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  1. This will be the Blues year i tells yea!!!!! (muttered 10 minutes after the inevitable last minute QLD fieldgoal)
  2. After a bad start with the Monte 4, my recent experience has convinced me to add it to the regular rotation. As per your comment "not exceptional, but good, interesting, and reliable in performance"
  3. This thread needs to be bumped every month for people like me.
  4. Inspired by Luca, I have taken to wearing the smoking hoodie. It serves the purpose of both the smoking jacket and cap but it does cause some strange looks when walking the dog as people who see the smoke output expect someone younger with a smoke of a more fragrant nature and are surprised when confronted by a middle aged man seemingly smoking a log.
  5. In the quest for a good 45-60 minute smoke, let me briefly explain my ranking of cigars. Special Occasion - Large Vitola premium smokes like RyJ Churchill, Monte 2, Partagas Lusi's Premium Smokes - Good quality robusto's like PSD4, BRC, RASS, HdM Epi2 and other vitolas like Ep2, Partagas Series E, No.2, etc Regular Rotation - Monte 4, Quintero Favouritos, RyJ Petit Churchill, MdO No4, Partagas Super Partagas Yard Gars/ Dog Walkers - ??? Dog Rockets - Anything which is I will refrain from smoking for at least 6 months e.g. RyJ No.2 In this thread, I am looking for value for money in the Yard Gar and Regular Rotation categories. With a family and school aged kids, as much as I would like, I cannot always smoke the Premium Smokes. Tonight I had a Quintero Favouritos which I got as part of a sampler from our host. It surprised me. It was 60 minutes of good wholesome tobacco flavours. It lacked the complexity of the premium smokes like the PSD4 I had a few days back, but it was highly enjoyable in its own right. A good cigar for the regular rotation ROTT. Although not a PC sized smoke (which I prefer for a shorter smoke), it met the criteria for an enjoyable, unpretentious everyday kind of smoke. As per the recommendations in this thread, I have the RASCC, Party Shorts, El Principe's, BPC, BCJ, smaller vitola RG's, Mille Fleurs and similar smokes on my ToDo list. So as you can see, my experience has been limited but having picked up cigar smoking relatively recently, I want to be able to smoke regularly without blowing my smoking budget. The suggestions in this thread have been great so please keep them coming. EDIT. Just moved the Partagas Super Partagas to the Regular Rotation as they have a certain charm and get better with a little downtime.
  6. A very good "Cheap and Cheerful". Spicy when young but calms down after a few months. Have had a 5 pack and am looking to acquire more.
  7. ShortFatHokie, You can never go wrong listening to Van Morrison
  8. Really want to catch a Diana Krall concert. She has such a classical jazz voice.
  9. Well, that's achieved this topic's aim for me. And all stuff I haven't heard before.
  10. Great report back soutso. You made me eager to have a look now myself.
  11. Thanks for that. Had another of the RyJ #2 this afternoon while walking the dog as I cannot reconcile the big difference (for me) between this and the petit churchill. I am a bit hesitant with the PLMC's as the consensus opinion seems to be that these should be put away for a couple of years before smoking. Understand what you say with the cherry just being an extension of the cedar as during my smoke today, there were a couple of occasions where I just got a hint of that before disappearing to the woody cedar flavours which are not my favourite. I think I might get a 5 pack of the El Principe's as this seems to be well received at the moment. I also do like the HUHC but like I mentioned earlier, it is just to short a smoke for my purposes.
  12. Good idea if its not too flash
  13. Thanks Fuzz. Tell me what it's like if you do go. The colleague is only planning to go in about 3 weeks time so enough time to give him a heads up. I would love to but the wife wouldn't so have to rely on the reports of others.
  14. Any report back on this place. A colleague is looking to take someone out for a cigar and this might be somewhere to go.
  15. That's my memory too. My dad had the LP and he played it quite frequently and that's why it holds many good memories for me.

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