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  1. PerfecDraw

    Hi Rod - I've used my Perfecdraw on EVERY cigar I've smoked since I got it about 2 weeks ago. What one thinks is a "good draw" will be pleasantly surprised that they can now turn that into a perfec(t) draw. Your comments that you'll be using it always...are spot on. Great tool - I never leave home without it. Also did a full review on your website on 8/15.
  2. yes. not worth the extra money - trust me you wont need all the cedar shelving and trays they throw in. the only caveat is that the cigar specific one cools to a high of 74 while the reg one cools to a high of 66. personally i don't think 66 is too cold altho i wish it was 68. also - very important - if these refrigerators are plugged in and you lose power - when the power comes back on they revert to the lowest temp setting so you need to hook them up to a backup battery system like those used for a server....or they'll go to the lowest temp which is 54 for both models...
  3. newair 281 seems to be a decent choice. remove the shelves and pack it full.
  4. Great show - the cigars portion starts around 11:00 mins 11:03 - is that a Cuban Cohiba? Old label? LOL.....
  5. LOL.............billionaire from Long Island....
  6. great analysis work on the aged stock...I figure on 10% avg compounded return for aged... "For the clients of my investment advisor company, we have two core equity strategies that have a long track record of producing annualized returns of 14% (moderate) and 21%" Wow a long track record with those numbers...not just 2009 to current? What's the name of the firm...Madoff & Co? LOL. Would love more info on getting involved with these strategies...
  7. How about a non working wine cooler?

    you're only going to need 1 maybe 2 shelves LOL.... just buy some of those $15 cedar trays for singles if you want any cedar in there... the reality is the more filled it is the more stable it is.........
  8. Wine Gadget

    I believe the critical point the inventor made was "cool & DARK"....the refrigerator taking care of both. The "dark" is a more important factor for gaining the most longevity versus the "cool". I'm sure in a typical A/C home - inside of a cabinet at 74F will be just fine.
  9. Wine Gadget

    Love it. Thanks guys. Just pledged a 2 pack - for a SS and Copper...
  10. ahhhh........necessity....the mother of invention.........
  11. I'm interested in doing this too..........US.
  12. The Ark has landed

    Yes. He uses 1/4" spanish cedar veneer. You can get from him but shipping is expensive for 4'x8' sheets or try to find locally. Figure $75/board.
  13. Cyber Extortion

    Don't know about their cloud update...would think they have the best of the best defenses for that ??? but I keep my mirror drive NOT connected until I want to do the mirror backup - on my "terms" - not automatically...
  14. Cyber Extortion

    I use a service called Carbonite. I have their highest level product they offer on a three year plan. What I get is 2 fold. One service automatically updates all data into the cloud continuously. Not programs or your operating system but data files while you are connected to the internet. The second service is you get to maintain (on an external harddrive) a "mirror image" of everything that's on your harddrive - including the operating system, every program and all data. I do this once a week overnight - I do not keep the external connected. Having lost 2 harddrives on my laptop and all my data/programs/etc with no backup or Carbonite - i finally learned my lesson. The third time my harddrive crapped out I just went and bought a compatible harddrive for $60 and in 30 minutes my new harddrive was exactly mirrored like the one that went bust. Even where my icons were placed on my desktop and all internet shortcuts - everything was exactly as it was on the crapped out drive. Totally worth the money in time and aggravation.

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