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  1. I want one!!!!. Where can I get it?
  2. Thanks @CaptainQuintero That's help considerably in improving my knowledge. I was looking for those sweeter flavours in the RyJ line and now I have a direction to explore.
  3. I think that is, for me at least, the problem. I am a relatively new smoker. Some of my earliest smokes were RyJ Churchills and Petit Churchills. These were great. Especially the Petit Churchills although they offered different experiences. I therefore expected the No. 2's to offer a similar experience which it has not while the Mille Fleurs at least seems to be in the ballpark of my previous experiences. I think I simply have had a bad bunch of No.2's. These came from Schipol airport and I have had varying experiences with cigars purchased from there. I've also had a range of cigars from Sydney airport and must admit that some of these have also been less than great so it might be that the airport duty free might not be the best place to buy cigars, especially popular ones.
  4. Just spotted that mistake. Made it consistently so not going to change it. To @Smallclub I just wished it did improve combustion although I must admit, in my experience it increased the emissions of harmful substances, at least to me.
  5. Thanks for the feedback guys. So is the consensus that the Turbo 2 is the better option but needs downtime/rest to show its character?
  6. What is the difference between the RyJ Turbo No.2 and the RyJ Mille Fleurs? They are both the same size and the same Marca but to me, the Mille Fleur is a much smoother smoke than the No.2. The No.2 is very woody and kind of harsh in the back of the throat. The Mille Fleur is definitely a RyJ but has both those two qualities to a much lesser extent. I might get a whiff of cherry from both, much more often from the Mille Fleur and neither to the same extent as the RyJ Petit Churchill which is a delicious little flavour bomb in the samples I have tried. Anyone who can give me more background information or experience on the difference between the two?
  7. Partagas - smaller vitolas

    I've had the Super Partagas, the Party Short and the Mille Fleur. I like the Super Partagas best as it is super reliable across the 10 or so I have had to date. The Short has been much more variable. Higher highs but lower lows than the Super Partagas.
  8. Congratulations Mus.....

    Congrats Mus. I haven't met you but it is great to have someone explain Islam to the great unwashed like myself and to confirm that all religions have essentially the same values. It is the outliers who live on the fringes who unfortunately lead to misconceptions of entire faiths.
  9. My mother is addicted to the damn things. I don't know how much hundreds of dollars she pours into these things each month. I guarantee it is greater than my disposable income.
  10. Dog Walkers

    Thanks @NSXCIGAR. I think I am settling on JLP Petit Centros and Quintero Petit Quintero's for now. Both have a good strong tobacco flavour and are not too sensitive to conditions.
  11. Redskins. 8-8. We fire the coach and don't resign the QB and finally rebuild. Hope, hope, hope......
  12. Sir David Tang

    My kind of guy. Going out the way he chooses. We are all going to die, if you know the likely time of going, it makes sense to choose your way of going.
  13. Minutos, Perlas and Reyes small smokes

    Marzipan onna stick when they're on. Can have a touch of mongrel though. Had my first RG Perlas a couple of weeks ago. Kept on thinking I was tasting suger dried orange peel used in cooking. I was wrong. It was marzipan. I was surprised as heck to get that taste. Not sure if I like it.

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