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  1. ahhhh........necessity....the mother of invention.........
  2. Sounds exciting. Hope I'm included....
  3. I'm interested in doing this too..........US.
  4. Yes. He uses 1/4" spanish cedar veneer. You can get from him but shipping is expensive for 4'x8' sheets or try to find locally. Figure $75/board.
  5. Don't know about their cloud update...would think they have the best of the best defenses for that ??? but I keep my mirror drive NOT connected until I want to do the mirror backup - on my "terms" - not automatically...
  6. I use a service called Carbonite. I have their highest level product they offer on a three year plan. What I get is 2 fold. One service automatically updates all data into the cloud continuously. Not programs or your operating system but data files while you are connected to the internet. The second service is you get to maintain (on an external harddrive) a "mirror image" of everything that's on your harddrive - including the operating system, every program and all data. I do this once a week overnight - I do not keep the external connected. Having lost 2 harddrives on my laptop and all my data/programs/etc with no backup or Carbonite - i finally learned my lesson. The third time my harddrive crapped out I just went and bought a compatible harddrive for $60 and in 30 minutes my new harddrive was exactly mirrored like the one that went bust. Even where my icons were placed on my desktop and all internet shortcuts - everything was exactly as it was on the crapped out drive. Totally worth the money in time and aggravation.
  7. Yes it was the PE RE
  8. I received a few sealed boxes of recent Diplomaticos RE smokes in their cedar boxes. There was some mold on a few of the sticks - mostly on the 2 sticks at the outer edges of the box. My conclusion - it was the cedar box that must have had a high humidity content and caused the mold to grow on the cigars as opposed to the vendor's storage conditions as these were box code late fall 2015....and the vendor didn't have them all that long.
  9. Those FB groups providing legitimate re-sale product are all private by invitation.
  10. Drop your RH to 62-64% and wait 2 months if you really have to smoke now. Preferably wait for 2-3+ years to start sampling. Buy some 3+ year old stock to smoke now and collect current offerings for aging...
  11. Have to agree my LUB OCT 14 is smoking perfect. Each one as good as the last....
  12. PS: I never did this when the wife found out I was planning to - she kicked my now I have 1 tower (24"x16"x50"), 2 x 28 bottle winedors and 1 Avallo 1200 cabinet (24"x24"x35")...
  13. Build your storage into a corner of the basement. Preferably have the longest wall run along an outside foundation wall. Frame as you would for a typical closet. The interior walls s/b covered with an exterior grade sheathing material that has a moisture barrier (Georgia Pacific DensElement™ Barrier System) or bathroom green board. Remember, the interior of the walk in is like the exterior of the house - you are keeping moisture from leaving your room the same as keeping moisture from entering your house... The exterior of the walk in gets regular sheet rock and can be painted/finished like the rest of the basement. Use an exterior half glass pane patio door = $400....not a closet door. Door should open outward - and the door face that would normally be on the outside of the house is inside the walk in. Interior walls and ceiling get covered with 1/4" veneer 4'x8' spanish cedar. Cost from Bob is $72/sheet but it really increases shipping $$ - you can get locally. If your room will be 4'x8' (32 sq feet) you'll need 8 boards to cover all walls, around the door and ceiling. You will need solid spanish cedar trim, casing, base molding and inside/outside corner covers to seal all the seams from Bob. 3 x 96" door/window casing @ $32/piece 3 x 96" base molding @ $32/piece 2 x 96" seam cover @ $14/piece 8 x 96" inside corner covers @ $14/piece You can put shelves along the long 8' wall and stainless steel racks along the side walls. Solid spanish cedar shelves are 12" wide with a 2" lip. It's 5 pieces x 8' @ $100/shelf. 15 x Adjustable angle brackets/shelves @ $3.50/piece and 3 shelf holders @ $13/piece. Total was $1500 plus shipping for a MONSTER 4' x 8' room. Add the cost of the door, the sheet rock, framing materials, flooring and some lighting/electrical for outlet plus +/- $1000 - $1500 for labor...depends where you live and how handy you are... I was going to use a ultrasonic cool mist humidifier tied into a Spyder Robotics Herpstat 2 Temperature and humidity controller (for reptiles) to report temps and turn on/off the humidifier and control a few aux fans for circulation. Cost of this part about $300. All in probably $5000. That's more space than you will ever need. Just the 2 side shelves are each 36" wide x 12" deep x 7' high. That's the equiv of a large tower humi...each rack! Plus you have the 8' shelves to display all the open boxes on an angle...
  14. Wouldn't we all agree that we are always looking to close the door to our storage system (whatever that system is) as fast as possible? Wouldn't it be nice to "step into" your storage system then close the door behind you....and take all the time in the world inspecting and fondling your stash?
  15. Hi. I have some "hard" numbers on pricing for the materials needed for building a walk in. I'll put it together for you. In your finished basement - I think you will get amazing bang for your buck with a walk in versus a gorgeous expensive the money for more cigars.

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