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  1. Are there any members here from Switzerland? If so, could you please PM me, as I have a couple questions. Thanks in advance, Mike.
  2. I really wanted to be a copper, so here are the top 3: - Police officer - Cabinet maker - Gynecologist
  3. Mix together: Olive oil, lots of fresh parsley, minced garlic, sea salt and pepper. Rub it all over the meat and cook @ 375* until it's done to your taste. We absolutely love this.
  4. My wife has one of those.
  5. Wife and I are picking up our very first holiday trailer. It's a 40' 5th wheel. We're pretty excited.
  6. We are owners with The Westin. At Maui last month, I wanted to fire up a cigar I brought from home. Smoking on the balcony was cause for immediate eviction, no matter if you're an owner there or not. They recommended the parking lot to smoke.
  7. Just picked up a 6 pack today.
  8. The first box of cigars I ever purchased were MC Edmundo's(FEB15). I smoked 3 or 4 of them within a month, and didn't like them at all. They were bland, and had very little flavour. Fast forward to mid 2016, and they're 1000 times better. They blew me away. Solitary confinement may be what they need.
  9. I like to listen to the calm and quiet that nature gives us. Along with the song birds that frequent my back yard.
  10. Those 56's look mighty tasty 😋
  11. OK, I have one that I purchased in 2004(?) from a Rolex dealer. I just don't see them anywhere.
  12. Drooling, party of one.
  13. Man, that is one dark wrapper.

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