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  1. I am skiing up at Okemo in VT this weekend and it’s the talk of the mountain. Scary stuff.
  2. lefty kreh RIP

    Very sad news for the fly fishing world. I was fortunate to have spent a couple of hours over the years working on my cast with Lefty and a couple of times at the vice, and was lucky enough to have fished with him once. Watching him cast a flyrod would literally give you goosebumps. Seemed to defy physics. Amazing, passionate guy. An amazing life. Tight lines Lefty, thank you!!!!!
  3. jurassic lake - big trout

    I am more a saltwater guy but that sure how my heart rate up, great video!
  4. Epi 2 was my first CC as well. As luck would have it that was the one I grabbed for whatever reason. Smoked poolside in Lake Como Italy. I still use it as my official go-to smoke for friends who don’t smoke regularly. Cheers and welcome to the club!
  5. Cohiba Lanceros, I have smoked through about four boxes in the last year or so. I don’t really keep track but that is by a wide margin.
  6. Gintrification

    On a recent flight to Barcelona from Miami a flight attendant told me they pack extra gin and tonic and I believe it, half the plane was drinking them. I felt a bit left out as I cannot stand even he thought of gin, or tonic. When I was about 16 or so my dad switched to drinking solely gin at home as he quickly realized that was the only booze that wouldn’t mysteriously go missing.
  7. Her life isn't easy. I smoke cigars all day and drop ash all over the place.
  8. Very true. I also looked very hard at the Kia Rio when I bought the Chevy. 140hp or something and a 10 year 100K mile warranty for less than 15K. Not bad!
  9. Your Superbowl FBC Planning?

    Party is at our house. Planning started weeks ago! Food: Burgers: I grind up my own ribeyes so there's extra fat content and cook them smash-style on a super hot cast iron griddle on the grill. Thin and crispy with tons of onions and soft buns. Buffalo Wings: grilled crispy on the grill with extra vinegary buffalo wing sauce. Chicken Cheese Steaks. Love cheesesteaks. Chili: starting on that today. Short rib, oxtail, and sirloin, NO BEANS! Pork Tenderloin Meatballs in homemade red sauce: I am on a diet into my 39th birthday in two weeks and trying to eat clean.....these are my go to. Make them w tons of chile peppers and onions. Seven Layer Dip: good accompaniment to the chili. Once-a-year menu item. I friggin love seven layer dip. Booze: Lots of rose champagne for the Mrs and the ladies, lots of beer for the guys. Stella and Presidente (keep it simple). Since a few of my guests are Venezuelan and love rum I'll put out a bottle of Diplomatico Ambassador and three guys will take it down in an hour (the wives love that). Cigars: Only three of my guests smoke cigars. I already loaded my two desktop humidors out in our common area with some really good and varied stuff, I have a Cuban box and a Dominican box (which is effectively an Opus X box). They can grab whatever they want. One guy I would bet my life goes right for the Behike 54. There's one at every party. I hope everyone enjoys the day, let's hope for a good game. I am a Jets fan so I'm going for the Eagles. Cheers!
  10. I totally agree in the SUV category, there are shockingly few good options given how popular of a category it is these days. Jeeps are really tough to beat in my opinion, especially value-wise. The Velar is very nice, but sits a little too low for my liking. Aside from the SUV category, I actually think there are a lot of really nice cars out there right now.....from high end super cars down to the Chevy Sonic I recently bought for our housekeeper. I was shocked driving it home how nice it was given the low cost. I even found myself admiring the lines on a Cadillac (CT6) the other day, I am almost ashamed to admit it. Maybe I'm just getting old.
  11. Last year I boarded a domestic flight in the US about 150 times, which is fairly typical for me. I never check luggage and I always travel with a Bic-type lighter and a pair of plastic frame cutters (as well as about a dozen cigars, just in case). The only time I was ever asked was three years ago at MIA while (in a rare one-off) trying to take a Cartier lighter (soft flame, a gift for my father in law) through TSA and once they saw it was soft they let it pass. Never had a problem with a plastic frame cutter or a plastic lighter, though, and I always keep one right in the top pocket of my bag. I'd say bring a pair of plastic frame cheapo cutters and a Bic and if it gets taken it gets taken. I'd use a fingernail and matches if I needed but I have never had a problem w a plastic cutter and soft plastic lighter so might as well bring it. As mentioned, international...all bets are off!
  12. That appears to be potentially Garzon or one of the Francis Mallman places. KIller! Not a typical steak joint!
  13. Ah, Argentina! I'll never forget how disappointed I was on my first trip to Argentina. Now, they have fantastic food in Argentina, some of which is beef-driven...and it is a country with more going for it than most. Love Argentina. But the steaks there (like a plain old steak you'd order medium rare and cut w a knife) I find subpar. Some of it they set themselves up for, when you go into a restaurant and they have pictures of their prized cows on the wall my expectations go up! And alot of it has to do w grass feeding, which is healthier, but I don't eat steak for health reasons. It's a flavor thing. I have a very good Argentine friend who played soccer (as we call it) down there actually for the Boca Juniors club for a few, and I assume has had his fair share of good lomos. I've even gotten him to admit that beef in Argentina is as much about tradition than anything. Whenever I have him over for dinner we cook steak, a little bit as a sign of respect and a little bit me wanting to show him what a good steak is!
  14. Ha, yes! Japanese beef (like many Japanese products) is in another category. I have had comparable type of beef here in the US at very high end sushi restaurants where it's typically served nigiri-style on a bed of rice like sushi, and torched. It's astronomically expensive. I also at dinner at a steakhouse in Tokyo one time that I had to do the Yen/USD conversion about 5X because I thought I must have misplaced the decimal point somehow. A bit apples to oranges versus the beef I eat with salad and some potatoes, but certainly Japanese beef is good. And I'd argue the American view/version of beef is somewhat biased/skewed which was my real point! Plenty of good beef other places.

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