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  1. Cyber Extortion

    From my experience this sort of ransomware is the nastiest since it encrypts your files, rendering your pc useless. You can re-boot your device in safe mode, but doing so may cause deletion of the files by the malware. The only real way to get around it is by backing up files through an external hdd, or through the cloud.
  2. Can't wait to try the Choix Supreme and Punch Punch. Monte 2's look outstanding as well.
  3. climate problems...

    I'm with Philc2001 on this one. Leave it open enough so air can enter and escape, until your ideal humidity is reached.
  4. RASS Sitting Time

    They definitely need a bit more time. Overall some classic RASS flavours; gingerbread, dates, fresh black pepper, earthiness and a hint of coffee, however a little strong in the earthiness and pepper department, I'd say 3 months minimum to help them mellow.
  5. I have an APR 16 box of RASS from our lovely host purchased last August. Should I let these sit for a while longer or is it within the window to start smoking?
  6. Music To Smoke To

    Anything by Eagles... but Desperado stands out.
  7. I always find it very entertaining when Sir Laurence cuts a quarter inch off of the cigar and brings out that comically oversized torch.
  8. Monte 2 10's from 24:24 absolutely gorgeous.
  9. Coming from a Canadian we have some of the worst CC prices around. It's why I buy from here most often, even though duty is a killer. For some of my favorite smokes Monte 2, RASS it would cost me $950 and $700 respectively after taxes.
  10. In my experience distilled never worked for me. Try putting a couple of clean wet kitchen sponges in tupperware containers, or buy some boveda 84% seasoning packs. Cheers!
  11. Education 8/10 Started my film career! Took a few courses with a master screenwriter and learned alot... still more to learn. Writing constantly, somethin new every week. Have a few offers to write television series that hopefully get greenlit (crossing fingers) and I am currently developing my own series. Began acting last month, loving it so far... hopefully it continues. Reading 6/10 Started off strong, fell off hard. Less Drinking 10/10 Nearly cut booze out all together. Only occasionally have 1 or 2 drinks with friends. Fitness 9/10 Started at the tail end of last year and continued throughout. Could even bench press 65lbs, now at 225, unfortunately did not reach my year end goal of weighing 185lbs Currently at 173... but up from 144 at the beginning of the year. Wet shaving 2/10 Can't resist those artisan soaps. Cigars 6/10 While I have opened up my pallet and discovered many new cigars and FOH My wallet is a fair bit lighter. Shame I didn't discover this place earlier... could've saved a lot of scratch.
  12. Need More Space

    True. Think I may go with the Tupperdore. Aesthetics is not my main prerogative, just functionality. What would be the best way to regulate temps? It isn't very hot or humid in the house, so keeping it under 72 isn't that difficult. Cheers! I'd love to...but unfortunately I'm not allowed to smoke in the house and -40C is not great cigar weather. Thanks! Funny enough I started with Cubans, since they're readily available in Canada.
  13. Let me preface this post by noting I am only 20 years of age and am still living at home, so space is limited, parents hate cigars. I have just a 50 count desktop humidor that is filled to the brim, I really want to buy more boxes... but frankly don't have enough space. Where do I go from here? buy more desktops? or look at cabinets/custom wineadors? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  14. Storage Temp And Oil/Color

    Yup. I live in Canada, so smoking in the winter is a non-option. I'm gonna let them sleep for the next six months at that humidity.
  15. Storage Temp And Oil/Color

    I manage to maintain a constant 65-67f and 71-72% rh.

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