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  1. Calibrating Hygrometer

    Best way to calibrate is to get a Boveda pack with a stated RH% close to what you will be looking to keep your cigars at. I keep about four 65%RH packs in a double ziplock bag just for routinely calibrating my hygrometers and wireless sensors.
  2. Wooden Desktop Humidors

    Hi. I have a Diamond Crown St. James Drake 160 count humidor. Not cheap - you get what you pay for. Absolutely gorgeous classy look with phenomenal top of the line construction. When you close the lid, you actually get a whoosh type sound as the seal is made. Rock solid holds your RH% once you season it. Go for the "one and done" - this is heirloom pass me down quality - don't buy that made in China under $100 crap....
  3. HEAT? Wow - she must be tough that's a great buy......
  4. waiting to get yelled at...................scored huge on Craigs list..........$750 for both!!! tucked away in the basement - how long before I get smacked?
  5. For a second there....I thought you were looking for a partner............
  6. Yeah Gary - the Cuban gov't says you're only allowed to bring back just 2 cigars for your own personal consumption or are subject to arrest!!! Watch your ass LOL........
  7. Juan Lopez #2

    What year JL#2?
  8. Connie 1 vs Connie A

    Connie A is a cigar that EVERYONE....I mean EVERYONE loves when they smoke it. I'm talking about smoking from a box of LUB OCT 14. I'm also smoking Connie 1's from a LSM SEP 08 box and they are quite good themselves - have not been disappointed yet.
  9. Dr Joe Show

    Oh yeah..........great smoke!
  10. PerfecDraw

    Hi Rod - I've used my Perfecdraw on EVERY cigar I've smoked since I got it about 2 weeks ago. What one thinks is a "good draw" will be pleasantly surprised that they can now turn that into a perfec(t) draw. Your comments that you'll be using it always...are spot on. Great tool - I never leave home without it. Also did a full review on your website on 8/15.
  11. yes. not worth the extra money - trust me you wont need all the cedar shelving and trays they throw in. the only caveat is that the cigar specific one cools to a high of 74 while the reg one cools to a high of 66. personally i don't think 66 is too cold altho i wish it was 68. also - very important - if these refrigerators are plugged in and you lose power - when the power comes back on they revert to the lowest temp setting so you need to hook them up to a backup battery system like those used for a server....or they'll go to the lowest temp which is 54 for both models...
  12. newair 281 seems to be a decent choice. remove the shelves and pack it full.
  13. Great show - the cigars portion starts around 11:00 mins 11:03 - is that a Cuban Cohiba? Old label? LOL.....
  14. LOL.............billionaire from Long Island....
  15. great analysis work on the aged stock...I figure on 10% avg compounded return for aged... "For the clients of my investment advisor company, we have two core equity strategies that have a long track record of producing annualized returns of 14% (moderate) and 21%" Wow a long track record with those numbers...not just 2009 to current? What's the name of the firm...Madoff & Co? LOL. Would love more info on getting involved with these strategies...

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