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  1. use your buying power and boycott anything north of 50.
  2. I agree 38 to 42 rg's provide the most pleasant smoking experience, and flavour output. at 50 rg it becomes distracting, anything close to 56 can become downright uncomfortable. That said stuff like Upmann Mag 56 are very tasty cigars, just not a nice tactile experience.
  3. Nothing to be sorry for mate. As I said personally it doesn't bother me. But you may find others may be a bit snippy. I think you're Davidoff thread is very interesting Generally as a rule of thumb, I would say, if you think up a thread topic, first look it up on the search box. If you don't see it, there is a good chance it will be a brilliant topic. Conversely if you 50 threads that are very similar, then maybe it's been done to death. Nice to have you on board.
  4. Box code stamped with ink on the bottom of the box. Could I take this opportunity to maybe suggest asking these initial questions on the 'newbie page'. Please do not take any offence at this, it's just curb any possibility of 'doubling up' of information resource that gets generated. It's likely that much of the information you are after, is actually available/searchable on the forums search facility. The newbie page, is manned by/frequently checked by long time smokers, that will answer any question no matter how difficult of easy. Unfortunately in the past, some get a bit snippy, or frustrated if people of posting questions that have been posted multiple times in the past. Personally is doesn't bother me, but it maybe more helpful to you
  5. this website, is all you'll every need for questions mate. https://www.cubancigarwebsite.com/brand/quintero
  6. The coronas are currently not on most shelves. as it would seem they needed the tobacco to release enough numbers of the 50 and 54. I would highly recommend seeking out a box of the old banded coronas. ETP 16 boxes. They are devine
  7. Come on! you know we can only shake the money tree................. for the DUP. It will be another off one of Teresa's magic "gifts". "a Christmas Gift of a 50 cab of Gran Britanicas for every man woman and child"............by "gift" I of course mean you will pay for them via inflated taxes, and the factory will be owned greedy, clammy palmed Tory.
  8. Make Britanicas Gran Again!
  9. In all serious, for me It's always the "Fancy tales". The bastard child of a Solomones and a Lonsdale. what could look better in a ribboned 50 cab!
  10. Would of loved to of experienced whatever was originally in this box "Cabinet Delictados?" Any long skinny Sancho Panza would float my boat
  11. Diplomaticos Diplodocus, single coffin format
  12. Regular. For the sheer reason that the whole point of cigar smoking to me. It gathering the experience of what you like, and forming a king of long term relationship with it. Yes a 2008 box of Party 898's will be different than a 2017 box, but they stem from the same concept. Sporadic limited releases, can be good, interesting or awful, but critically they can somehow be adrift, or speculative with blending. Much like wine, I like the the thought of creating something that has a concept, and year by year you can see different hues and character of that original idea. For me it's like the difference between and old friend and a chance encounter...........as long as the chance encounter isn't Eva Mendes.........I'll stick with the old friend.

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