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  1. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    12y cohiba siglo VI with 12y japanese whisky
  2. Just age them at the FOH Locker. I do that and its much easier as far as maintenance and also I dont see them so i dont smoke them:)
  3. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Nothing beats a good bourbon and a Cohiba Siglo VI
  4. Bolivar exclusivamente para Bulgaria
  5. just get the cheapest box possible cause from now on she's gonna know the real price of the cigars!
  6. Rum and Cigars

    Ron Cartavio XO from Peru. Not as sweet as the Zacapa. Great Rum
  7. yeah i have the same humidor btw but I dont wanna take risks and always freeze my boxes vacuumed at -20C for 3 days. And i set it at 65degrees with extra 2 pc fans inside but temp still climbs at the top at 71-72 degrees summertime.
  8. do you freeze all your boxes before you put them in the humi?
  9. Coolidor help

    Coolerguys Dual Blower Fan Component Cooler with Manual Speed Control (Lite) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004K3DM2G/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_Xe9ezbHJF57YW
  10. Coolidor help

    I have same newair and I had some issues . temp on top was 5-7 degrees higher than bottom and humidity around 5% less than bottom. I put 2 fans at bottom rear corner blowing constant air from bottom to top. / attached is picture/ all good now but im worried that air blowthrough half of the shelve where my singles are and i dont know whether this might damage them. I tried with timer to run fans 15mins every hours but then temp and humidity differs again so left them on all the time:) any idea anyone blowing air at singles bad for them?
  11. wow!!! i guess when you put them in the fridge they were already hatched and when felt the cold they started trying to escape or something. Did you see actual beetles in the zip lock?
  12. Plume

    Yeah i dont think its connected much with the time cause ive bought a box from the locker sale which was from 2004 and didnt have any..
  13. Quick question guys. Usually how much time you need to age a box at the right conditions to start seeing plume? Thanks in advance.

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