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  1. I follow 3 teams. SAS - did okay. Need to get more players with heart and need to trade LMA for someone who will make a difference when the going is tough. TOR - did okay but need to say goodbye to Kyle Lowry and go in a different direction if he is asking for a max deal NETS - crawling out of the morass Billy King left them in. Good defence centre pick
  2. John, thanks for the reply. One of the reasons I ask is that one of my sons went to Randwick Boys (a previous bastion on rugby) for a couple of years and even there, there didn't seem to be much appreciation of their rugby history and promotion of the code.
  3. John, seeing as you are involved in school rugby, has the popularity of the sport gone down due to recent poor Wallaby performances or has it been going down for the longer than that. The reason I ask is that I very rarely see kids playing rugby in my neighbourhood. League yes, soccer yes, but very little rugby.
  4. Agree, complaints of the style of play is worthless. Beat the other team and they will have to change to match you.
  5. Ken, I think the problem is that the Lions cannot win any other way. They cannot win playing unstructured football however they can defend for yonks. That is the way the English beat the Aussies a year or so ago. If they can frustrate NZ then they have a chance of victory but I think during this series, scoring try's is going to be at a premium unless NZ gets an early breakthrough. The question then is, can NZ grind out until they can make the critical breaks of will they lose patience and fall into the Lions trap.
  6. Good to see the Lions make a go of it. They played their own game and that is their only chance of winning. Stuff the criticism! Winning is its own reward.
  7. I still think the Lions win at one Test largely because the NZ is thin in the backrow and centres. At least for the first couple of tests.
  8. I would love to see a full on clash of cultures. Each team doing what it does best and the one who executes best wins. Despite opinions to the contrary, I hope the Lions just decide to do what they do best. Play 10 man rugby concentrating on set plays and force NZ to take chances to break through. In fact, I think it is the only way the Lions has any hope as they really do not have dynamic backs.
  9. Following on from what @99call says above, I do hope that set pieces are allowed to be properly contested. There is something visceral about a properly contested scrum or a lineout where you are actually allowed to contest the ball.
  10. Enjoy to the fullest!!! Have one for those of us who are slaving away at the coalface.
  11. As the Pres says, take time to reflect. I work in a similar kind of role where I develop proposals for major investments. At times it just goes tits up and there is nothing you can do. Enjoy the break and reinvigorate yourself. The next success will taste sooooo much sweeter.
  12. Well, that is a bit of insight I wasn't aware of. Also, despite all my criticism of Wenger, I think you are right. He is far too much of an Arsenal man to publicly criticise the club, unlike that moaner up north who thinks winning the Europa cup counts for anything and even when he has all the money in the world, still cannot buy his way to success.
  13. Nah, give it back to them! I travelled through the North Island for a couple of weeks in September/October last year and did have a couple of interesting interactions with the locals.

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