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  1. Siglo II Tubos from a 3 box, gifted to me on my birthday....Very nice, first one I've tried. Got some nice stuff for my 50th, all cigar related!
  2. Dip#2......Much better......I'm gonna have to go on a buying spree, this is about 8 or 10 this week.....yikes
  3. MC Open Master Usually I like these , but this has been jabbed with the meter, and is having some burn issues as a result, down one side. Many corrections to keep it right
  4. Lets see if I can't make a mess of this one VR Famosos
  5. RJ Wide Churchhill (TOR Oct 15.....Oldest I nice start, but I did put a decent split in it messin around trying to slide the bands off, smoked through it ok thankfully. What a mess I made it for gods sake......thankfully didn't effect taste.....
  6. Wife's in a mood, so I'm stayin away and having a second #2 , a Dip this time With a little Monkey Shoulder Batch 27
  7. Huge haul! No trouble bring that much back?
  8. Wow , very nice! LOVE the lights
  9. Yep same here.....HC is also the ticket if you want it to taste authentic IMO
  10. Very tasty MC #2(som may 16) after a long day, with a real good strong coffee.......I think the ashtray makes it even better Smoking like a dream....I love theses, should have brought more home
  11. Got mine from Profmd....looks awwwsome
  12. ERDM Choix Supreme bugs out tonight thankfully!
  13. San Cristobal La Principe on a nice hot sunny day........Have great weekend!
  14. Dip 2, this one was perfect, great way to break in the new ashtray! Chased into the garage to enjoy it unfortunately as the bugs are thick tonight
  15. Dip 2 after a rough day....time to relax! ......decent but a hard spot in center made for a wacky bit of a burn.....clipped out and rolled on

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