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  1. Your Superbowl FBC Planning?

    I will be enjoying this in a craft beer pub although by the time the match rolls around, it probably won't matter if I am drinking craft beer or swill.
  2. Dumpsta Dive-in

    You make me feel old. I remember when they first came out although I claim to have been a toddler when this happened.
  3. Ken, Agree wholeheartedly on you views on Tomic and Krygios. Both a disgrace to both the sport and the country they supposedly represent which is why I will never watch a tennis match if either of these are involved.
  4. Cigarillos

    Have also experienced that taking small sips instead of big puffs (as recommended in other threads) considerably improves the cigarillo smoking experience.
  5. Cigarillos

    Had a Davidoff cigarillo yesterday. a bit between the Cohiba Short and the Partagas Chico. Longer but thinner than the Short and slightly dryer more tobacco taste but enjoyable anyways.
  6. Sounds like I needed this guy when I was studying economics. Instead, I got econometrics. I still don't understand it.
  7. Why the Wallabies are Woeful.

    Agree. That respect between a coach and a player can often develop into real friendship after the player/coach relationship has ended and you often see that in great teams or teams that achieve greatness. To me, that is one of the great things about sport. The relationships that develop during playing careers but are extended, enhanced and grow long after the playing days have ended.
  8. Cigarillos

    I've smoked the Cohiba Shorts and the Partagas Chicos and much prefer the Shorts as they appear less harsh. Haven't touched the Davidoff yet but hopefully those are more nuanced. Also have tried some Wintermans before but those are just in a different taste spectrum as they taste like I image machine rolled dry cigarillos would taste and that is not a positive.
  9. Why the Wallabies are Woeful.

    On the personnel management side, I have never seen a coach have sustained success with the "buddy" approach. A coach should be a mentor, a teacher, a guide and at times even a surrogate father figure. He/she should be able to tell you when you are wrong, what to do to correct your deficiencies, coach players through difficult times and eventually get rid of the player if they are not performing or if someone else is performing better. A coach should never be a player's buddy, as that kind of relationship is doomed to fail when the objectives of the team and the player diverge.
  10. Cigarillos

    Who smokes them and which ones are good? I have recently returned from the Netherlands where smoking a normal sized cigar was not an option due to complete ban on smoking at my lodgings and the persistent cold and rain. Got me some Cohiba Shorts, Partagas Chicos and two types of Davidoff cigarillos. This worked surprisingly well and I quite enjoyed the quick 10-15 minute smokes. What else is out there in the cigarillo world which is nice and tasty.?
  11. Why the Wallabies are Woeful.

    Thats also why I am not a fan of the current Skins coach. He seems to have no philosophy other than throw the ball as many times as you can. It seems he equates yards with wins which as you get to the playoffs is a very different story.
  12. Why the Wallabies are Woeful.

    And that is what made me become a Redskins fan. Joe Gibbs never seem to blame his team or opponents, any failures, he took on himself. It is also the reason why I am a fan of the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA. The coach Greg Popovich is an adult, treats his players like adults and expects them to perform as adults both on and off the court.
  13. Why the Wallabies are Woeful.

    I honestly think that most of the problems stem from the coach. If your leader acts like a toddler throwing constant tantrums, players will take that lead and act accordingly. The converse is also true. Good leadership engenders good behaviour.
  14. Will try to go to the Hajenius shop if I still have time @gweilgi
  15. Just been to the LCDH in Amsterdam. Good shop, great selection. Nice quiet smoking room. Recommended.

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