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  1. We never call it Ketchup around here, its Tomato sauce or red sauce. I dont like it anyway, brown sauce is king.
  2. 305euro from a belgium LCDH. Just had the email.
  3. Cryptocurrencies

    I was mining BTC and later LTC in 2011/12/13. I was making roughly 1BTC per month at the start, and later on roughly 3LTC per month. I stopped mining, but I guess like everyone who was mining in those days I now think I should have invested in more mining hardware and could be a multi millionaire now, such is life. Still I have some coins which are suddenly worth stupid amounts of money.
  4. The career offended, cant even breathe without it upsetting somebody these days it seems People living life through social media, like zombies. Remainers.... Sorry UK people will get it (and maybe hate me!)
  5. Adam's Ale Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  6. Great review as always. I really dislike this cigar myself, its short and fat and just not a nice sized cigar to smoke and the flavours are nothing special, and the price point is hideous. Rather a mag 46 or a Conn A over this anyday.
  7. coffee - how anal are you?

    I just press a button on my bean to cup and out pours a coffee. Lovely really.
  8. One just sold for 7000euro on facebook auction. So buy it for less and knock it out for a huge profit to those mugs willing to pay it.
  9. I have seen them being flipped on facebook with that code.
  10. Any of the German shops should be able to source one for you.
  11. The most peanutty cigar I have had is a Cuaba Distinguidos, so yes I will recommend that! No other Cuban has had that flavour for me.
  12. FOH Mould Study

    It doesnt make sense anyway, if the oils are what give the cigar its flavour, then a cigar whose oils have migrated somehow outside the cigar is therefor surely a less flavoursome cigar?
  13. FOH Mould Study

    Whatever plume is, Mr Orchant seems to think he knows
  14. 2016 BBF for me, on a roll right now. Darkish wrappers but not looking like dog turds and lovely rich flavours, wont be the same aged IMO as you will lose the richness of the smoke.
  15. Its possible, they made the Punch 48 with is almost identical to the Punch Punch. Its a shame they would introduce a 56gauge monster when they could produce the Des Dieux instead.

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