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  1. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Cool glasses! What brand are they? Nice Boots! That’s an impressive shine you have on ‘em as well! That Dino S’Mores is killer! That table is awesome! What does the center say?
  2. Huh, makes me wonder what the top 3 contributors to the GDP are
  3. I tried both around the same time, and I found the shark much better. They both burned and drew well, but the DCPR just didn’t have as much flavor. Probably just a personal preference thing.
  4. Maybe a higher humidity might help? You could try putting a couple in a ziplock with a 69 boveda for a couple of months and see what that does.
  5. Ahh......That would be me

    That's some next level customer service! But seriously, that's the whole point of coming to FOH. As far as I'm concerned, at least there's a better chance they all draw well.
  6. I would smoke multiple Monte 80th's at once (in case one is a dud, also, why not?) in the living room. Then I'd crack a bottle of The Macallan 18 1988 and light the gas fireplace.
  7. Thank you, glad you enjoyed them!
  8. Love that feeling. I've experienced it with: • '13 Bolivar Libertador a local businessperson gave me (I think it was '13, had an LCDH band) • '07 Diamond Crown Maximus from a Toast Across America Coffin (wrapper was all cracked, still great) • An over humidified Arturo Fuente Short Story (the Humidor was full and it was pushed against the humidifier) with less than a year of age • '10 Montecristo EL Grand Edmundo Just thinking about them makes me want to smoke all day lol
  9. Casa Particulares Registry.

    Very cool resource!
  10. Being threatened with the chancleta is a very common thing in Hispanic/Latino households growing up. We joke that a mother can throw one around a corner if necessary lol
  11. That is by far the ugliest box of sticks I've ever seen, and I'm including fakes from guys on the beach. That box is so ugly, it's momma had to tie a steak to it so the dog would play with it. That box so ugly, it went to a haunted house and left with a job application.
  12. Great stash! I love surprise cigars. I have a box of the RyJ 05 I've been wanting to dig in to, but I always grab something else for some reason.
  13. Petit Edmundo Esplendidos Lusitanias CoRo

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