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  1. BellevilleMXZ

    Cuba in Aug.?

    Thanks....ya I'm worried about the weather, so this will be a last min. booking. We have been at the Iberostar ensenachos twice now and love it. We dont go for 5 star resorts, we go to chill and the beaches
  2. BellevilleMXZ

    Cuba in Aug.?

    Wife and I talked ourselves into Cuba(Santa Maria-resort) in beginning of aug. ......we were going to do a driving vacation like we usually do once a year , but we just want to lay around and do nothing for a week. We are going to book last min in case of bad weather, but what are the bugs and heat like that time of year? We usually go mid nov. Thanks!
  3. I know when I was on antibiotics took months before stuff tasted right.......
  4. LOVE these.....and am out, going to have to grab a box
  5. BellevilleMXZ

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    What a great weekend, perfect weather for slacking and relaxing! Punch punch and a JL so while watching the smoker........I could use a few more days of this..........
  6. BellevilleMXZ

    Flights from Toronto to Havana?

    Havent really decidedon a u find its cheaper booking a waysout?
  7. BellevilleMXZ

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    Ouch that doesn't look like fun!!
  8. BellevilleMXZ

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    Past weekend was a 3 day long one for us, so tried to take it easy and relax,and have a few cigars. Got out on the In-laws pontoon boat for a rip,and have always wanted a smoker, so bought one on the weekend, and fired it up for a try....turned out great! Had the special needs/disabled brother over for a day, and had a cigar together. He's not a "cigar" person of course , but enjoys it it for the fun of doing it. Whats a punch punch to make the brother happy!Yes thats him in track pants, on a 36c day....what a nutter
  9. BellevilleMXZ

    Sports Car Owners - Is that you?

    Well ,not up to the standards of some of the cars posted here, it sure is a fun and capable car, 2015 V60 the wagons. Have a bigger inter-cooler and a tune ordered for it, which gives it a bump to 400hp.
  10. BellevilleMXZ

    What's in your glass today?

    Canchanchara .....having been to Cuba many times, i'm surprised I have never heard of this. Someone mentioned it on a Cuba facebook group I am on, so whipped one up....that turned into 3! A nice drink on a hot day
  11. BellevilleMXZ

    Flights from Toronto to Havana?

    Thanks! Ya thats why I was hoping maybe missing something.....would just as soon not have a hassle, and pay alot too boot.
  12. Anyone have any tips on finding just flights to Cuba at a decent price? All i ever seem to find is around 800 without layovers. I assume if I do a US layover its also going to be an issue with cigars?Id love to stay in a casa, but doesnt seem like a deal when I can get 7 days at a decent resort for 1100 or so all in
  13. BellevilleMXZ

    Casa Particular recommendation- budget friendly

    Some very nice places listed here! I really have to try this sometime.....instead of resorts
  14. BellevilleMXZ

    Happy Canada Day!

    And the same to you all!
  15. BellevilleMXZ

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    35c and 70%humidity ...feels like Cuba!...but i'm going to enjoy a cigar if it kills me on this long weekend! D4 is smoking good thankfully

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