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  1. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    I smoked a 2003 DD from a 50 Cab just last night. They are great cigars. I am not sure whether I'd say holy grail. Happy to throw one in the mail for you if you PM your address.
  2. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    BHK52. Have not smoked a BHK in awhile. Draw + RG makes it a little too windy for me, but great flavor.
  3. Watch under 500?

    For what it's worth, a very common consistent response to this question if you asked a big group of watch geeks would be Seiko Cocktail Time. Hard to beat if you like the styling. Funny, just a couple of days ago one of the more-respected watch websites had a piece written about a variation of the Cocktail Time: https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/the-seiko-presage-cocktail-time-srpb43
  4. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Super old Lusi at Occidental San Francisco. First impressions are best cigar I have smoked in a long time. From a box I thought was past its prime!
  5. Public speaking advice

    Some good advice. I have to speak in front of large groups frequently. I always think to myself that I have nothing but upside. I personally don't remember "bad" presentations, but I do remember and make note of good ones. I assume my audience is much the same way. Also, and this is a personal thing, I don't prepare a script or overly prepare. I kinda know what I want to say because I do this stuff all day... but kinda just wing it. It keeps me more relaxed that way. (Though others may find the opposite) Lastly, there's a reason you're the guy in the front of 1,000 people. People clearly value what you have to say and you've already earned a level of everyones respect simply by being the guy up there. No need to change anything now!
  6. Not to "butt in" here, but I believe that is the Davidoff "Art" series w the blue band not the Royal Release. I did have a RR robusto when they were (royally) released. I thought it was a great cigar. Perfect construction, nice flavors. At $80 though I wonder who is smoking what!!
  7. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Old Lancero, fresh Bud Light. Happy Friday everyone.
  8. There are a ton of cigars I'd love to try but have yet to get my hands on. Probably the Bushido would be tops on my list of recently produced, somewhat attainable cigars I have never had. Cigars I own but have yet to smoke: I have a single NC (Dominican puro) Davidoff called an "Oro Blanco" that was given to me but retails for some crazy amount that I have yet to light up. The idea that I might really like it scares me. Everything else in my "collection" gets smoked as soon as it's ready. Life is too short! I usually make a point to pull a single out of each box just to to try it.
  9. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    2007 Esplendidos. This cigar had its moments, but I actually have been preferring the younger examples.
  10. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Young Siglo II, great cigar.
  11. Aging Cubans at 62%?

    Welcome to FOH! I am also a Florida resident. I would keep your humidity towards the lower end of the range, try to keep your sticks in a cool part of the house, and you should be OK. My father in law in Dominican Republic used to keep a treasure trove of Cuban cigars at fairly high temps. He never had a problem, but always kept the humidity around 60-62.
  12. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Des Dieux and a super cold beer in NJ.
  13. Let\'s talk about watches:

    Some great taste in watches. Love that AP put the crystal back on the Royal Oak (though I wish they had kept the deployment clasp, easy fix I suppose). I have the AP Royal Oak Safari as well as the 39MM Explorer. Funny, when they came out w the 39MM Explorer Rolex purists were "aghast" that it was too big. I find it perfect. The watch I have nearly not taken off since getting it two years ago is the Rolex pepsi in white gold. This watch started my love of watches around age 8, I can still remember the first one I ever saw. (I was a weird kid, and it only got worse). Definitely not a watch for Rolex purists. Love that Breguet too.
  14. It is funny you should mention younger Esplendidos. I have been on a roll recently w newer Esplendidos (call it new bands forward). Been reaching for them more and more. I find them awesome a little younger. A little in your face. And I have a box of 2007s that I now find a little too mild sometimes. Nice to have options.

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