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  1. And a little Jura Diurachs' Own 16yr single malt, again thanks to the Wife
  2. A nice splash of Glen Garioch 1797 Founder's Reserve single malt ,a purchase thanks to the Wife, back from vacation.
  3. In for the year finally! Water still crazy high here, At 100 yr levels they say, water still up into the parking lots. Docks are good though as they float. Didn't have time for a cigar today
  4. Interesting, have never heard of that is it?
  5. Monti Open Master (UTE MAR 16)on the last day of a long weekend.....Smoking great at 70%rh....don't like them at low 60s. I guess that's why I tried, liked,and bought them in Cuba, as they would be 70% atleast there, or more.
  6. Great write-up and pics!!! Nice haul too, and lucky enough to get 2 ashtrays, sweet deal.
  7. A nice La Principe (TOS feb 16), while watching the brother put his new BBQ together....Have a great weekend!
  8. Sad,.....another one too soon.....
  9. Huh didn't he did that!
  10. Second of the night, La Principe TOS feb 16......who needs sleep??? LOL
  11. Its 11pm here now, Gotta be up at 6am for work. Was just finishing a Monti#4 , but by the time I look through the "daily smoke", and a new topic on good rum pairing, I just lit up a La Principe, and poured a second splash of Plantation XO.......A good or bad influence, depends on how you look at it!
  12. Nice review, just got a box from 24:24, and love them
  13. Great review! Third one from my box, but I find them more enjoyable at closer to 70RH than 62 or so
  14. Zacapa 23, Plantation XO(20), Havana Club 7yr,El Dorado 15

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