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  1. Back from Havana

    Fantastic pics and story.
  2. Same as my thoughts.
  3. An Amazing Rum

    Haven't cracked the bottle yet but as soon as I do, I will give some feedback.
  4. John, thanks for the confirmation. Will try to make sure I am there for the next one.
  5. Hi Luca, Sorry to have to miss this one but I am going to a smoky whisky tasting at the Oak Barrel, not far from the Green Peppercorn, tomorrow night at 6.30pm. I've missed the last couple of Sydney FOH catch-ups due to a persistent colds and flu over winter so really would like to meet up before the end of the year. Are you guys planning another catchup before Xmas? Rustyman
  6. Will agree with you on the Super Partagas. Just a delightful reliable smoke. For when you just want to have a known quantity to smoke to relax and have no interest in experimenting.
  7. Thanks for the feedback @CaptainQuintero Yes, I understand they are short smokes and that is precisely what I am looking for. I love the classical Partagas flavours of the D4 and E2 but I cannot smoke those everyday. In terms of strength, would you rate them as medium or closer to full?
  8. Going to split a box with a relative in Europe. Do you mind describing the profile in a bit more detail.
  9. Cigar Induced Insomnia?

    In the past week, I have smoked a cigar on two occasions in the evenings, i.e. just prior to sleeping. On both occasions, I have had pretty vivid dreams/nightmares. The only thing different to previous night-time smokes is that on the last two occasions, I did not have anything alcoholic with my cigar, instead I had Coke Zero or tea. I am not someone who generally dreams much so these events stood out. Any ideas as to what is behind it, besides just nicotine?
  10. Well done Luca! Congrats to Carly as well on her promotion. I do wonder as per @gweilgi post above as to whether we have reached the tipping point. I work in an area where I see lots of cigarette smokers daily and I can guarantee you that the vast majority of them no longer pay government sanctioned prices nor could they afford to.
  11. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Are those any good. I have had a few from 2014 and they were universally flat and lacking in flavour.
  12. Dog Walkers

    The small JLP's are a surprisingly good smoke for a dogwalker/yardgar. I do find however that the larger JLP versions become a bit of a slog in the final third.
  13. I want one!!!!. Where can I get it?
  14. Thanks @CaptainQuintero That's help considerably in improving my knowledge. I was looking for those sweeter flavours in the RyJ line and now I have a direction to explore.
  15. I think that is, for me at least, the problem. I am a relatively new smoker. Some of my earliest smokes were RyJ Churchills and Petit Churchills. These were great. Especially the Petit Churchills although they offered different experiences. I therefore expected the No. 2's to offer a similar experience which it has not while the Mille Fleurs at least seems to be in the ballpark of my previous experiences. I think I simply have had a bad bunch of No.2's. These came from Schipol airport and I have had varying experiences with cigars purchased from there. I've also had a range of cigars from Sydney airport and must admit that some of these have also been less than great so it might be that the airport duty free might not be the best place to buy cigars, especially popular ones.

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