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  1. Coro AGO 16 PSP is my favorite box of cigars. My only concern is I suck them all down before they get some age, they are too good and i can't resist. I ended up getting a clearance box to curve my temptation. Not sure if that makes sense, but i figure the only thing better then a box of CORO is two boxes of CORO! Clearance or PSP, both great! They have different shades of wrappers and less sheen on the clearance, but both have the same flawless construction, perfect draws and full flavored Cohiba goodness all day! Connie A DIC 15 PSP gives CORO a run for its money every time. I haven't had as many A's as i have CORO but each one has been progressively better and the most recent one i smoked was near blissful. Similar to the CORO, the Connie A's have had impeccable construction, often perfect draw and a full flavored smoke where the description above of "nuts and sweet cream" fits nicely. Each cigar has frequent PSP/HQ offerings on 24:24 leading me to believe these vitola's are above the curve on what is coming out of Havana. Now I may be bias given these were two of the boxes i extended my budget to reach for and although anticipation was sky high, neither of these cigars have yet to disappoint, I think that about says it all!
  2. Super excited for the Christmas sampler, waiting for it to arrive and then rest has got me feeling like a kid again! Most excited for the cigars I haven't tried (Siglo VI, Esplendido, Sir Winston, Punch 48, JL2, VR Don Alejandro). Also excited for the cigars I've tried but don't have in stock (RyJ Churchill, Fonseca No 1, HdM Epi 1). Also excited to add another Lancero, HUPC and Monte PE to the collection. Anyway you shake it, I'm just excited!
  3. tom petty

    i was incorrect, it was on Instagram. Check it out yourself @dadlivesmatteronelove very sad.
  4. tom petty

    There are conflicting reports, most state that he is still on life support. Either way my thoughts are with Tom and his family, one of my all time favorites. Picture is a tweet from Tom's daughter ripping into Rolling Stone.
  5. Your first ever box buy?

    My first box purchase was a 10 count of PSD4 and a 3x5 count of Monte 2's. I remember frantically checking the tracking and opening the box upon arrival was as memorable as any Christmas I had as a kid. Smoked one of each pretty much ROTT and I was hooked. I still have one of each of those cigars left and for whatever reason i cannot bring myself to smoke them, good thing i restocked on each so its not too much of a problem!
  6. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Travel Humidor packed for an extended weekend in CA! Which to smoke first...
  7. Final Weigh in for FatBastard 2017 - 1st May

    Down 14kg from on the competition. Feeling good, need to keep it up.
  8. I find nutty profiles, often in the first 1/3's of HdM Epi 2, HU Mag 46 and PLPC's. Three of my favorite cigars!
  9. Thanks Rob, I look forward to trying the box I was able to get on Mondays 24. From your description here and on 24, it sounds like time will be the ultimate determining factor, as true with most Cuban cigars.
  10. What was the overall impression of the Dantes at the tasting?
  11. Gave #2 a go today, being today was the best day in this weeks forecast and i'll be traveling next week. 70F and sunny with a nice breeze was the perfect way to enjoy what i believe was a Lonsdale formatted cigar. Pre: Firm draw, bordering tight, light spice and salt on the predraw. Constructions was a bit rugged with a few thick veins and a small tear, however I must admit the days in the humidor did this cigar well because upon delivery I thought the cigar looked papery and rough. However, when I pulled the cigar out today it appeared better then I remembered, with a light sheen and the wrapper wasn't has rough as I remembered. 1st: Medium strength, full flavored, nutty off the light, roasted almonds came to mind early in the first third. Pleasantly surprised with the flavor considering my skepticism from the construction and predraw. Along with a nutty after taste, the first third consisted of a lightly burnt white bread or more simply burnt toast. 2nd: Medium has progressed to Medium Full, burnt toast developed into more of a lightly toasted white bread with butter, very smooth and flavorful. At about the half way mark in the cigar the burnt toast edge had diminished and got more notes of fresh baked bread, sourdough came to mind on a few puffs. 3rd: Held at Medium Full, more baked bread with some coffee notes coming through from time to time. Overall: Medium Full, firm draw but not problematic, even burn throughout, Flavors dominated by bread notes, although it was a wide spectrum of bread notes, with the appearance of nut and coffee notes that made this a complex cigar for me. I may be in the minority here, but I enjoyed this more then cigar #1, rating it a 90 point cigar, I would be happy to add this cigar to my rotation.
  12. A 24 clearance day sampler
  13. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    A weekend full of good cigars and beer. Epi 1, Monte PE and Cohiba Secretos, paired with 3 different Other Half IPA's.
  14. I work in cargo insurance and carrier liability, lets hope they have a decent policy, regardless it's going to be a major blow for Fuente.

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