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  1. Well we helped eachother feel better tonight because I have two boats, an 18 foot skiff and a 35 ft center console. My dad gives me crap all of the time "who has two boats?" I will tell him now next time I know a guy w three (I won't mention you being in the business, degrades my case obviously). I often say to my better half "babe you should see how many cigars these guys online have, makes my 100 boxes look like nothing"!
  2. The human body is an extremely resilient organism and the sense of taste is something the body will fight very hard to rebuild. It's more valuable than just for tasting cigars and booze from what I hear. I have lost my sense of taste temporarily, I actually still wonder sometimes how much money I would save if I had no sense of taste. It would be fairly astonishing I am guessing. And you could sell your cigars and buy a boat or something. I would relax, most likely it passes. For what it's worth one of the top chefs here in the US (and world I would guess) Grant Achatz has no sense of taste. Always wondered how he pulled it off but he does.
  3. I don't eat in many airports, or many TGI Friday's, but these guys won my loyalty w this one. The best part is there is a "real" TGIF right across the way so the only people in there are there because they want to smoke. It was a wonderful thing!
  4. I am in Miami International Airport about 100 times a year, but spend little downtime there. I barely have enough time for free bud lights at the AA Club. Today I had a flight delayed and so am now enjoying something I have waited years to do: smoke a cigar (past security) at MIA's "outdoor" smoking-friendly bar: TGI Friday's. TG is right, whoever your God is. Located inside of an open-air/ceiling fish bowl kind of thing about 30 feet from my gate I've never had a delayed flight I was so content with! Went with a Sig II, perfect size for the situation!
  5. I have a couple boxes of the No 2 Reservas and have smoked a few of them. They are very good cigars in my view. I really like them. Not a great value, especially at the prices I see them selling for these days....but as an HU fan I had to buy a couple boxes and was lucky to try two singles beforehand.
  6. 2004 Fundadores. I am not the biggest Trinidad guy but this a fantastic cigar.
  7. OK. One more good one, box of 2014 Siglo V that also showed up.
  8. Came home to some great boxes today, but this one I am the most pumped about: 50 Cab of 2003 Des Dieux. They smell great. Definitely won't be waiting long to smoke the crooked one under the ribbon. About 15 min.
  9. Finding Sir Winstons can be a bit of a challenge these days, but they would be top of my list for the HU flavor you're likely after if you can find a decent box. Second I would say Conn A. I would also add the Mag 50 to your list to try though it differs a bit from the traditional HU (nuts/cream) profile that many (including myself) seem to look for and what you find in the HUHC, etc.
  10. I would think you'd be just fine keeping them in large Ziplock weather shield (or similar) containers with some Boveda packs. The seals on those are pretty good.
  11. Old Monte Esp No 1 at the Occidental.
  12. Extremely impressive. I can barely hang a picture on the wall without breaking something and losing my patience. Hats off to you and congrats. Very nice!
  13. Super old Especial No 1. Fantastic.
  14. Currently the top pick in my rotation are a box of 2007 Siglo V. I find the flavor exactly what I look for in Cohibas, that dried grass citrus kind of thing. I also find the vitola perfect. It's easily my favorite of the whole Cohiba lineup. I go through phases though. But I'd argue the Sig V is a cigar you don't hear alot about, it's also a cigar I don't see enough of. I also am a huge fan of the Siglo VI w about 8-10 years of age, but agree the ring gauge is a bit much for me and sets the ceiling for me in terms of how thick I'll go on a regular rotation cigar. On the classic, I do love the Lanceros, CE, and robustos. The Esplendidos for whatever reason has never been a favorite. It is odd because I smoke alot of Cohiba and alot of churchills.
  15. Little Opus love bomb. Might be my fourth cigar of the day, but hey it's Monday and I started early.

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