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  1. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    I just enjoyed the same exact combo to start my Saturday. Gotta start taking pics! Great minds think alike!
  2. Che was nothing short of a murderer and a hypocrite. Many people in my family suffered and are still suffering today because of him.
  3. I hate peppery cigars.

    I also cant stand pepper in a cigar. My dream cigar is pure creaminess and smooth...
  4. Behikes

    Awesome thread! Please keep the FACTS coming fugu
  5. I just got back myaelf and was hanging with Jorge at club Havana while watching him role monsdales... Picked up some ryj short churchills, monsdales, and trinidad coloniales
  6. Irma Call Out over the weekend.

    In Tampa...projected to make landfall about 20 miles away in St.Pete...all boarded up and at a hotel for a couple nighta I guess...the hotel has a huge generator so we are praying for the best. I hope this isn't a life changing event
  7. I have often wondered about how the wrapper effects overall flavor...thanks for posting the links!
  8. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    No pocs but just smoked a Monte no 4 with some Cuban coffee this morning...what a great pairing!
  9. I'd freaking love to visit one of these places one day...just gotta convince the wife haha
  10. Top cigar so far this year

    Prayers for your son! I absolutely loved the bolivar royal corona that I bought this past April in Cuba
  11. I for sure smoke seasonally in general. Here in Tampa the summers are unbearable and we have very mild winters(think summer lite). For this reason, I smoke way more in the winter just due to the comfort level
  12. How many cigars per day?

    I'm a 2-3 per week guy even though I have to work to not be a 2-3 per day guy
  13. Huge rip off...with that being said, someone will buy them

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