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  1. I don't know if I even want to know what's in it considering I smoked two... Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  2. That's incredible man, I'm envious. It'll be hard to top this one.
  3. Yes, unfortunately I was one that fell into that market in the Bahamas last November... Way before I knew anything abt cubans and was a member of FOH mind you lol. Three BHK 56 for $20 from a nassau gas station. Laughable I know. The worst part is I smoked two of them and we're horrendous. I still have one that I've been meaning to cut open.
  4. Hah possibly I'm hoping the rest will have a draw to match the flavor
  5. They're stored in a Tupper at 63% and a few are in a desktop at 61%. I'm guessing it's just a fluke as I've heard nothing but good things about the Marca. I'm going to try a full box of PP as soon as I see them come up on 24 24.
  6. I'm wondering if I just have terrible luck or the Punch Marca in general has an abnormally tight draw? I bought a half box of petit coronations and a punch punch from a sampler. So far 4 of the PC and the PP havery had super tight draws. Anyone else had this problem?
  7. Get a box of the Epi Especial you will not regret it. I've smoked a few ROTT and I wish I bought two or 3 more boxes.
  8. I just got in a box of HDMDC and put them straight into my tupper with two boveda 62's it also has a box of HMD EE. I noticed the DC's were decently wet upon arrival but figured they would even out with the bovedas. The hygro was at 68 the night i put them in "two days ago", but has dropped to 66 tonight. Should I dry box in the future then put them in the tupper? Sry to hijack the thread Guy. I just got worried abt my cigars from seeing your mold problem. I had to run upstairs and check the cigars in panic mode lol
  9. I think this is an awesome idea. Its going to help me plan my first and many to come Cuba trips.
  10. How about mag 50's? I tried for a box on the 24 24 but missed out unfortunately.
  11. Perfect thanks for the recommendations
  12. Yea I'm looking forward to trying some mag 46.
  13. So I started this vicious cycle in late January and I'm hooked. I started with a sampler pack then graduated to ordering half boxes on 24 24 and finally ordered my first full box of cigars. Proud moment in my life ...Needless to say I've put in several orders in the last few months trying new cigars mostly mild to medium cigars in which I thought that's all I would ever smoke. WRONG... I have the itch to try something full bodied and stronger I've got some BRC's headed my way and would imagine they are on the fuller side of CC. My question to all of y'all is what are some go to full flavored full bodied cigars?

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