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  1. #2of the night VR Famosos
  2. lol I know I should have remembered
  3. My first ever RASS, LOVE it,,,,,One more on the list to buy!
  4. Thanks guys.......SS by the looks of it. 1st 1/3 is very nice.
  5. I bought this single a month ago, and now forget what it was. Better records from now on I promise. Pictured with a VR Famosos
  6. Can't remember the code, I only bought a half box Good idea on the friends, brother loved one he tried.
  7. Nice, great to hear
  8. Nice......The Wife is going to England for a week in May....gonna be a good week
  9. I have 2 boxes of other stuff coming in the post.....I'll let em sit.....I better watch the post....wife will love that lol
  10. Love those nights.....Steak on the BBQ, some good music from the playlist, and dig through my small humidor collection
  11. Ok good, thanks......good excuse to buy more in the
  12. Yes very true good point.
  13. True but these are 24:24, so I would assume they are better than a lot? I guess I'll probably leave them for atleast 6 months and try again....the collection is getting bigger ,so don't have to smoke them
  14. Funny though, I have some #2s and I don't find them at all similar

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