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  1. Cigar Seeding

    Try Davidoff Nicaragua sometime. I smoked the Toro back-to-back with a Partagas D 4, and found them to be in a similar vein.
  2. Cigar Seeding

    That is very hard to say. Most of Cuban-type seeds available to hobbyists are descendants from seeds that were donated to the US government around the time of the revolution. Until roughly the 1930's when "Corojo" was developed, Cuban tobacco was an open pollinated and likely a mix of different strains. "Criollo" is said to be the original Cuban tobacco that dates back to precolumbian times. In the 20th century, crop diseases and increasing demand motivated efforts to conscientiously develop hardier and more productive strains. Most of what is grown in Cuba today are hybrid strains that have been carefully developed through selective breeding to exhibit the desirable smoking characteristics of Criollo and Corojo while resisting various diseases. Genetically, they are quite far removed from the native strains that were cultivated 600 years ago. The Vuelta Abajo strain discussed in this thread is said to be an "heirloom" varietal from Cuba. The seed for this varietal was donated to the US in 1964, so it's history before that point in time is anyone's best guess.
  3. Cigar Seeding

    Thankfully, bugs were not a problem. I had two Vuelta Abajo plants that became infected with some sort of virus, but otherwise no issues with disease or pests.
  4. Cigar Seeding

    Ditto... that's going to be the next challenge! What are you using to string your leaf? I'm using 17 ga. aluminum wire, and it works great. Light, strong, and stiff enough to punch through any leaf stem without difficulty.
  5. Cigar Seeding

    Those are some huge Vuelta Abajo leaves! My harvest has been in full swing for over a month now. Only a few upper stalk leaves remain to be harvested. The color curing has generally gone well, though I've had to compost a few greenish leaves here and there. My first batch of color cured leaf went into the kiln around the 1st of September. The grassy smells have largely burned off, and the scent is approaching that of finished tobacco. I plant to pull the first load from the kiln at the end of the month. Fingers crossed that they actually taste like a cigar when burned....
  6. Auction in Canada today for Pappy

    Thanks! Yes, I do like all of those except for the Stagg Jr. Perhaps its the high proof, but I just don't enjoy that one. Agreed - regular Buffalo Trace is one of the best, albeit somewhat inconsistent from batch to batch.
  7. Cigar Seeding

    Did these color cure properly for you? What variety?
  8. Auction in Canada today for Pappy

    Do you have any recommendations that aren't for the super-wealthy?
  9. Auction in Canada today for Pappy

    That's crazy... A few years ago, I ordered a bottle of the 15 year for about $65, which seemed like a lot to spend on a bottle of bourbon. I really enjoyed it, and tried to order another bottle. I was shocked to find that the going rate was many hundreds of dollars... not sure what happened.
  10. Ditto. Epicure Especial is great creamy smoke. I don't think you will find caramel flavors without significant age...
  11. "Never needs calibrating"

    There likely is no way to calibrate them. The equipment to measure relative humidity is considerably more inaccurate than other low-cost sensing technologies for variables like temperature and pressure. It's not hard to find a thermometer that is accurate to 0.1%. On the other hand, a hygrometer with 10-times that tolerance (+-1%) is incredibly uncommon. +-2% is about the best accuracy you will find among consumer-grade hygrometers.
  12. Cigar Seeding

    I'm near Seattle! So, not tropical at all.
  13. Cigar Seeding

    Front yard Corojo 99 patch...
  14. Cigar Seeding

    I'm currently growing two of the varieties mentioned - Criollo 98 and Corojo 99. I started the plants from seed back in February, and have been babying them ever since. Here's a pic of my "crop" in late July. Since the picture was taken, leaves have started to mature. To date, I've harvested about 2/3 of the leaves on each plant.
  15. It seems that recent vintages of Punch Punch have become a forum "darling." I have two boxes from different 2015-2016 date codes; one is a PSP box from 24:24. I've tried a few examples from each box, and I don't find anything particularly distinctive or delicious about them. I'm inclined to believe they just need more time... What do you enjoy about Punch Punch?

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