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  1. I am a torch guy. Prefer ST Duponts but have purchased tons of cheapos while traveling. My only personal preference is that I never draw on the cigar while holding a flame to it. I slowly heat the foot till it is burning, give it a gentle blow, then I draw on it slowly. Though I have seen enough people who know more than I just light it without overthinking it, so who knows. I just hate when the wrapper gets too charred so I go carefully.
  2. Let\'s talk about watches:

    If she knew how much I spent on some of my other watches she’d probably first smack me upside the head but would want me to wear those too.
  3. I swapped my main glassware to Zalto a few years ago that I use for dinner parties etc. They feel extremely delicate in the hands vs any of the Riedel I find, and I usually get comments on “oh I hope I don’t break this” when people first feel them.....ironically not one has broken.
  4. Let\'s talk about watches:

    The only priceless watch in my collection. My Mom told me if I graduated college w a 4.0 GPA she would buy me whatever watch I wanted for graduation. It proved to be good motivation and my Dad almost had a heart attack when he found out about our little deal after I produced the goods. My first choice, a Rolex Sub, was quickly laughed at. This was my second choice. Still a very generous gift for a 22-year old know-nothing. It has always held a special place, but 10 years ago when my Mom passed away this watch was limited to being worn only in special situations for good luck, or for a few days around Mothers Day. It’ll be going back in the safe box later this week.
  5. Great picture. My paternal grandmother was the daughter of a coal miner in Tamaqua, Pennsylvania. She was 100% Irish and literally as tough as nails. She started “sipping” beer at age 12 but was never a big drinker. My Dad always tells me he never once saw her cry, not even at her husbands funeral. My paternal grandfather (her husband), a third generation coal miner as well whom I never had a chance to meet, was of German descent yet spoke with an Irish accent as he grew up surrounded by Irish coal miners...the closest he ever got to Ireland was when they later moved to New Jersey. Always been fascinating stuff to me. Thanks for sharing and happy mothers day to your Mom.
  6. I have never felt a connection between Trinidads and Cohibas. I have a couple good boxes of Fundies that I smoke from time to time but am just not a Trini guy. I own and smoke a ton of Cohiba. Pretty sure I own at least one box of every Cohiba vitola, including the last two ELs, and am deep on many of them. (*Lied, have never tried a Medio Siglo. Don’t like the size.) Interestingly enough I just had a minor surgery so I went a whole week without drinking and smoking. That was only slightly harder than Ironman. I had my “first” beer (a Stella) and cigar (an El Laguito 2014 Robusto from a primo box) last night and I thought the beer tasted too strong and the cigar tasted kind of “meh”. Not only is everyone’s palate different, it can change too. In a few days I’ll be back to normal.
  7. Let's talk Steak

    I have been to this guys places in Miami and NY. Prices are a little nuts but it’s pretty damn good!
  8. Let's talk Steak

    I am glad to see someone mention filet mignon. I always hear “real steak guys” talking down filet mignon as though it’s an inferior BS cut of meat that lacks flavor. I totally disagree! I love disgustingly rich fatty ribeye but I find myself cooking alot of filet mignon as the richness of a ribeye can be alot to handle and I find a good filet the perfect compromise when I am craving steak but want to eat more than three bites. I often cook a whole center cut prime tenderloin (for a group, etc.) “chateubriand style” on the grill quickly, then finish it in the oven, let it rest, then slice it into individual steaks, and serve. It’s a much different experience than a ribeye, but nothing to sneeze at!!!!! My guests are usually wowed.
  9. Let's talk Steak

    Favorite Another bone-in ribeye guy. Prime, dry aged a good 45 days (I like a little funk), double cut. How Do You Like It Medium/medium rare on big ribeyes Prep Some good salt, let it rest on the counter for an hour plus, until the fat softens. Ultra hot grill, spin as you flip to get maximum browning. Then I finish usually roast it the oven for a few min. I prefer my big ribeyes medium/medrare. NY strips, etc. rare but beautiful marbled ribeyes I like to let the fat melt down.
  10. Let\'s talk about watches:

    I shake my head at an increasing amount of stuff Rolex does. However, I’m hardly a purist either. This is a 39MM Explorer (the first version released maybe ~8 years ago) that I think is just a great simple beautiful watch...though many Rolex purists shake their heads that it is too big and that Rolex messed up an iconic watch by making it too big. I think 39MM is perfect, for me at least. My daily has also been the white gold BLRO GMT II, again many Rolex purists find that watch in white gold blasphemy, and the new purplish blue hue on the bezel blingy. But I think it is a killer watch. I like it more today than when I first got it.
  11. Smoke in Chicago?

    The Clayton will let you smoke in the store area if you purchase one there. They actually have a decent (albeit pricey) selection of NCs. To get into the actual club though you have to be member or with a member. For me, I need alcohol/service.
  12. Smoke in Chicago?

    Iwan Ries is awesome. Just to give you more options, there are a couple of places that allow smoking outside...with the weather being nice this week (finally) figured I’d chime in. -Prime & Provisions: steakhouse on Wacker that has a great covered lounge area w a big screen, they let anyone smoke in there BYO. Kind of an indoor/outdoor thing, I like it alot as you have very little breeze but great natural ventilation...super comfortable. I am biased as this my neighborhood. -Also, Sullivans Steakhouse in River North has a nice outdoor area as well though not as nice as P&P especially if there’s any breeze. Again home turf for me. If you need any other guidance let us know, enjoy! Chicago is great in the Spring.
  13. for surfers

    I am a fair weather surfer these days (water above 75F, waves below 4 feet). You have to be insane to surf waves half that size. My cousin and his buddies fly all over the world surfing big waves. I watched them surf at Mavericks in Half Moon Bay Northern California years ago in fifty foot type swells. I’ll stick to fishing, in calm weather.
  14. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    That box of 2007s should be a real pleasure to smoke through. I have a handful of 2008 tubes that are great. They’re a favorite of mine as well!
  15. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    My better half sat next to the founder of this co a few years ago on a flight to DR and he gave her a few cigars to give to me. Just smoking it now. I am trying to clear out a humi of randoms. This thing is fanstastic! No idea if it’s just the head stash but w this band etc. I wasn’t expecting much and, man, good!

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