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  1. Havanathon Prep

    Carly and I will also be attending! And...hoping to wear this...if it gets delivered on time!
  2. Don't worry @JohnS I will rectify that for you See you at Havanathon!
  3. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    It was beautiful!! Thanks so much@JohnS!! It was a great night too!! Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  4. We are passed the tipping point I reckon. Apparently keeping the illegal drugs is hard enough not to mention all the illegal tobacco coming through the country. Plus it is almost impossible to stop everything coming in!
  5. Thank you for sharing the article @gweilgi It just goes to show. Once you regulate/restrict something you inevitably will create a black market for it...
  6. You hit the nail on the head there (Re: Soda and food industries causing more damage than tobacco), you're exactly right. But people don't understand!
  7. Exactly. I get a lot of compliments from people when I am out smoking. They all seem to like the smell of cigar smoke. Yep taxing tobacco is a very easy tax to administer from a Government point of view. Easy money. Haha I am sure that I will get the hang of rolling tobacco after many many many years of practice. I will be honored to have you as my first investor!
  8. Good to hear that you have done the same! Honestly if we don't keep this alive in Aus the next generation of youngins won't even know what a Cigar is let alone what it is like to smoke one! In the event of the apocalypse (when the Aus Govt bans tobacco).... I have been contemplating buying some land out in the then start growing tobacco... My girlfriend says I'm crazy. I tell her no! The Government is crazy man! *lights cigar whilst wearing a smoking cap*
  9. Thanks heaps @JohnS Carly says thank you as well
  10. Thanks@zeedubbya and yes it is sad in a way. Our taxes in Oz are increasing by about 15% - 20% each year (incl GST). B & M Cigar shops are nearly non existant here in Sydney and I am worried they will be extinct soon. You're right...well I mean in a normal world we all should of been able to shout each other cigars that night. Not here though unfortunately. Let this be a lesson to the world. Don't let what is happening here repeat itself in other countries! Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  11. I was out celebrating my girlfriends work promotion on Monday in Sydney. We went to a nice seafood restaurant in Darling Harbor (see pic). The night was going well. The drinks were flowing, the atmosphere was great. So we decided to check out a cigar bar in Darling Harbour that we haven't been to. Walked in, grabbed some cocktails. I noticed a couple of younger guys looking at the humidor in the bar. It was a decent cabinet. (Not a very full humidor though. The usual bar selection was there RyJ, MCs, Bolivars, Cohibas and Partagas etc). Unfortunately for these guys (and also because of our crazy tobacco taxes in Aus) a cigar tonight was not possible. Seeing them so excited looking at the humidor...I really felt bummed for them. I then sat and enjoyed my BRC and Carly (my girlfriend) was enjoying a HUHC. It then came to me. I remembered a post @El Presidente put up not too long ago. It was a story about Rob gifting a cigar to his coffee cart guy (who was going through a rough time). I checked my travel case and I had one cigar left. A nice little PL Panatelas. I absolutely love these little cheap and cheerfuls. Great with my morning coffee. I thought to myself...why not. I'll give this to these nice gentleman here. I walked on over and for lack of a better word they were ecstatic! We struck up a great conversation for a good hour. Found out one of the guys is a Chef at the seafood restaurant we just went to and that we should let him know if we were there and he would take care of us! Its like what Rob has said...this is what cigars are all about fraternity, friendship, laughter and loyalty...and sticking it up to the Government!
  12. I wish I didn't see your picture @JohnS !! I am regretting not getting the Chrissy sampler even more now! Ahhh well we live and learn don't we...?
  13. Welcome Richard! I love Laurence's videos! They're all great. Hopefully I get to meet the man one day. I hope you enjoy the forum. It is a great place! On another not and as an FYI - Sautters have just opened 2 smoking lounges/clubs in Hong Kong. I'll put up a post soon about it.
  14. I am worried for the day that Rob posts his 25,000th post. Maybe the FoH site will Chernobyl?
  15. Exactly right! Couldn't agree more @JohnS Plus I cant help but think of these players as little spoilt brats when they behave like that (Kyrgios and Tomic specifically). They can at least have some respect and class!

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