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  1. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    I ignored all practical advice yesterday and fired up a Connie A ROTT. In hindsight, I wish I hadn’t. Flavors were dull and the cigar was wet. Second half showed promise of things to come, but the overall experience was underwhelming. Time to put them away for a while. Still very glad I snagged a box. These will hopefully be amazing in the months and years to come.
  2. Connie As landed yesterday. SOM JUN 16.
  3. HUHCs and RASCC have been rock steady for me this year. About to pull the trigger shortly on another box of each.
  4. Winters are mild in Atlanta but I still scale my cigar smoking way back. When I do smoke, I burn through smaller cigars like minutos, Perlas, CoShos, etc. I also bought a corncob pipe and a few tins of pipe tobacco for the winter also. Shorter smoke for shorter time period. I’m an extreme rookie and can barely pack the thing, but that’s my “pipe plan”, anyway. If nothing else, it’ll give my CCs time to rest a bit longer.
  5. Didn’t expect that!

    My sentiments exactly. I bought a box of Monte Puritos alongside my first box of Partagas Chicos and they’re still just sitting there. I’ve had several Chicos boxes since. The Chicos are good bang for two bucks.
  6. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    My thoughts exactly upon receipt of my blind buy of CoShos. But I think they’re worth the two dollar price tag, and I alternate between them and the Partagas Chicos for a quick smoke. They hit the spot for me.
  7. This is my exact setup also. After my pregnant wife goes to bed, I head to the back deck for some relaxation time. I hate to have any distractions whatsoever when I’m enjoying a cigar (work emails on phone, etc.) and I want her to have priority time with me also. After she hits the sack, I smoke.
  8. My wife used to pick up a few of the Java by Rocky Patel sticks when we’d hit the local B&M, but I tried them and they weren’t my thing. At all.
  9. Just arrived: a box of Monte PEs from 24:24. MEL ABR 2017. Darkest Monte box of any vitola I've purchased to date. I wanted to test the dark side... Also received my first ever box of RG Perlas today. They already have four years on them. Wow.
  10. Box code SEA DIC 16...

    I have two boxes of Upmann Sir Winston with a SEA box code from May 2017. Doesn’t really give you much to go on, but that’s my only experience with the SEA code. Hopefully others will chime in.
  11. Agreed. I picked up two boxes from another vendor recently. I didn’t know they’d be up on 24:24 just days later. One box came in with dark wrappers with sheen, and the other box has flat light wrappers. I haven’t tested any yet and won’t for some time, but several forum members have smoked the light wrappered 2017 stock and said that they’ve got great potential. Puts my mind at ease for that light-wrappered box. At first sight I was disappointed.
  12. Best of 2017 so far

    That’s been my experience with the PEs and #4s so far also. I took a chance with these PSP maduro-looking PEs on a recent 24:24. We shall see. Hope they’re crackers. MUL Jun 2017, still en route.
  13. HUHC all the way. Can be had for >$100 for a box of 25 if found on sale. I’ve found no vice that gives me more bang for my four bucks than a regular production HUHC.
  14. My Montecristo “A”s from a recent 24:24 arrived today. Described as “monoliths” on the 24:24 description. Wow, they really are. As slowly as I smoke, one of these sticks will take me the better part of a Saturday afternoon on the back deck to finish! Burying them deep in the humi for now. MOL JUN 2017 Many thanks to the FOH team!
  15. I bought a regular 25 count box (not the special cabs) this week and they’re en route now. Curiosity got the better of me. First box of RG. Hoping for the best.

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