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  1. Great - both mine the same.............I'll be looking for the "cream"......
  2. My first and as the Boss says: "Shortbread dipped in strong coffee with elements of stone-fruit on the fringes. It is a lovely mix of depth/complexity. Cuban cigars at their best." Take him at his word! LUB OCT 14....stunning....Thanks Rob. A "Master" of a cigar...........
  3. Hi. I'm sitting on 2 boxes from our Host and you've gotten me excited LOL....what's your box code?
  4. FYI - smoked amazing Temp is 64F. Had them 2 months but got them from my buddy who had them for awhile in ideal conditions...
  5. OK - no problem thanks - a little wipe and I'm golden...and fyi stored at 62%
  6. Feet are perfect and wrappers are gorgeous dark...
  7. Gentleman just trying to confirm from more experienced eyes.....RASS TEB MAR 08.....was FOH HQ a very light powder on the whole stick.....
  8. I'm sure the wife also prefers you spending $ on "cigars and rum" versus "gambling, drugs and broads"....
  9. Keep all the 3+ year set 'em and forget 'em in there......looks gorgeous. What are you doing for humidification besides Boveda? What are those 2 little grey things - wireless RH%?
  10. Guys - if anyone is interested. This is a good deal for pick-up only....wish I lived nearby would scoop this up........$700...(goes for $1900 shipped).... .
  11. The one thing you can rest assured about is that unless you are personally inspecting the box before purchase Rob delivers more boxes with the code "OMG" than any other merchant that exists!
  12. great day in NY Metro.........Epi 1 tubo....MUS MAY 13 - fantastic smoke!
  13. No wonder why I see the 2016 boxes being "given away"....relatively speaking....
  14. 1. Find what you like in an AGED cigar by sampling lots of different aged cigars as singles or fivers - lots of readily available sources for that. 2. Once you find what you like in an aged cigar(s), buy quality boxes of the current vintage for long term storage. 3. Bite the bullet and pay the upcharge to buy a box of the aged cigar(s) (you determined you like) to smoke right now. Depending on how many cigars you smoke/week that will determine how many aged boxes you need to find. 4. Financially this may make the most sense.
  15. What is the box code? You really need to have some age on them before you indulge.......

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