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  1. Great work Buck. That is awesome amd you’re doing it the right way. Some thoughts on this, and I am not a dietician or doctor. But I’m someone who’s successfully kept off 100 pounds of weight for 17 years. Your two best tools to fight the fat man (as I refer to him) for good are to up your metabolism and to build muscle mass. You hear terms like ketosis (forcing the body to burn fat) and metabolic syndrome or metS (basically having a slow metabolism). But once you get your metabolism cranking and build up muscle mass, it is massively easier to keep weight off while still enjoying a less restrictive diet (though the days of drinking a 2 liter bottle of coke every day like I did are over). Both building up your metabolism and (even moreso) building up muscle mass just take time, patience, and dedication. But once you get there you’re in a way better spot to defend against the return of the fat man. For that reason true body transformation takes time. The other thing I’ll mention is cardio is KEY (breathing hard and sweating are biologically how your body rids itself of fat), but it wasn’t till I started hitting the weights that I would catch myself double taking myself in the mirror. So hit the weights too. However, I also think there is something to be said for really striving for small results quickly (for many, Buck you already have the results..so congrats). Not to the point of injuring yourself, but to keep cheating to a minimum and really dedicating yourself to the task at hand. When I was fat I never owned jeans as they felt uncomfortable to me. The feeling of putting on a pair of jeans and going out feeling good (meanwhile I’m still a solid 50 pounds overweight) was priceless motivation. I told myself once I got under 200 lbs (from 270 or so) I was going to celebrate by eating an entire pizza. When I got there I had about as much interest in eating pizza as eating glass. I was on a roll, no way was I letting off the gas. So definitely think of weight loss as body transformation, and body transformation takes some time. Months, years, not weeks. But when you first begin your weight loss journey I would encourage people to follow the rules strictly so you maximize results. Nothing motivates like results. Then keeping the weight off is all about having more muscle, a higher metabolic rate, and just being more fit in general. Hope this helps!
  2. Regular for sure. Easy call for me. I like some of the regionals but never been a fan of ELs.
  3. Congratulations! I wish you the very best. I gained a considerable amount of weight in/after college. A combination of not playing sports or exercising, eating whatever I wanted, and large amounts of beer and soda and I went from 200 lbs to 270 lbs in about 5/6 years (I’m just above 6 feet tall). I was in between jobs and just decided enough was enough and I lost 90 lbs in three months by cutting the calories, eating healthier, and exercising a ton. The weight just fell off. My weight goes up and down a bit to this day but I’ve never gone above 200 lbs in the last 16-17 years since. My 40th birthday is in 6 months and we have a new baby on the way (my “drinking buddy” ain’t drinking) so I’ve been on a huge health kick recently. Feels great. Losing weight is one of the most positive things you can do for yourself. For anyone struggling with weight I always say it is a bit like running, the first 20 min or first few weeks is hard, your body will fight it. But it gets easier. Never easy but easier. And your body will thank you for it. Just do it!
  4. Gin is actually on the few types of booze I won’t drink...even when desperate.
  5. Olives, have tried olives the world over and find none I’d actually enjoy eating. Grapefruit, just has that odd taste that reminds me of old urine.
  6. El Hoze

    Is this a shark?

    I think calling it a wholphin makes all the sense in the world.
  7. My father in law (RIP), who grew up in Villa Gonzalez, Santiago, Dom Rep a stones throw from Davidoff’s factory in the heart of Dominican cigar country got me hooked. He would smoke cubans as well as Opus X, etc., his favorite were Cohiba Lanceros. Never understood why anyone would smoke cigars before then, and still don’t understand how people enjoy most NCs quite honestly but to each their own. The first cuban cigar I ever purchased was in Lake Como in the town of Como. It was a Hoyo Epi 2. No idea how/why I chose that but sitting on Lake Como smoking that it all clicked. I went home with about 20 CCs that trip. I remember the Mrs telling me I had a problem when I told her I needed a second desktop humidor. Today I can’t even count and don’t keep good inventory but must have 100-200 boxes of cigars. Little bit of a slippery slope I suppose!
  8. El Hoze

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Sabrosos, best of the box so far. At Occidental in SF. Bed by 8.
  9. Sir Winston. Easy call for me, both questions. Not a big fan of NCs, I might just say F it and not smoke, and SW are my go to. I like variety but I like what I really like even more. I wear uniforms basically too, every piece of clothing I have in multiples. I basically have like 5 uniforms ranging from bathing suit to suit. My wardrobe supports the thesis I am OK living without variety. My cigar collection does not!
  10. I am a huge Grateful Dead fan. (the real band, not the new version though I respect John Mayer just don’t care to see them). But the last shows/tour I ever saw were at Giants Stadium before Jerry Garcia died. The first night Bob Dylan opened up for them. I think I could have done a better job honestly and I don’t even have the slightest musical ability. Never been a huge fan of Dylan as a singer (songwriter sure), but him live in a venue like that was just terrible. Also, hate to say it, but Jerry Garcia on that last tour was just not at all on his A game. Kept forgetting the words, had equipment issues, etc. I hear tapes from like 1977, Dead Set, or Without a Net, etc. realize I was born too late (I was born in 1979). I am from New Jersey and also hate to say it but never understood the cult-like obsession with Springsteen shows. Super talented guy, just not my thing.
  11. El Hoze

    Is this a shark?

    I grew up on the water in NJ. That is a mammal of some sort as a shark won’t surface like that under most conditions. Also the trailing edge has too much curvature to be a shark. With water temps in the Northeast now in the mid 70s could be a few different types of dolphin or porpoise.
  12. El Hoze

    tipping? yes, no, where?

    Definitely depends on the location. I remember being in a bar in Amsterdam years ago when first traveling abroad for work and leaving a decent tip and the bartender acted as though I had offended him. “I don’t need your money” he said. In the US I rarely leave less than 20% unless I need to send a message. I am a regular at many restaurants where I’ll tip well above 20% as I like getting the VIP service as I’m an impatient person. I remember having a great meal in Buenos Aires one time that was super cheap and I left a large tip. The waiter showed it to the manager and the manager hugged him. The Mrs is from DR where you basically need to tip everyone you come in contact with. It goes a long way there in terms of service and a few dollars can literally have an impact on a persons ability to feed their family. It’s a win win.
  13. 1. Sir Winston: I know I’ll get dinged for saying this but I find that the pleasure/dollar ratio of SW is tough to beat. 2. Cohiba Corona Especiales: perfect size for me these days as an all around. 3. Siglo VI GR: I smoke these very very occasionally. Like three times in life occasionally.
  14. incredible video, thanks for sharing. I grew up fishing in salt water and remember the first time I hooked a big salmon and realized within a few seconds it wasn’t much different than hooking a big chunk of seaweed.
  15. I usually go with HU Conn As and HdM Epicure 2s.

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