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  1. I picked up Lot 40 Rye and Angel's Envy (bourbon as rye was sold out). Both were amazingly smooth with just a touch of spice that intrigues the palate yet lets a great cigar shine through. Different experience definitely from Scotch and welcome one at that. Paired these with a ULA JUN 15 Bolivar Tubos No. 1 from our host right of the truck... WOW Personally the Angel's Envy was a match made in heaven (no pun intended). Will have to leave a review this week. Thank you for all of the suggestions!
  2. Phil, Congratulaions! Sounds like it was an awesome trip. Came across this as I am plan a trip to Chiang Mai and Bangkok this year. Did you end up finding a few cigar friendly spots? What were your experiences? Thsnk you brother. Nate
  3. I see a lot of whiskey, scotch and bourbon paired with cigars... anyone here enjoy a good rye with their smoke? I figure that mongrel pairs great with mongrel as well. What are your experiences? Any suggestions?
  4. @El Presidente Hmmmm we'll leave that assessment for the last drink! Have a great weekend
  5. Congrats @seattledude! I'm happy you made it happen, very well deserved. Might as well keep going now
  6. Hey guys, I recently tried an Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 1 from our host, and it was easily one of the top CC's I've had so far. I've been on the lookout for these in 24:24 (missed them today), but I did score some EE last week. I'm wondering how they compare, besides being different vitolas, in flavor and creaminess, which is better young or aged, etc. EE's are supposed to be the top of the line Epicure, but maybe the smaller vitola gives the No. 1 an edge in smoking experience. Thoughts?
  7. Where do I sign up
  8. Not impossible at all; I actually find it way easier than bulking and cutting because it's flexible with my lifestyle. I'm not trying to lose weight, just fat. I've dropped about 4-5% body fat in the past six months, and weigh about the same as when I started (208 lbs @ 6'2"). Unless I'm losing bone density, I'm making gains . You just have to be consistent at the gym, consume the correct amounts of carbs fats and proteins, and as you say, lift heavy.
  9. Oh man that is aggressive! I'm also 6.2 so I feel your pain I do weight training with HIIT so I have to eat more - I'm trying to transfer fat ---> muscle. It's not fast but it's working.
  10. You can always leave out the potato and eat more Tri-tip, sounds delicious to me I consume 222 grams of carbs per day, 50 grams of fat and 165 grams of protein that all add up to 2,000 calories. As long as I stick to those amounts and hit the gym consistently, I eat just about anything I want and am still losing fat. You can find info on this searching for "Flexible Dieting IIFYM"; it also works if you want a low-carb diet just shift the ratio to more fat and less carbs. Here's my favorite snack:
  11. The Imperiosa Magicos from Crowned Heads is a treat. A chocolate bar to me. Very concentrated in flavor and creaminess. The Jericho Hill is great if you like the San Andreas wrapper, but is known to have spice/pepper. The Headley Grange is probably the most complex and balanced of the lot. It veers more towards caramel, hay and cream. There are crowned heads samplers with these out there if you want to get your feet wet.
  12. Tri-tip, potato and veggies as simple and delicious as it gets, and you'll have fun grilling it. Favorite meal in my rotation, makes it look like I'm cheating but it's actually surprisingly healthy. Low in fat and high in protein, 659 calories and leaves 1000-1300 for the rest of the day. The roast leaves enough for one or two more servings to put away for later, just add more of the veggies. I doubt many of you here need the instructions but I'll give mine anyway: Ingredients: 1 Tri-tip Roast (measure out 8 oz for 1 serving after cooking) Salt & pepper to taste Rosemary Thyme 1 Russett Potato, cut into squares 1/2 Ear of Corn 1 Cup sliced Portabella Mushrooms Garlic salt and pepper to taste Dash of olive oil Lemon Steps for steak: Preheat grill to 350-400 F Rub tri-tip with salt & pepper or your favorite rub generously Sprinkle the rosemary and thyme on both sides Throw steak on low flame with other burners on high for 40-60 min to preferred doneness Let rest 5 min, slice and serve Steps for veggies: Toss mushrooms and potatoes separately in garlic salt, pepper and a little bit of oil / BONUS add paprika and rosemary to potatoes Wrap mushrooms in foil, place on grill Wrap corn and place on grill Cook potatoes on skillet until done Remove mushrooms and corn when done Rub corn with lemon, sprinkle some salt ^^^^ If you get bored of these, try subbing in sweet potatoes or other veggies you like. Asparagus, onions, brussel sprouts etc. ^^^ FEAST, and finish off with 2 oz of whiskey and your favorite stick. I find the smoky yet smooth sweetness of Lagavulin 16 bridges the gap between grilled meat and a dessert cigar rather nicely. Enjoy!
  13. Just started on the road to CC's; My favorite so far has been the RACA and Lusitanias. Curious as to who still regularly stocks NC's. Which brands do you buy? Do you buy boxes or only singles? Myself I still buy some Padron Anniversary Series, Fuente Hemingways, Davidoffs, Crowned Heads releases and have just recently tried some Liga series from Drew Estate.
  14. Thought I'd drop this classic clip here
  15. Not necessarily, it can be anything with a similar profile. Everyone may be right about not being able to reach that complexity though! I hear that! Luckily we are good longtime friends What kind of age are we talking on the D4 and the Shorts? Interesting, haven't had one of these I'll have to try it.

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