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  1. Ha, never mind that you could cover al the Celtic nations with a Regional exclusively for us Gingers. Would love to see all the fippers rushing to the slap a load of dye on their noggins. It would need strict policing, there would be a 'Collars and cuffs" scan in every LCDH. I can hear the comebacks from all the 'haters' already. "I love me some 60rg cigars, covered in glitter, but I'll never go Ginger!"
  2. New Quintero Band

    I don't see the need for the rebrand, but I like the fact it's tasteful, and unlike the rest of HSA new bands/boxes, it doesn't look like it's been done by the Gatorade design Dept.....and thank god for that
  3. Come on Fuzz, we all now that porn is a basic human right, and not to be considered a luxury.
  4. Mix boxes you can buy off the shelf. I would call is "Las Sombras de La Habana" Shades of havana (I think!?) x5 Rafael Gonzales Lonsdales x5 LGC Lonsdales x5 PL Lonsdales x5 Diplomaticos Lonsdales x4 Quai D'Orsay Lonsdales
  5. Surely the Prawn Sandwich brigade can host Samoa again at 'Twickers' (said with blue blood lisp), Pocket the entire attendance fee, not even offer to pay the bill of the Samoan overnight in the Ibis etc. Surely this will scrape enough cash together to get rid of evil Eddie? The funniest thing is the diehard English fans all still love him. He fits perfectly into the "everybody hates us, just because their jealous, mindset". I think he'll be there for years, just because they are too proud to admit the error
  6. ???? it already did...or are you joking?. Right after his purple patch (which was actually just the hard work of Stuart Lancaster filtering through), they gave him a three year extension, despite all those who had been previously bitten by the poison dwarf saying "Don't do it! you'll be sorry".... English sport doesn't care about losing money, with unfullfilled contracts, football had proved that for decades. Big money going in, big money going out. A bit like a trophy wife
  7. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Cheers mate, good clear breakdown
  8. Good on you, I think this thread has illustrated that this kind of thing still goes on in the US. In the UK there are too many people scrapping over the same square inch of opportunity, and the knives are out. Teaching is a joy, everyone should want to do it, and anyone who doesn't, and misleads the next generation,........well I hope that haunts them in retirement.
  9. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Im considering a box buy from 13, could you give me an idea of how these are smoking/flavours?
  10. Completely agree with lots that you've said. Apart from this, It's widely acknowledged that BB generation will unlikely be repeated any time soon. The unique post WW2 climate, meant they profited from a range of factors, that wont be repeated. Ha well!! unless we have WW3 of course. I get your point though, i.e you make your own luck, and door open with hard work etc
  11. Great post. Although I'm a bit sceptical at to weather it is that simple these days. I much like you was working from 15 on and the structure of hard work very much paid dividend. I worked in Kitchens Chefing, and if you did all the gruesome stuff, and washed pots till 2 in the morning etc etc I paid off, people thought well of you, and trusted you etc etc. I see so much bullshit lying in the modern work place, so many broken promises, so many cons, of people wanting to use cheap labour and rip people off. Terms like "were re-purposing your position" or "we are going to put your role up for secondment". It's all disingenuous bullshit. Yes, there is a still a path to the top, for hard working committed people, but the era of BB's big business all seems to be about profiting off other peoples weakness. i.e housing markets etc I think every generation has things to be proud off, and things to be ashamed off. My core thought on feeling is however is that it's increasingly getting a bit tribal (between the generations) and it's sad to see, whatever the reason is.
  12. I think Cheika may have told him the Irish backs "were looking to go up his channel" and wanted to "do him on the inside". After that he wasn't interested. I would say Phipps is a bigger concern that Foley. At least Foley shows moments of class, Phipps looks beyond bang average, to the point where you even wonder if he's club class, let alone international quality. From where you guys were in that series with England, I think Aussie have come a long way, and could hit form when it counts in the RWC
  13. generations Y and onward, especially Millennial's onwards, are way too soft and expect in most, Not all, for handouts. I do think there is a great deal of poor parenting that goes on, in terms of BB's pacifying there millenial kids with money. But all to often BB's are angry at their kids, for the ramifications of their own actions. My parents were great, they were both very career minded, but never sought to fob off any of their kids with cash etc. I think a cruel truth for many parents of that BB generation, is that they were faced (for the first time) that "50 is the new 30", then "70 is the new 50" etc etc Essentially my grandparents seemed to thing kids was THE point to life, and the idea of 'self', or the necessity for an 'professional Indian summer' just wasn't important. You look at advertising these days, and it all seems to be directed at a sort of "50 ways not to let your kids effect your career" "Top 10 holiday destinations to palm off your kids". I know a great deal of parents, who love Dubai, as they can essentially just hand their kids over at the hotel reception. Jesus! if you don't want kids, don't have them! lord knows the world is crowded enough It's not a blame game, but I do think their is a correlation between poor standards of parenting, and poor manners, spoilt behaviour, and a decreasing value for hard work in younger generations coming though.
  14. I think this all boils down to how a professional body or individual can accurately assess someone who is either 'time served' or a 'hobbiest". To state this most accurately, within my profession, and accreditation scheme came in the 2004, during that time "professionals" for which some, had decades of experience, and some where pathetic hobbists "grandfathered" themselves!! into being accredited????. Once accredited they would decide whom else of their younger competitors could get accreditation????? needless to say it was a massive con and full of BS. In short, there are some professions where there are people who have been doing it for 40yrs, who know it all, and get no respect. But equally, their are idiots who cant be bothered to learn or get the adequate qualification, who insist they know best, and travel round the country ruining heritage, because they they essentially know absolutely nothing...........this is not a one size fits all solution

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