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  1. Justify for the win! 👑👑👑
  2. Smoked #3 while maning the bbq with baseball in the background, not a bad afternoon. Cigar 3 was a fine example of a cigar that seems familiar, we will see... Dark wrapper, sheen, snug draw, bold flavors, thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish. Excited to see the outcome.
  3. Put a face to the name Comp

    Yankees game, cigar in Key West, Wedding in Maui. It’s been a good year!
  4. In Cincinnati for work and had a fine evening, Eli’s BBQ for dinner, followed by a CORO down by the Ohio River. Fantastic example of a CORO, PSP from our host, dark oily wrapper. Every cigar from this box has been excellent and I had the same expectations for this cigar. 1/3 nice pre draw, salt to the lip, slightly restricted but shouldn’t be an issue. Starts off with lush creamy smoke, espresso with orange zest coming in and out. Medium bodied, full flavored, very good from the start. 2/3 Espresso note softens into a beautiful coffee profile. The coffee shop by my place has an ethiopian bean that has a delicious hint of citrus and the coffee/citrus profile of this cigar leaves a very similiar taste on my palate, beautiful. 3/3 Coffee back to espresso, citrus fades for the most part, shows a bit of youth at the end, maybe a result of smoking too fast... For me this is 90+ point cigar easy with opportunity to improve in the final third. No hints of honey which have been present in other cigars from this box but overall it’s hard to ask for much more. Beautiful view, nice weather, cold beer and a mighty fine cigar, life is good!
  5. I work in middle management for one of the larger parcel companies. Automated “smart” distribution centers are already being rolled out, as we (and others) explore the possibility of driverless vehicles and drone deliveries. In my position I hear executive chatter of streamlined efficiencies with lower operating costs, while the tuned in operators start to question job security. Interested to see what the future holds across industries.
  6. Only thing better than 2 bands is 3! Only kidding, I swore no more whiskey before 24:24... That said, they do look mighty fine!
  7. Blind Tasting Cigar Number 2 Reveal

    I was stressing after missing #1, knowing it wasn’t going to get any easier, with the upcoming options appearing to have a larger list to choose from within the vitola. Win some, lose some, either way happy to get off the Schneid!
  8. This cigar is from the aged sampler that was availble on 24:24 a few months back. If anyone has the box code, please leave a comment below. This is the 2nd of the aged sampler I’ve tried and if it is half as good as the Coro (aged review posted) then we will be doing just fine! The appearance is above average, with a dark brown wrapper, some sheen and a bit of a rough/rugged texture to the wrapper. Upon cutting, I’m happy to find another aged cigar with an open draw, with some spice notes on the pre draw. 1/3 we have classic grade A Monte flavors, coffee and cream hit me right off the bat, which are coming through in spades. With a dark chocolate/cocoa note coming in and out. Medium bodied, maybe a touch under at first. Silky smooth smoke, with spice present on the retro. 2/3 coffee and cream continue to be the foundation of the flavor profile, but an introduction of the spice note I noticed on the pre draw and retrohale, comes intertwined with the dark chocolate character. Best I can describe is a choco/chili note. The choco/chili was new to my pallet as far as I could remember, very nice albeit only present for a short amount of time. Intensity picks up a bit, medium bodied throughout the remainder of cigar 3/3 coffee and cream to the end, chocolate and chili note subsided in 2/3. A bit hot at the nub, but that can be expected. In conclusion, this cigar fit the profile of a fine aged cigar, eloquent and definitive Montecristo flavors. With the addition of a chili/spice note that made itself present at several different points of the cigar. I’ve had a handful of Monte PE’s, mostly 2015-2016, those were more medium full cigars. I don’t know if the cigar mellowed a bit over the years down or if it was a less full cigar 10 years ago when it hit the market. I’m inclined to guess the later, as flavors were still rich but body was a bit lighter from what I know of Monte PE’s.
  9. Handpicked BBF and Clearence E2 tubos
  10. This Cohiba Robusto is from the Aged Sampler offering on 24:24 a few months back. This is the first of the sampler I’ve tried, Coro being one of my favorites, there was high hopes for something special. Visually appealing with a dark oily wrapper, nice sheen and silky smooth to the touch, appearing to have the making of a fine cigar. I cut in and I’m pleased to find an open draw, with a nice salt note on the lip from the wrapper in pre draw. After lighting, a few puffs into the 1/3 I’m hit with this citrus orange zest note, that really was the backbone of the cigar for the majority of the smoke, fantastic. To make things better, there was a sweetness, almost vanilla like character which would come and go throughout the entirety of the cigar. The final third, the citrus note transformed into more of a espresso character, still very pleasant. It was medium bodied touching medium full at the end. Perfect construction, open draw, sharp burn, with flavors that sang to my pallet to the last puff. Overall, the cigar was sublime, up there with the best I’ve had. Does it still have legs 10 years in? Yes, with no sign of slowing down any time soon.
  11. HQ DC’s for days!!!
  12. My favorite cab is my only cab, a 2016 PSP PLPC cabinet. After seeing the RASS up yesterday on 24:24, its got me thinking it's time to dig into my OLH for the PSP/HQ cabinet I got last year!

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