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  1. In the article it states, "recently released", which explains the choices.
  2. PerfecDraw

    Was it on sale yesterday as well?
  3. PerfecDraw

    For anyone that was on the fence, they’re having a great sale on their website, down to $25 from $40. I went to buy another, since I lost my last one.
  4. Awesome article! I really enjoy your writing, as well as your choices for subject matter. Helped me discover a rum I never knew existed, then the comments provide sources, it’s ideal!
  5. I've eaten street food in Mexico, Sushi doesn't worry me. Just look for clean places where you can see the kitchen, and check the bathrooms if they have any. If the bathrooms aren't clean, leave, because odds are nothing is clean. Also, what doesn't kill you...
  6. I don't know where or when the "Mold on the foot is deadly" and "White mold is good, any other color is bad" schools of thought came from, but its amazing how ingrained they have become. Just wipe and smoke. Hell, you don't even need to wipe them, they'll smoke the same!
  7. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Cool glasses! What brand are they? Nice Boots! That’s an impressive shine you have on ‘em as well! That Dino S’Mores is killer! That table is awesome! What does the center say?
  8. Huh, makes me wonder what the top 3 contributors to the GDP are
  9. I tried both around the same time, and I found the shark much better. They both burned and drew well, but the DCPR just didn’t have as much flavor. Probably just a personal preference thing.
  10. Maybe a higher humidity might help? You could try putting a couple in a ziplock with a 69 boveda for a couple of months and see what that does.
  11. Ahh......That would be me

    That's some next level customer service! But seriously, that's the whole point of coming to FOH. As far as I'm concerned, at least there's a better chance they all draw well.

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