest.

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