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  1. What would you buy?

    Monte 2 and Partagas D4 are classic habanos and two of my favorite cigars, both under $300. Quality varies drastically so my recommendation would be to wait for a HQ/PSP offering on 24:24.
  2. I personally love imperial/hazy/unfiltered ipa’s with Cohibas. I find the citrus notes that most of those style beers have are a pairing dream with Cohiba. That said I see above el pres won’t be on board with that option, so I would go with the finest spirit on hand. For me that would be a pour of WhistlePig 12 year rye.
  3. Back in New York and 6 inches of snow has my Hawaiian wedding/honeymoon/vacation seem as little more then a distant memory. That said, the first snow of a season on a Saturday is kind of fun. We had some drinks, cooked some decent food and made a smoking snowman! This was my first Punch 48 and I was pleasantly surprised as it exceeded my expectations. The cigar had a silky wrapper with a milk chocolate hue, firm draw, medium bodied and strength pretty much throughout. Notes of cedar and licorice in the first third, roasted nuts and sweet toasted clove notes in the 2/3 and rough edges that boarderlined bitter on the back 1/3. My experience closely aligned with what I had read on the forum and it seems if a few years can mellow out the last third and more of the nut, licorice, clove notes come through then this will be an upper echelon cigar. Long story short, I didn’t intend to buy these and now after this enjoyable sample I’ll be looking to pick some up!
  4. I smoked my Cohiba Esplendido on a bench at the smoking section of the Grand Hyatt Kauai. I can say with 100% confidence this is the most beautiful smoking section I have ever seen lol... An amazing cigar in a beautiful and peaceful atmosphere lead to one of the best cigar experiences I’ve ever had. Unlike the Siglo VI review I posted where I smoked on my wedding day and largely neglected the subtle nuances that make a good cigar great because my mind was elsewhere on that day. I luckily did not have that problem with the Esplendido. With my wedding day behind me and my wife relaxing in the spa, I had two hours of uninterrupted cigar greatness! Milk coffee throughout, orange zest and notes of honey spoke to a great Cohiba and this was one of the best! I was enjoying it so much and in such a tranquil state of mind I actually forgot to take pictures after my initial one. Since I only have the one of the cigar, I threw in a couple of my favorite honeymoon pictures. One is us on the north end of the island on the Kalalau Trail. The other is our last night, watching the sunset at Poipu Beach.
  5. I smoked the Siglo VI on the beach in front of the Hyatt Regency Maui. Beyond being a Siglo VI, this was a particularly special cigar because I smoked it the morning of my wedding day! I can’t remember specific taste notes because my mind was elsewhere, thinking about the series of events that were ahead of me that day. I definitely enjoyed the cigar, but I don’t know if I could justify the $700+ price point for a 25 cab. What a special day though and what a beautiful spot to smoke a cigar, I plan to be back there some day hopefully sooner rather then later!
  6. Old lighters and stuff

    This was my grandfathers lighter that was gifted to me by him in the 90’s. He has since passed and to me it is priceless. The markings on the bottom date it at 1985.
  7. Lol I am 6’3 with rather large hands...
  8. I had several cigars over the weekend but the standout in my opinion was the Partagas Lusitania. I rarely have time to enjoy a double corona, but this smoke has got me thinking I need to add more to my rotation. Almost 2 hours, smooth and silky from start to finish, sweetbread in the first half with coffee notes in the last half. Perfect burn, draw and construction, A+ smoke!
  9. Happy Thanksgiving

    Last couple years a few friends and I who live in New York City have rented a house in upstate New York’s Catskills Mountains to have our Friendsgiving over the thanksgiving holiday. Most of us are from out of the state/country and being out of town and not able to be home with family for the holidays is tough, but having a great network of friends to celebrate is the next best thing! Beautiful views and fantastic cigars help too!
  10. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Mag 46 and today’s Other Half x Cloudwater release of All Citra Everything UK Version. So good!
  11. If anyone is wondering what the clearance level CoRo is looking like, the answer is pretty damn good!
  12. This Cohiba Lancero was gifted to me by a co-worker who told me he got it at the Casa in the Nacional when on vacation to Havana in January. A friend invited me to a bbq last night and in spirit of the competition I brought my gifted CoLa to smoke, everyone else had the choice between Partagas Shorts and Monte 4's. The Lancero smoked great, perfect construction, draw and burn. Medium in strength pretty much throughout, with the desired Cohiba honey notes coming through in the 2/3. It was probably a shame to smoke it young, half drunk at a bbq but I can't complain, I was thoroughly enjoying it while smoking and thats all one can ask for!
  13. Thanks for all the great feedback, I inquired about a Daniel Marshall "Cash for Clunker" which is pretty funny and perfect for this scenario. I like a lot of the other posts too, I think an upgrade is in my near future. I'll post a picture on the forum once I finally pull the trigger on one. @BarryNY I'm in NYC myself, I can help you go through some of that impressive stock, our wife's can vent together!
  14. Martinez Hand Rolled Cigars is one of the few remaining hand rolled shops in New York City. Founded in 1974 by Don Antonio Martinez, now ran by his son Jesus Martinez. It's a small shop in Midtown Manhattan with a couple chairs, a couple rolling stations and a humidor containing cigars from their 4 house blends, of which the Flatiron line is their top shelf cigar. I had purchased a few of their cigars and really liked them, when my family was in town visiting for Christmas last year my brother surprised me with a five pack of the #1 Maduro. The cigar has a Nicaraguan binder/filler with a Brazilian broadleaf wrapper. It isn't overly strong, medium developing to medium full, with sweet spices and raisin notes, could not say a negative thing about the cigar. My brother and I smoked one on Christmas day and it was quite nice even for a fresh roll then. Almost a year later and it's better then I remembered! It was nice to reminisce back to the time with my family visiting in NYC, I moved from Arizona 3 years ago and it was my mom, dad and two brothers first time in NYC, an absolutely amazing week!
  15. I have a wineador and use a desktop for smoking stock. Current is 50 but thinking of going to the 100-200 range. I like the Daniel Marshalls, but most I see are in the $600+ range. I need to decide what I'm willing to pay, I just keep thinking of what cigars I could fill a cheaper humidor with the money i didn't spend!

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