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  1. I used to build 1/4 mile drag cars for a hobby. Here is the last one I’ve done. Started out as an $800.00 junker. No hood, drivers door, trunk lid, engine, tranny or diff.
  2. Cafe Venture

    We have a restaurant chain here in the city in which I reside. It is only open from 06:00am-03:00pm daily. They use the cheapest products and ingredients I've ever tasted in my 55 years on this planet. Their food is bland and tasteless. For the love of GOD man. If you use quality ingredients, you have likely surpassed many of your competitors. I don't know if I made any sense with this statement. But bad news travels fast.
  3. Wholly Cracker Jax. Are these still available?
  4. Your next Cigar related purchase?

    A trip to Havana would be great.
  5. Your first ever box buy?

    My first box buy was a box of Montecristo Edmundo's(UME Feb 15) First cigars I'd ever purchased actually.
  6. Where do I sign up for either one of these?
  7. For those people that call suicide a selfish act. There is NO WAY in the world that you could imagine the hell that the mentally ill go through on a daily basis. My son was diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder July 2012. He was a gifted child, honor role through school, with no effort. Had his engineering degree at age 22. But his disease ate him alive. I saw, and lived his nightmare with him until he took his own life Feb 12/2014. I have NEVER seen anyone suffer as much as I did him. It is hard to describe the hell and pain that he went through. He was being tossed around our Canadian healthcare system( which FUCKING SUCKS) like a ping pong ball. Their solution was to medicate him, and toss him out the door. I tried everything that I could for him. He had completely fallen apart. I could see the pain and anguish in his eyes every day. Although I didn't know that he was going to take his own life. But he told me in a letter, that, the pain and sorrow that he had was just too much for his broken brain to bare. He didn't want to go on living in the constant agony that his life had become. So, he ended his life to ease his pain. he didn't think of the consequences of his actions. Or how that would affect those that he left behind. He WASN'T being selfish. I don't hate him for what he'd done. I'm not mad at him for what he'd done. I'm just very very sad that this poor soul felt that this was his only option. None of us know what these poor people go through. Nor do we know the level of despair that they feel. I'm sure, that they all would like to be normal(whatever that is) They never asked for their disease. So, as they say. Unless you've walked a mile in their shoes. Keep your judgemental attitude to yourselves.
  8. I just don't get it

    As said by others. They are likely over humidified and still in their infancy. Regulate their humidity, and let them sleep for several months. My first ever box of Cubans were Montecristo Edmundo's(FEB 15) I tried one shortly after I received them, and hated it. Let them sit for 3-4 months and tried again, still hated them. They are now over 2 years old. And I must say, I love them now. So, be patient. You will be rewarded......and welcome to the club.
  9. How many cigars per day?

    Depends on the weather. Last year= 1 every day. This year= 2 per week.
  10. Sorry for your loss. You wouldn't believe how many people struggle with this issue/disease. It is truly an epidemic. Our healthcare system cannot handle what's out there. Never disregard anyone who may be suffering.
  11. May I ask my American brothers. How often do you get your cigars flagged for extra duties, fee's or taxes? I'm in Alberta Canada, and get hammered HARD every time I have something shipped to me.
  12. Are there any members here from Switzerland? If so, could you please PM me, as I have a couple questions. Thanks in advance, Mike.
  13. I really wanted to be a copper, so here are the top 3: - Police officer - Cabinet maker - Gynecologist
  14. the best recipe for prime rib in the world.

    Mix together: Olive oil, lots of fresh parsley, minced garlic, sea salt and pepper. Rub it all over the meat and cook @ 375* until it's done to your taste. We absolutely love this.

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