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  1. What was the overall impression of the Dantes at the tasting?
  2. Gave #2 a go today, being today was the best day in this weeks forecast and i'll be traveling next week. 70F and sunny with a nice breeze was the perfect way to enjoy what i believe was a Lonsdale formatted cigar. Pre: Firm draw, bordering tight, light spice and salt on the predraw. Constructions was a bit rugged with a few thick veins and a small tear, however I must admit the days in the humidor did this cigar well because upon delivery I thought the cigar looked papery and rough. However, when I pulled the cigar out today it appeared better then I remembered, with a light sheen and the wrapper wasn't has rough as I remembered. 1st: Medium strength, full flavored, nutty off the light, roasted almonds came to mind early in the first third. Pleasantly surprised with the flavor considering my skepticism from the construction and predraw. Along with a nutty after taste, the first third consisted of a lightly burnt white bread or more simply burnt toast. 2nd: Medium has progressed to Medium Full, burnt toast developed into more of a lightly toasted white bread with butter, very smooth and flavorful. At about the half way mark in the cigar the burnt toast edge had diminished and got more notes of fresh baked bread, sourdough came to mind on a few puffs. 3rd: Held at Medium Full, more baked bread with some coffee notes coming through from time to time. Overall: Medium Full, firm draw but not problematic, even burn throughout, Flavors dominated by bread notes, although it was a wide spectrum of bread notes, with the appearance of nut and coffee notes that made this a complex cigar for me. I may be in the minority here, but I enjoyed this more then cigar #1, rating it a 90 point cigar, I would be happy to add this cigar to my rotation.
  3. A 24 clearance day sampler
  4. A weekend full of good cigars and beer. Epi 1, Monte PE and Cohiba Secretos, paired with 3 different Other Half IPA's.
  5. I work in cargo insurance and carrier liability, lets hope they have a decent policy, regardless it's going to be a major blow for Fuente.
  6. Dbacks are 5-1! Scoring 45 runs in their first six games, a franchise record and leads the majors by +14 runs to the next closest team. It's a great start but a very long season ahead. NL West Is going to be tough this season if the Rockies keep winning and the Giants and Dodgers play as expected.
  7. RAG and they look mighty good!
  8. I smoked #1 today and it was a enjoyable cigar. I have 3 Corona Gorda's in stock and I would be surprised if it was one of those 3. Construction appeared to be spot on with a dark oily wrapper and no viable blemishes. The pre-draw was firm and had a strong spice characteristic that gave my taste buds a bit of a tingle. Upon lighting I was initially hit with black pepper, heavy spice and cedar followed through the first third and really throughout the entire cigar. The 2nd third had a few draws with vanilla notes that were delightful and the last 3rd showed some black coffee/espresso notes but they were subtle and mostly drowned from the heavy cedar/spice flavor that dominated the cigar. There were burn issues with the cigar, which could have been made worse by the windy conditions but the cigar was tunneling on one side and would go out when slowing down to let the other side catch up. I had to touch up and re-light a few times. Overall I rate this an 85 point cigar, medium bodied, good but not great. If time down would all ow those vanilla and espresso notes to develop and have more of a presence, then I cold easily see this as a 90+ point cigar.
  9. BCJ and today's new Other Half Brewery release, both spot on! Now if I can get some half way decent weather to give blind tasting #1 a go...
  10. Amazing, thank you for sharing! How was the Dumas?
  11. I had a lighter taken by tsa in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I tried to reason with them, explaining it had sentimental value being it was a gift from my dad. Fell on def ears, it still angers me to this day thinking about it. Another time in Traverse City, Michigan I had my finger nail clippers confiscated, only to find finger nail clippers for sale in a vending machine in the terminal. Literally my only two times in Michigan, two stupid tsa agents may have ruined my opinion on the entire state.
  12. The Living Room Cigar Lounge at the Park Hyatt Vienna was the most memorable cigar lounge I've experienced and the start of my fall down the rabbit hole of Cuban cigars. The Siglo IV in my hand was the 2nd Cuban cigar I ever smoked, the 1st was a Siglo II 2 days before this picutre in Zurich, which can be seen in my profile pic. The Living Room had everything you want in a great lounge, plush leather seats, mahogany and classic decor, a walk in humidor and a large spirit selection. The unique thing was the ordering was self served and on an honor system. You walk in and there are order tickets in the humidor and on the bar. I grabbed my Siglo IV and a healthy pour of Jack Daniels Sinlge Barrel. I marked my ticket as such, the waiter took my ticket and brought me a bill for a Siglo I and JD #7. I don't know if he hooked me up on purpose or by accident, but he received a nice tip either way and I left happy as could be. A memory that will stick with me to my dying day!
  13. Second that, I got a 1/4 box from Rob as well. Very nice aroma and smooth almost rosado wrappers. I've only smoked one and it was a B+ experience, maybe i'm judging a bit hard because I had such high expectations. That being said they are young and the foundation for something great is there without a doubt. They sound like they have been consistent so that mitigates some of the risk buying blind, but still a risk nonetheless. If I was in the market for a box, I would wait for them to come up on 24:24 but there are many factors that play into availability and patience there.
  14. I love the Corona Junior, it is my go to winter smoke.

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