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  1. Listen I hate our NY Cuomo-nist Governor as much as the next guy but pardon my French....what idiot buys cigars in NY? Other than getting your Cubans from FOH - if you want non Cubans you get them mail order from PA. For the random cigar you just have to buy at a lounge - well if it cost $1 more what's the big deal...
  2. Speak to these people: Alba MOLINS Departamento de Marketing La Cartuja de Sevilla
  3. Newcomer (Newbie) Q&A

    I store them in the tube but with the top removed. This way when I grab one and pop the top back on I know the RH% of the piece of cedar inside the tube should hold my cigar fairly consistent for (at the very least) that day/night I'm planning on smoking it...

    Happy Birthday Lisa......and many more!! Hope you have a great day......
  5. Hi. No endorsement either way - just a good read... 2018 – Year of the “Crypto Fiat” Currency _ Bonner & Partners.pdf
  6. mis-understood me.....I've never seen it on a box "that I received from Rob"...........
  7. Palio Cutter

    Not to hijack - but in MY opinion there is no cutter better than the Cuban Crafters Perfect cutter...looks to be onsale:
  8. Come on I'm in - who is going to be the........................
  9. Used the Big Boy last night without the built in blower feature...I think it was 38 degrees....nice & toasty. Definitely a tremendous improvement over the dish. The dish is getting returned to Costco...with their easy returns policy...
  10. New tower humidor

    Good looker - great buy........... Definitely active humi is the way to go.
  11. You got the Little Buddy.........LOL..............the difference is the Big Buddy has 2 heat panels - so it's 18,000 btu versus 9,000 btu. Agree - the bigger the space the more btu. For the $98 I went with the Big Boy. Plus the quick connect hose another $40....
  12. Wet Cigars, Help Please!

    Every box ever received from FOH (i think about 80 in 2 years but who's counting) is <moderated> wrapped? Was this not the case with your shipment? For you to claim so much moisture in a box sent the normal way - it had to have been submerged in water....seems weird? Was the packaging water stained?
  13. I wasn't happy with the results using the Heat Dish on a 3 side open patio. It's only about 5,500 btu on high. I just got this Big Buddy 18,000 btu propane heater in this week and an trying it out tonight. Temp should be around 40F when I use it... Best price anywhere...
  14. Di & Rob....Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year - hopefully you'll have a very relaxing and stress free vacation to Cuba & Mexico...
  15. Ahhhh...Tubos....I always store them in the humi with their tops off to avoid growing mold inside PLUS...the cedar sheet inside gets to be the same RH% as your humi and when you need to grab one quick on the go - you just pop the top back on and you have a mini travel humi at your preferred RH% for a good part of the day...

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