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  1. I think this is an awesome idea. Its going to help me plan my first and many to come Cuba trips.
  2. How about mag 50's? I tried for a box on the 24 24 but missed out unfortunately.
  3. Perfect thanks for the recommendations
  4. Yea I'm looking forward to trying some mag 46.
  5. So I started this vicious cycle in late January and I'm hooked. I started with a sampler pack then graduated to ordering half boxes on 24 24 and finally ordered my first full box of cigars. Proud moment in my life ...Needless to say I've put in several orders in the last few months trying new cigars mostly mild to medium cigars in which I thought that's all I would ever smoke. WRONG... I have the itch to try something full bodied and stronger I've got some BRC's headed my way and would imagine they are on the fuller side of CC. My question to all of y'all is what are some go to full flavored full bodied cigars?
  6. I had a SLR regios last night I had from a sampler. The construction was good, but It wasn't anything to write home about. I wish I had a few more to smoke for consistency.
  7. Check out the body holiday in St. Lucia. I went the beginning of this month. I didn't have to worry abt anything. The food was great and they cater to your every need. The perfect place to relax and enjoy the holidays.
  8. How are the prices in Italy? Anyone know?
  9. That is absurd....
  10. I'll ask him to check for some. Any more suggestions of what to look out for? I'm mainly just looking for some singles that I haven't tried yet.
  11. I'm still fairly new with CC but I've bought a few different samplers and have and idea of the flavor and body profile I like. I just can't wait for a box of HDM epi 2s to show up on a 24 24 again.
  12. Yes that helps I appreciate it. I didn't realize Mexicos tobacco tax was so high. So I'm going to scratch that idea I suppose.
  13. I've got a friend in cancun that is going to buy some cigars for me while down there. I was wondering if there was a website that would allow me to see their current inventory? I'd love to give him a list to buy for me. Thanks in advance. Palmer

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