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  1. The new GMTs come with a bezel they call cerachrom, it is ceramic. I have had mine for two years or so and don't have a single scratch on it. They are supposed to be very scratch resistant and in my experience are.
  2. Ugly but tasty 2008 Bolivar CG.
  3. great pic!
  4. Double post. Blame the beers
  5. 2014 Winnie. This young box is primo.
  6. 1980s Esp No. 1. Just got these and couldn't wait to light one up. Super stuff.
  7. Last cigar of the night. Ugh! Killer! When Fuente wants to throw down, look out!!!
  8. She loves the smell! I am a lucky guy.
  9. 2000 Lusi. This box is awesome but I am smoking these as they're not getting better. I have older boxes that have more legs.
  10. I got a big box of goodies today, but I am most interested in trying these little guys. 1980s Esp. No. 1. They smell awesome, gnarly old dogs.
  11. 2001 Lancero. TGIF.
  12. I guess the good news is that expensive watches last alot longer than expensive cigars or expensive wine if used properly. I always find the sentimental piece most important about watches anyway, in truth. I can tell you which watch I was wearing during probably every major event in my life. So I have alot of watches "worth" more to me than this. Some I don't even like to wear because they hold so much sentimental value.And the ones I cherish the most all cost wwwaaay less combined than this one too!
  13. I have spent alot of time in Rome and Florence. One general recommendation is they both offer "city passes" (Roma Pass or Firenze pass) that are almost must-buy's if you haven't visited either city and plan to be active. You'll get to see all of the sights at a lower cost and can cut the lines in certain cases. I agree w BeParish regarding both the cigar shops (not a ton), and the dinner planning. I am someone who methodically plans out where I want to eat when visiting a city like London. In Rome and Florence I kind of wing it. Just make note of spots during your strolls around and walk in. One restaurant I would mention, however, is if you're in Florence and want a break from the crowds/tourists...there is a small hilltop town about a 10 min busride out of Florence called Fiesole. I usually stay there when I am in town. There's not a ton there but it's like "real" italy to me w great views of the city of Florence from above and a simple main square where there's always people gathered. And there is a steakhouse on the main square called Perseus that serves traditional Tuscan steak (super rare, bone in, charred on outside, served w nothing but salt/pepper olive oil). It is insanely good, super simple, and excellent value. So if you're outpasta'd, out-touristed by then it's a great option you won't see in many guides. The only caveat is they will REFUSE to serve the steak any other way other than rare but even my girlfriend who likes her meat well done ate it happily. Jug of wine, cold beer. Perfect.
  14. I am about 80%+ CC. Any NC I smoke is Fuente for me. Almost all Opus X and smoked as an outdoor cigar or end of the night, a result of them having a strong flavor. But I am super biased. The first cigar I ever tasted when I was probably 17 was a Fuente. Later, a box of Fuentes given as a gift from my (Dominican) father in law was what got me hooked on cigars. I still say when boxes of cigars show up at the front door every other day "hey blame you dad". Interestingly, his favorite cigar is a Cohiba Lancero. And I have since gotten to know/meet several members of the Fuente family, and they are extremely generous hard-working people. So I smoke them as much to support them and please my Dominican "better half" than anything. I was lucky to share a flight from Chicago to Miami w Carlito a few months ago and he gave me a few "super special" cigars that were literally mindblowing. Why I can never say "Cubans are better." Fortunately life is never that simple!
  15. This one has been my daily go-to since it came out a couple of years ago, the white gold (Pepsi) version of the Black/Blue one you've shown there. I also have a Pepsi in an older stainless but the band/clasp is flimsy so I rarely wear it - it that matters stick to the new ones. The new cerachrome GMTs are getting very expensive IMO (mine w the white gold is a total ripoff but ya only live once and I work hard). But the one you are looking at w the cerachrome bezel and new (and much improved) clasp/band is a badass watch. I also don't see alot of them (I live in the US), which is kind of nice.

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