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  1. I find these odd. Bit strange to call them auctions when the starting bids are around the going retail prices. Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
  2. Hardly surprising that they all sold, all it proves is that the discontinuation of more classic cigars is justified if they can just sell overpriced 10boxes instead
  3. Probably around 170$. They cant be priced higher than the recent large German regionals. Priced too high and they wont sell, its not exactly a sought after marca.
  4. I think it depends a lot on your age. I am 27, I cant remember a time events around the world and in my home country seemed so unstable, yet I know in the past things where worse - however I did not experience those times, so for me the current days are seem more unstable.
  5. Indeed, but remember those prices are still well below the shop prices in many heavily taxed nations around the world.
  6. Thats a bit nasty. 6 cigars for $4000 is insane, why would you risk that to a random customs inspection
  7. From a UK point of view, I never tip apart from leaving any loose change after paying the bill. Restaurants increasingly add a 'service charge' here and it really irritates me and its a little embarrassing for both sides asking for it to be removed when the waiter has done nothing wrong. For me, tipping 15% or 25% of the total bill cost seems insane, totally different culture I guess.
  8. Not an infestation, but purchased from a london shop last year. 2015 stock. I just froze them and smoked em over the next few weeks.. it was only a 5 box but a little concerning. Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
  9. It feels like we are just waiting for the next attack, an attack happens, there is outrage 'lessons learnt' and 'solidarity' but nothing changes and the cycle repeats itself. We cant seem to go a month in europe without an attack now.
  10. Some 'grey market' vendors remove barcodes, from any other source it would be uncommon. Apart from that, sloppy seal placement, messy boxes is really quite common. FWIW I have never received a sealed box of cigars.
  11. Well, going by recent trends, they are not going to produce low volume / low value smokes every 3 years when they can make low volume / high value smokes with a second band on them instead.
  12. 6 boxes! Great review, I think one reason these are discontinued is because in most world markets these are really expensive compared to others like the majestics, hence low volume of sales. Same with the du prince etc. Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
  13. Im still yet to hear why 'plume' is a good thing, everything I have heard says it is crystallizing of oils on the wrapper, now surely this would detract from the flavour rather than enhance it.
  14. In my opinion the siglo 1 is a good smoke, but so is the half corona. The siglo 1 is double the price, so the half corona wins.

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