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  1. I'm in for Round 2 if there's room
  2. Teflon Wrapper

    I agree - my cigars have all been sober so far! Thanks Prez/Colt, I'll report back sometime time next year. Fingers crossed.
  3. Teflon Wrapper

    It could be worth a try rather than chucking them. Maybe I can dip one in some whisky and see how that goes Interesting enough mine have been overfilled. The first one was completely unsmokeable and had to throw out. The rest were just firm. This one actually seemed to smoke well at times with great flavors coming through but the wrapper had trouble keeping up and slowed down the draw considerably. The flavors flattened out and charred due to constant relighting, touching up and simply frustration. Besides that construction is flawless; they were PSP/HQ when I bought them.
  4. Smoking a Hoyo Epicure Especial and although it stays lit and produces smoke, the wrapper refuses to burn. The wrapper does not even burn under direct flame. Has anyone experienced this? This is the 4th stick from the same box and nothing has changed. I pulled it from a separate desktop humi for smoking stock at 58 rh and about 70-74F depending on temp outside. Most others I keep in there smoke beautifully. Can anything be done? Maybe these work better at different rh/temp? Long term resting? Or simply poor crop?
  5. Cuba November 2018

    Count me in on LA Nov 5th - Here's a list I found. I've been to 6, 7, 8 & 11 before. @SenorPerfecto we should scout these locations for "research" https://la.eater.com/maps/best-cigar-cocktail-lounge-los-angeles
  6. Thought I'd give this a go with the obvious choice, a Montecristo. Albeit young. First Third Choco hit right from the get go. Creamy cadberry egg. Second Third Lashings of berry fruit and cocca powder. Third Third Graham cracker smores. Campfire smokiness (the Lagavulin probably influencing here). Fourth Third This stick never ends! Not that I want it to. Milk chocolate, fudge, Nestle Quik. Final Third Youth is kicking in. Strength is up, all cocoa powder here. Nub Third Tobacco. Smokey. Very hot. Smoking time is 2:20 min. Overall delicious way to spend a Happy Easter
  7. What say you gents? Tri tip is on the grill. Gorgeous weather out. You have your favorite beer or whiskey available to you. Cohiba Secretos or Siglo I. Both PSP from our gracious host. What do you pick up? Or which do you smoke before feasting and which after? Problem I'm having right now but not a bad problem to have I'll admit
  8. All of my stock is 2015-onward but I do have 2 EL's. So maybe 3-4 sticks that would be 6 pts?
  9. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Partagas Lusitania OBM NOB 16 PSP coming along nicely. Can't wait to see how these are 5-10 years from now
  10. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Sancho Panza Non Plus SEA MAR 17 from a trade. Just lovely on a rainy day. I imagine a wood ship and sea salt, indulgence of cream.
  11. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Magnum 46 MEG FEB 17 PSP

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