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  1. 24:24 change you?

    I have been a Cuban cigar smoker for years, but towards the middle of 2016 I began purchasing in extremely large amounts, I basically just decided that I was able to maintain and care for a larger amount of cigars and wanted to start buying in full boxes and begin a collection. I have been non-stop purchasing every month from multiple trusted sources, I was an active reader of FOH for years, the site helped me learn pretty much everything I know today, I have been an official member for over a month now, I have purchased from Cuntint and 24:24. 24:24 is just a whole different animal, I absolutely love it, and yes it has consumed me, lol. Alarms set on my cell phone, the act of viewing the listings, and sending out an email as fast as I can, and then waiting for a confirmation email, its exhilarating. I have lost many, and I have won few, but the wins, oh they are amazing!!!! I am strictly a collector, and a enjoyer of fine cigars, and its not a secret that there are people who profiteer from the 24:24 listings, I think as a lover of cigars every person should have a chance to purchase and enjoy a box of cigars that they want off of the listings. Therefor a box purchase limit should be put on every listing, everyone deserves the right to a fair chance, and I don't imagine anyone who is not profiteering would complain about that. Diana and the team are amazing!!!!!

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