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  1. Review - Punch, Punch.

    yep i've just smoked through i box of the very same, great quality, great choice. If you ever want to run any box splits let me know. Best Stefan
  2. Review - Punch, Punch.

    Great job dude, I've had a mixed bag with these over the years, they're good, but a very difficult profile to describe, seeming to be both powerful, but also muted in standout flavours Definitely give the JL1 a go. For me the 'most' underrated CC in the HSA standard line up. Cant understand why so many are obsessed with the JL2, when for what you lose in a few notches of power, you gain in creaminess and opulence.
  3. crazy, why don't they just call it Grandes De Espana?
  4. I can only think they are doing this for minimum disruption. i.e "make them a little longer boys" Cant help but think its the only marca, that doesn't need a long skinny. But credit due, where credit due, every bit of diversity HSA give us, we should be thankful.
  5. Lovely score, "back of the net" as Sir Alan Partridge would say
  6. vegemite

    Is Bovril allowed to be in the discussion? It's sludgy, brown, and salty as all hell. Something very romantic about Bovril, you can imagine our grandads in the trenches warming their hands on the beefy stock. Sadly this is probably just nonsense, they were probably just chain smoking and and inspecting their rotting feet
  7. vegemite

    You're a trooper, Hats off
  8. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Haha, Not likely, although I imagine Jersey is one of those places where you'll find some old little pipe tobacconist, and they'll casually have a box of Davidoff Chateau Latour on the shelf on sale since the 1980s for the grand price of £120 with a big day-glow star stuck to it Hope the job goes well, and your days off are sunny and filled will a great deal more RGPerlas. I'm smoking through a box of 2017 RGPC and they are outstanding. PS if your into your tools, "Normans" on the seafront (in St Helier) can 'sometimes' have some interesting stuff that doesn't always get stocked back home in blighty.
  9. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Good on you, There is a great coastal walk that starts from Bouley Bay, I cant remember if it was cycle friendly. The cycle down to Le Grouet lighthouse should be pretty nice, although not challenging. Really loved my little stay in Jersey, we worked restoring the Lalique glass church (must be the only neon crucifix outside of Las Vegas), sadly our boss saw fit to put us in a grimey pub, and not a four star hotel
  10. Du Gourmet

    I've had the option quite a few times for box buys on Du Gourmet, yet sadly they've always been bashed to bits, by those people you see in walk in humidors forcing cigar bundles back into cabs. a bit like seeing someone push a Christmas tree into a chipper. I feel so sorry for merchants where they have to run the fine line between not letting potential clients handle cigars, and still letting them see the quality etc. I hate putting people out, i.e. opening up numerous boxes until the 'purple patch' is found, but I've learned most merchants have lost £1000s with heavy handed people beasting cigars, and basically now comply and let them do all the heavy lifting (as it were).
  11. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    If you get the chance Bouley Bay is a great spot for a swim, also 'Feast' in St Martin, is a good spot for some seafood. Although if you're with the lads in digs, I'm guessing you'll be on a nightly ration of 15 pints and little else.
  12. worst movie ever

    The Room is so bad it's so good. Cloverfield was the only film I've ever walked out on. Utter utter air head garbage. I was actually angry at how pointlessly crap it was, still am. The remake of Charlie and the Chocolate factory is a horror. Depp seems to be playing Wonka as a Michael Jacksonesk paedophile all sorts of wrong. I'm surprised Molton diorhrea chocolate didn't start errupting out of my laptop, like some sort or digital dirty bomb. Indeed I think an investigation should be conducted to see if the russians covertly funded this flick

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