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  1. How about... BPC Party 898 Connie 1 RyJ Churchill/Wides Venerable mentions: El Principe, VR Famosos, Boli 1
  2. Your Cuban "Sampler from Hell"

    Here's an imaginary nightmarish sampler. If such creatures were ever to roam the earth, may the Lord bestow mercy upon us all. 1. Cohiba Tres Petit Talisman Juicy Edition (sweetened bands) 2. Cohiba Maduro iNano 30 (30 mm length; customizable girth from 85-145 RG) 3. RG 88 "AA" (double A sized perfecto - new vitola - factory name Britanicas Maximus) 4. Montecristo Petit Petit No. 2 ER Pangaea (only ER available for all regions) 5. Punch Pink Prince of Tears XXL (EL) And the only regular production left...
  3. Your Cuban "Sampler from Hell"

    During some recent online perusing, I turned a corner and stumbled across a box of Cohiba Maduro 5 Genios, priced at... $666. You're reading that correctly. Coincidence? I think not...
  4. So it’s still a Lusi box of 10 with Lusi’s inside? Or is there more to this mystery revealed inside the box? Maybe a motley band of MF’s scattered throughout haphazardly, bruised and beaten, after barely surviving an ill-conceived joyride in their daddy’s Hemi-powered ride? Lol!
  5. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Happy early bday and best wishes to your father as well. Now, to the cigar. Either this is an optical illusion or that BHK is rocking a 65 RG! Lol! Hopefully it was enjoyable despite the jawbreaker size Cheers
  6. I’d like to give the FOH team a big thank you for their efforts in putting this together. I would not want to be the one wrapping nearly 100 little PC’s with those little white bands! [emoji6] I personally have really enjoyed this so far and despite the perceived hiccups in this particular round, I hope to see the competition continue on in future years since it provides a unique opportunity for us to really put our money with our mouth is and see what we can actually pick out in the cigars we enjoy so much in this hobby. Rob and crew are just ridiculously generous and I’m grateful for them putting this on. As far as round #3, I mentioned in the comp thread already that at least a couple of us put a lot of thought into this pick and took a risk despite knowing its formal status in Cuba. That’s why this is fun! Just happened to get lucky. I’d be ok with whatever decision is made and I trust Rob will be exceedingly fair, as always. Thanks all -B
  7. Blind Tasting 2018 Cigar Number 3 Reveal

    As others have stated, this was a tricky pick with it being in discontinued status as of 2017. That said, I personally interpreted the rules a bit more loosely and assumed that anything that was currently being produced (or at least widely available to members) would be fair game, regardless of formal status. It was a risk, sure. I could certainly see the argument against my rationale, though, and I likely wouldn’t be whistling the same tune if I took that one off my radar as some did because of the status. Despite the HUPC's coming to the end of it's production run (per reports), they can still be purchased at a relative non-premium at several vendors and it has even made some recent appearances on 24:24 (at least since the beginning of the comp). That’s really my only reason for thinking it was still a valid pick, say what you may. At any rate, I hope to see them at least once more on 24:24, but maybe that's wishful thinking at this point
  8. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    A satisfying 2015 Boli no. 1 with a nice cinnamon kick. Pairing nicely with the espresso at the moment. Have a great week all!
  9. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    A satisfying 2015 Boli no. 1 with a nice cinnamon kick. Pairing nicely with the espresso at the moment. Have a great week all!
  10. Cuba Plane crash

    My God. I just saw this and the school shooting news from Santa Fe high school in TX. Absolutely devastating events today. Prayers to all affected by these tragedies!
  11. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Really enjoying this single I picked up. Great draw producing big plumes of mouth-coating, creamy smoke that is fairly true to QdO DNA, at least IMO. Enjoy your weekends all!
  12. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Grateful for a very generous friend sending this my way. What a journey! Would never have guessed this was a 20 yr old smoke given how vibrant the flavors were. Just wonderful. ‘98 RyJ Ex no. 4
  13. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    A bit of yard work this afternoon. Putting down some compost for my wife’s garden and taking advantage of this gorgeous day in the Pacific NW. This 2014 BRC is really singing!
  14. How could I possibly be impressed with a cigar from a company that has yet to even launch a cigar into space? Now THAT would be a great tasting cigar... [emoji23]

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