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  1. Since they work same as the cello you can keep them on unless you want to aged your cigar.
  2. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Have a great weekends folks!
  3. Wunder Lust

    Very nice stick. Definitely recommended.
  4. What's in your glass today?

    Bought this in sale. It's pretty one dimensional. I don't recommend it.
  5. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Have a great weekend folks! H. Upmann Regalias
  6. Leave Cigar Band ON or OFF?

    Nc more focuses on the fanciness but the taste and quality. Everything is about marketing whereas cc focuses on the traditions... they have been using the same glue for years..
  7. I like 63% but I still try to find a better way to store my cigars. Should I put more 62 % boveda or less 65% to keep it around 63? Which way would be better ?
  8. I wonder what sort of beads you use. No-matter-which types I use, they always shoot up to 70.
  9. Leave Cigar Band ON or OFF?

    Long story short.. on for Cc off for NC
  10. I was just thinking the same thing lol

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