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  1. Below is my top ten most enjoyed cigars of 2017. I had a few very nice EL’s (Mag 56, RACA and the Trini Topes) as well as the Dante’s Belicoso Mexico Regional. All great cigars but I only had 1 or 2 of each, so I went with my favorite go to cigars for 2017: 1 Cohiba Robusto 16 2 Partagas Lusitanias 15 3 Bolivar Corona Gigantes 15 4 Cohiba Esplendido 16 5 H Upmann Connie A 16 6 H Upmann Mag 46 14 7 Partagas SD4 16 8 Bolivar Belicoso Fino 15 9 PLPC 16 10 RyJ Churchill 16
  2. Best: Partagas P2 unknown box info Worst: HDM DC unknown box info I set up half a dozen trades in January, all for cigars I have never tried. I have been sampling them the last couple weeks and there have been many greats, but the P2 is what stands out the most. It was an excellent cigar, dark and oily in appearance, medium full, rich and delicious. Definitely now high up on my 24:24 want list. Unfortunately the HDM DC was maybe the biggest disappointment in a cigar I've ever had. The flavors were there at times, but the construction was horrible, if I had more I would have chucked it 5 minutes in. It felt like it weighed a pound, way over packed and with a draw so tight it gave me a headache almost instantly. I attempted to pull out tobacco from both ends which helped a bit but the draw was still way too tight. The whole cigar burned horribly and eventually fell apart on me. I will have to get another, as I am a huge fan of the DC format and the HDM DC being a legendary cigar, I have to imagine I just got stuck with a crap example of what the HDM DC can be.
  3. My First Cuban — HdM Epi 2

    Well done, welcome to the ever addicting world of Cuban Cigars. You nailed the non pepper element in CC's vs NC's, after long you will find most NC's you previously enjoyed as "pepper bombs" at least that was my case. Enjoy the journey, when smoking fantastic cigars, its hard not to!
  4. My throwback review is of the first Cuban cigar I ever smoked and what was the start of a journey down a rabbit hole that lead me to the dozens of boxes that I currently smoke on today. The cigar was a 2010 Cohiba Siglo II, the time and place was July 2015 on the patio bar at the Park Hyatt Zurich, I paired the cigar with a Mojito and had myself one hell of a time. If anyone is in Zurich, Switzerland I highly recommend the cigar selection and the Mojito's at the Park Hyatt! Before this cigar i had probably smoked 20 or so Dominican/Nicaraguan cigars. Always enjoyed them but never had my own humidor, just kind of smoked them on occasion type of deal. This Cohiba though was something unlike anything else I ever had. There was a sweetness to it, now what I would recognize as honey notes, that absolutely blew my mind. I had no idea cigars could be so good! The cigar I smoked today (Cohiba Siglo II MEL OCT 16) was good but far from the Sigllo II throwback i'm writing about. Don't get it wrong the Zurich Siglo II had 5 years on it opposed to 1 and change and the one I had today could potentially be that good in time, it just didn't have the Honey spine like the Zurich cigar that I still think about every time I light up a Cohiba. In fact no cigar has lived up to that first Cohiba. Granted I don't have any 5 year Cohiba's, so maybe in due time I will be rewarded with what I remember as the best cigar I've ever had! Throwback Cigar in Zurich Throwback Siglo II Siglo II I smoked today for Throwback Review
  5. Just met up with the boys for my friends bachelor/stag party in Los Cabo's. Great trip, but good cigars aren't cheap there so I came loaded with a box of PSD4's and Monte 4's, both from FoH with a couple years on them, stellar boxes. Both cigars were smoking the house down, multiple guys said they were amougst the best they ever had! I knew it was going to be a special trip so I wanted to bring some of the best quality I had and I'm glad I did because they turned out great and I may have even sparked a few new flames for future brothers of the leaf!
  6. Your Superbowl FBC Planning?

    Off to Cabo San Lucas tomorrow for my buddies bachelor/stag party! PSD4 and Monte 4's are packed for the trip, I may pickup a regional at J&J's for Super Bowl Sunday. Staying at the Riu Palace which has a sports bar where the tequila and Dos Equis will most definitely be flowing, pair that with a drunken street taco and we're having one hell of a day! Interested to see if they have Talisman (cue glasstop beach joke) not to buy but just curious what the price will be with the high tobacco tax in Mexico.
  7. If you were to hang out in an American lounge you would see a majority 50+, shoot now a days it seems more like 60+... My observations over the last year or so on this forum has been quite the opposite. Different strokes different folks or to each is own certainly applies here, but generally speaking a lot of cuban cigar smokers appreciate the lower RG for the higher wrapper to filler ratio. Personally speaking I'm in the 46-52 range with a majority of my smokes being Corona Gorda, Churchill, Double Corona, Robusto and Piramides.
  8. Only thing better then a box of Esplendido’s is two boxes of Esplendido’s at 10% off! Picked these up with the Christmas coupon, I’ve been wanting to add these to my humidor for a while, now the challenge becomes keeping my hands off for a bit of time...
  9. 55F Saturday was the warmest day we have seen in the northeast for some time so with the decent weather, I decided to start a cabinet restoration project. Sanded it down and gave the exterior a fresh coat of varnish. More to come on that project in weeks to come! While watching the stain dry, I enjoyed a Partagas Lusitanias OBM ABR 16. Delicious young cigar with loads of potential. Coffee notes throughout, with spice and baked bread notes pleasantly coming in and out. Oily milk chocolate wrapper, perfectly constructed provided a nice draw with an even burn from start to finish. This is the 3rd cigar of this cab and all have been great! I can’t wait to watch these continue to blossom
  10. Thank you Rob and team for the beautiful cigars. Capuletos, Siglo IV and Monte PE, a great addition to any humidor. Cheers!
  11. I normally wouldn’t chime in as I have not tried one, but hand to god I’m sitting next to a guy at a lounge in New York smoking one as I type this. He comes in after me and pulls out a La Trova and sits it in the ashtray. I say “that is a very nice cigar you have there” he responds in a heavy Russian accent “legit Cuban, the very best”. He continues to take a call on speaker phone and then watches videos on his phone with the sound blaring in Russian, so take this for what it’s worth. I couldn’t resist, I had to ask him “how’s the La Trova?” He responds “legit Cuban, the very best”. I sit here with my mind blown! Again for what it’s worth, I got a good look at it and it appears immaculate, I hope to try one soon!
  12. With the nice selection of Piramides on 24 I thought I would bump this thread. Anybody have an opinion on what Piramides are smoking nicely? Like most, I love a good Monte 2 but haven’t ventured outside that much in the vitola.
  13. I’ve never checked the policy but I’ve flown many times with a bic lighter and never had an issue. The torch lighter my father gave me is a different story... I’m still chapped about it a decade later.
  14. Bravo! I was just looking at the Cuba travel thread today thinking to myself 2018 is the year to make it happen... If all goes as planned I hope to be trying these soon!
  15. Bic lighters are fine. FoH lighters are great for traveling! I’ve had a nice lighter taken by TSA before, no bueno. Now I just use the FoH when traveling.

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