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  1. OK, I have one that I purchased in 2004(?) from a Rolex dealer. I just don't see them anywhere.
  2. Drooling, party of one.
  3. Man, that is one dark wrapper.
  4. @SaintMickey®, you sure don't see many 50th anniversary Submariners around. How do you like it?
  5. Mr. Phinz. Those are a thing of beauty.
  6. Just flew into Palm Springs for the weekend, it's awesome weather.
  7. El-Fakeamundo my friend.
  8. Hell I'm blind, but can still tell these are fake-o-mundo's.
  9. Here here, I second your proclamation @Inthestix 👍
  10. I'm a fairly new smoker, started June, 2015. But my favorite so far has been: Ramon Allones 2011. I love those, and sadly cannot find any anywhere.
  11. I was inquiring about the duty free in Frankfurt just the other day. They were nice enough to send me their inventory list. Although, not a lot to chose from. The prices were pretty good(IMO)
  12. Those Trini's look delicious. Awesome pho toe graphz 2.
  13. What he said?
  14. Just make sure that when you apply for life insurance. That the application is UNDERWRITTEN at the time of application.

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