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  1. Thanks greatly!! Will give it a go on the weekend.
  2. earthson, thanks for the advice. Through the advice I am receiving here, I am building up a great list which will keep me busy in the months ahead.
  3. Have to agree with the sentiments. Just finished up a bottle. Nice drop and a perfect accompaniment to a good cigar.
  4. 1LegLance, thanks for the recommendations. The Bolivar, Party Short and the RASCC is definitely on in the plan in the short-term. I don't know much about the El Principe, but if my local B& has that in stock, I will try that as well.
  5. Okay. After my less than stellar experiences with Montecristo, I decide to try two Monte's this weekend in the PC range. The Monte Especial No. and the Monte Open Junior. Let me just say the experiences were like chalk and cheese and why I decided I would rather smoke less but smoke good cigars than smoke more often and smoke lesser examples. As a newbie, I don't like making definite statements on cigars as one man's trash is another man's treasure. However, the Especial No.2 restored my faith in the Montecristo marca. The Open Junior nearly made me consider that viewpoint once more. The Especial No.2 was smooth, creamy, typical Monte DNA. The Open had hints (and I mean very faint hints) of the Monte profile. The Especial was 55 minutes of pleasure and left me with a smile on my face. The Open Junior, i ditched after 30 minutes. Not that the open was wholly bad, it had good draw, burn and ash. It is just that if I could only smoke the Open series, I would probably give up cigar smoking quite quickly. With the Especial, I know that I am going to be trying every Cuban out there for the next few years. Cheap and Cheerful does not have to mean uninteresting, boring or bland. I know that in life you generally get what you pay for but if the Open Junior I tried was in anyway representative of the rest of the series, I'm giving it a miss. Still like the size and smoking time of the smaller cigars but quality does play a huge role.
  6. RyJ No.2. First of 2 5-packs my in-laws bought at Schipol Airport in Holland. 65 minute smoke. Perfect duration for me. Perfect draw, good ash, touched up a couple of time due to uneven burn. Relatively monotone smoke. No real progression or development. Basic Cuban tastes, woody, tobacco, no real berry notes which I have experienced with more expensive RyJ variants. Nice and smooth, never unpleasant even into the final 1 1/2 inches. Think these might do good with some humidor time. Good basic smoke and nice recovery after some less than stellar experiences in the last couple of weeks when I tried to smoke though a cold. Found a petit corona to be my perfect everyday vitola. Will explore this theme further over the next few weeks with some more complex variants.
  7. You are right. They probably saw my relatives coming as non-smokers and gave them whatever they could get away with. Amongst which was the 3 Monte 4's and the three Monte 2's which I have yet to try.
  8. John, thanks for the reply. I think that your advice is spot on. A petit corona size is what I should be looking for. I wll definitely look at the PLPC once more but also the Partegas Short (and a few others). I am however a bit leary of the Monte 4 as I had 3 of those and wasn't too impressed. The last one I smoked was definitely the worst cuban I have smoken (in my very limited experience).
  9. Fuzz, you're right. Pricing is relative. I bought a 10 piece sampler from our host which has a RASCC which I think might be closer to what I am looking for. I think I will try a Party Short or three as well. I had a PLPC in the sampler package but made the mistake of trying to smoke through a cold. NOT a good decision. I couldn't do it justice and will have to try again.
  10. I've just had a HUHC and while a beautiful smoke, it only lasted 20-25 minutes. What I am looking for is a smoke in the 45-60 minutes duration. To give you an idea, my favourite sized smokes are robustos and these typically take me 60-75 minutes. I am looking for something in-between as a regular smoke for when I don't have an hour or more. I have been looking at PC's as I don't mind a thinner gauge smoke as Robusto's are probably as large a ring gauge as I want to go. Any suggestions which are reasonably priced???
  11. Will do. Hope you buy some good ones in the duty free in Asia.
  12. Just had my in-laws bring me some RyJ's from Holland which they bought at Schipol and they look good.
  13. I like robusto's as they are a great 1hr-1.5hr smoke for me and generally like the Bolivar, Partegas or RA variants. I also love the RyJ petit Churchills as they are a great 45 min smoke. Recently I have started looking into petite coronas for a quicker smoke but still am undecided as in my limited experience, they seem slightly harsher than the robustos. Anyway, just started on the journey and like you, hope to have a great time trying as much as I can.
  14. Welcome. I am a newbie as well. Hopefully we can swap notes.
  15. Seems like everyone had a great time. Hope to join you for the next one.

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