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  1. 2014 Party Short to kick off the weekend.
  2. I have a few My Fathers left in the NC humi that I dip into from time to time.
  3. Dip 2 is my vote! Maybe a CoSho after. You and I are mutual CoSho fans, if memory serves...
  4. I almost pulled the trigger on the Seiko SKX009K2 a while back. I think that's the right model #. It's not a true clone of the GMT Master-II but it shares some of the same look. Runs about $200, I think. It's an automatic, not a quartz ticker.
  5. 2015 RyJ Short Churchill, NOT from our host. These are not the dark red wrappers I've seen on 24:24 for RyJ; these are the dud wrappers that HSA has evidently been pumping out for this vitola lately. Bought them before joining this site. Buyer beware and lesson learned!
  6. Three boxes is the deepest I've been (HUPC) and that's only because they're being discontinued. Humi space at home is limited right now and I'm fighting like hell to resist the (futile) urge to scale up!
  7. The BCJs, BPCs and BRCs are all hits in my book.
  8. 2016 Boli PC. Lot of mongrel in this young 'un, but it's a really good smoke.
  9. 2015 Monte PE.
  10. Moving day today. Just enough time for a quick CoSho smoke break. Hit the spot.
  11. My first ever box of HUHC just landed today. I'm a newcomer to the Upmann game, but this marca is moving up the ranks in my book quickly.
  12. Gents, I'm getting married in Atlanta this weekend and I've got a box of nicely rested CoRos at the ready! I'm sure some of the guests will smoke an inch or so and them stub them out, but you only get married once, right? Or in my case, twice..... Cheers!
  13. Fresh box of Boli PCs (ETP ABR 16) arrived today. Decided to smoke one ROTT. Love the Boli CJs and Royal Coronas, decided on a box of PCs also. Good cigar.
  14. Just got 100 Cohiba Shorts (10x10) in today's mail, from a recent 24:24. About to set fire to one now. Most of the press they've gotten around here lately has been good, so I pulled the trigger.
  15. 2014 Party Short tonight. Just a few more left in the stash. Almost pulled the trigger on a 50 cab from tonight's 24:24 but I am Way. Over. Budget. already this year. Soon...

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