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  1. The pictures will not do my description justice, that out of the way, I received a box of HQ Monte 2's today and wow what a difference from my blind box purchase. The color is several shades darker, the sheen is in your face and oh my god the aroma is like no other box I have (including several other PSP/HQ boxes) I could sit here all day and just soak in the smell! I created this thread inquiring about the differences between a PSP/HQ box vs an average run of the mill box one may get when buying blind. Deep down I knew the answer and I just didn't want to face the fact of all the money wasted buying blind. I can't emphasis enough, this was before I found the FoH community! I just received my HQ box today and need to let them rest before diving in but from the looks of things (and smell for that matter) I couldn't be happier. I will update the thread in a month or two when I finally smoke one, but I can't imagine them being anything short of fantastic. As for the Hand Picked vs Buying Blind question, I'll write that off as ingnorance of a newbie! A mistake I surely won't be making again. Thank you Rob to you and your team for the killer cigars, it is much appreciated! Picture one is the HQ cigar draped over the blind cigar, picture two is the HQ box.
  2. PSD4 and Monte PE, smoke of the night award goes to the Petit Edmundo
  3. The misses is out with work friends right now and I'm enjoying March Madness Basketball Makers Mark Bourbon PSD4 & Monte PE Turkey Sandwhich No complaints tonight, if I had the boys over there would probably be larger cigars, a fridge full of beer and The BBQ fired up. Damn now I feel like having a party!
  4. Magnum 46 from a recent locker sale
  5. FOH member CluelessNoNads is legitimately hilarious. Some people love to push boundaries and potentially screw up a good thing... Keep up the good work and the growing number of satisfied customers across the globe hopefully outweighs the handful of morons.
  6. I continueosly recharge my boveda's. I put 2 bovedas in a small Tupperware container, have it floating in water and sealed in a larger Tupperware container. With a tight seal they charge in 5-7 days, I rotate them from charging to my desktop and wineador.
  7. This thread inspired me to pull out one of my ABR 15 Monte 2's, it smoked great throughout!
  8. Small cigar weather, Siglo I and Other Half Throw Some Mo IPA, both spot on! Now if I could just get some warmer weather so I can try one of my Connie A's that are patiently resting...
  9. Today was a unique cigar experience for me. I enjoyed the tastiest PLPC I've ever had and paired it with a delicious Other Half Brewing Forever Simcoe, hard to beat. The cigar had the notes of burnt sugar in the second half, like our host describes, and a nutty finish that left me wishing there was more, that's saying a lot considering the 34F outside. As I sat there enjoying my smoke and beer, I couldn't help but think about the PSP cab that I was lucky enough to score yesterday that will soon be on its way. The thought of the cab aging and how excited I was to see the cigars develop with time, while at the same time thinking how my life will develop over that period of time. Right now I'm engaged to be married later this year, I think about the changes that could occur over the next 10+ years... Being a husband, having children, continuing to explore the world at every chance, all while having amazing cigars age in my humidor that are getting tastier with every passing moment, I love it. The thought was almost psychedelic, but it made me think that a great cigar and a drink is my favorite way to relax, tune out for a moment and forget the chaos that surrounds me. I believe that is what connects us all, we all don't agree with everything but we all share an appreciation for cigars. Maybe its the double dry hopped imperial ipa that has me feeling loose and harmonious, but I see other post with arguing on what type of consumer drives the market. I understand both sides of the argument, but at the end of the day we all share a love for cigars and if people continue to find a love for cigars, Cuba and the rest of the world will give their best effort at producing the finest cigars the world has to offer. As long as that continues, we should be able to find a way to be happy!
  10. Congratulations! I had as similar post earlier in the year, as i too am planning a wedding this year and plan to have a cigar bar. I ended up going with smaller cigars due to the fact that the future wife will not be happy if I'm in the smoking section for hours, paired with I anticipate many non smokers lighting up to celebrate the occasion. Here is what I plan on providing, most of which were supplied by our gracious host! Bolivar Corona Junior Monte 5 & Petit Edmundo Cohiba Secretos and Siglo I That being said, I plan on bringing some larger cigars to enjoy the morning of, day after, honeymoon, etc. The overwhelming amount of feedback I got was to go with what you know and go with what you like. Don't provide super high end large format cigars at the wedding because most likely they will be under appreciated, smoked too fast and pitched less then half way through. If that happened to one of my precious lanceros or coro's I would never be able to look at the person the same again... Below is a sample of the cigar menu I came up with, still a rough draft, but it's been the most fun of the wedding planning process IMO!
  11. Decent weather so I went with a large cigar this afternoon. First crack at the Magnum 56 and it did not disappoint, very good start to finish. I would gladly pickup a box if the opportunity presents itself and I had a little extra change in my pocket.

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