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  1. The one thing you can rest assured about is that unless you are personally inspecting the box before purchase Rob delivers more boxes with the code "OMG" than any other merchant that exists!
  2. great day in NY Metro.........Epi 1 tubo....MUS MAY 13 - fantastic smoke!
  3. No wonder why I see the 2016 boxes being "given away"....relatively speaking....
  4. 1. Find what you like in an AGED cigar by sampling lots of different aged cigars as singles or fivers - lots of readily available sources for that. 2. Once you find what you like in an aged cigar(s), buy quality boxes of the current vintage for long term storage. 3. Bite the bullet and pay the upcharge to buy a box of the aged cigar(s) (you determined you like) to smoke right now. Depending on how many cigars you smoke/week that will determine how many aged boxes you need to find. 4. Financially this may make the most sense.
  5. What is the box code? You really need to have some age on them before you indulge.......
  6. That is correct. I cut myself off. How unselfish of me........................don't you think? The forum is about sharing information and ideas. Getting to buy inspected quality cigars is just an added benefit. Everyone may feel differently but to come here JUST FOR THE 24:24 SALE to cherry pick a few choice boxes is just plain wrong.
  7. Not true at all. Have commented and helped lots of newbies with their questions. This forum is more about "giving" than "taking"...... BTW - Last count there were 160 different boxes being offered for sale on CUNTINT. You've been here a month - Have you visited or purchased from the Int'l Store yet?
  8. From the responses I think the majority here would opt to ban the flipper..........
  9. was just a thought and suggestion....but the big issue is that there is literallly an instanteous sell out of the 24:24 offer. So I don't think that "driving sales" is the issue... Supply is not unlimited therefore with or without the "new" business - Rob would most likely do just fine....maybe the 6 month/100 post crew should get a 1 hour jump...
  10. First and foremost, this site is about friendships and gathering information along with sharing ideas, thoughts and experiences. That being said, the ability to purchase boxes via 24:24 is an unbelieveable benefit if not honor. Just like the rules for the Trading Room - I believe that in order to take advantage of products offered in the 24:24 sale you should limit the participants to those with 6 months of membership and a minimum of 100 posts....newbies can always buy products on CUNTINT.
  11. You can use 1 canister versus 2 if you think 2 is overkill and remember the fans will only spin when the RH% drops below the setpoint. So if the ambient RH is high, then the fans won't be running that much...and you won't be filling with distilled that often.
  12. GREAT video job...truly enjoyed coming along for the ride..........
  13. Oh Yeah......Dantes........SUM OCT 16..............they are now at the bottom of the Tower (good nite)........................wrappers/aroma sick...........
  14. Just arrived today............wrappers and aroma are gorgeous to say the least. These boxes are going down for a rip van winkle sleeeeppppppp............

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