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  1. Inbound Missile cigar.............

    I’ve got 6 boxes of Behike 56’s. And haven’t had one yet. I’d have to dive in to those.
  2. Casa Particulares Registry.

    This is awesome.
  3. Juan Lopez Canada Regionals.
  4. Sadly, the death of my son in 2014. I was looking for some way to try and relax and take my mind of my heartache. The solitude does help. As I almost always smoke alone.
  5. As frigid as possible, otherwise I’d pass.
  6. The English Harbour 1981 is available in Alberta, Canada @ $215.00....and that's Canadian funds.
  7. Can you buy from them online?
  8. Love this touring bike. Airbrushed artwork and all.
  9. I used to build 1/4 mile drag cars for a hobby. Here is the last one I’ve done. Started out as an $800.00 junker. No hood, drivers door, trunk lid, engine, tranny or diff.
  10. Cafe Venture

    We have a restaurant chain here in the city in which I reside. It is only open from 06:00am-03:00pm daily. They use the cheapest products and ingredients I've ever tasted in my 55 years on this planet. Their food is bland and tasteless. For the love of GOD man. If you use quality ingredients, you have likely surpassed many of your competitors. I don't know if I made any sense with this statement. But bad news travels fast.
  11. Wholly Cracker Jax. Are these still available?
  12. Your next Cigar related purchase?

    A trip to Havana would be great.
  13. Your first ever box buy?

    My first box buy was a box of Montecristo Edmundo's(UME Feb 15) First cigars I'd ever purchased actually.
  14. Where do I sign up for either one of these?

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