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  1. This 2015 RASS is the best cigar I've had in a month. A real "cracker"!
  2. BPC on the back deck. Bring on the weekend!
  3. HUHC wins for me, too. Bought my first box blind a few months ago and I'm burning through them. Tasty little things and I can stretch them out to about 45 minutes. I'm a slow smoker, though. Not as experienced with the Sig 1s, but I've had a few and my vote goes to HUHC.
  4. I have the house to myself for the next hour. Should be just enough time to nub this 2015 RASCC.
  5. 2016 el Principe. Great smoke for the price. Pulls its weight well.
  6. Just enough time tonight to squeeze in a RASCC.
  7. TOS '16 Epi #2 tonight. First HdM in a while for me. A good one.
  8. 2015 BPC. I've been "gorging" on these lately, to use a FOH term... Between the BPCs, HUPCs and Monte #4s I've bought up lately, Petit Coronas are fast becoming my favorites. PLPCs are en route from our host also.
  9. 2014 Monte #4 from our host. Wonderful way to relax after a long day's work.
  10. Lefty here. I wear the watch on the right hand, facing out.
  11. I'm a big fan of the CoSho. Bought a 10x10 blind on a recent 24:24 right before they were readily available on the cuntint site, and they deliver flavor well beyond their size. Very timely situation for me. Recent wedding, moving, job, etc. has left me with very little time to lounge on the back deck. For $2.15 (delivered) per stick, the CoShos are great. Now I'll have to look into those Monte Puritos...
  12. 2015 BRC. First cigar this week. Feels good to unwind...
  13. 2014 Party Short to kick off the weekend.
  14. I have a few My Fathers left in the NC humi that I dip into from time to time.
  15. Dip 2 is my vote! Maybe a CoSho after. You and I are mutual CoSho fans, if memory serves...

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