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  1. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Yep, stocking up what I can. Sadly I think Habanos has nothing to do with the colour split on this box (I can't believe in this day and age a dealer thinks it's ok to combine boxes to suit them, or consolidate singles boxes? crazy!). I'm wondering what fun and games is going to have gone on with the second box thats yet to appear. Maybe a can reshuffle them back into their original boxes Ha!
  2. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    What no humming bird perched on the end!!?? this is substandard, 20points deducted!
  3. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    You did indeed, but at the age and price point, I couldn't resist. Interestingly I was shown a box I didn't like, This was apparently not the done thing, The one box I turned down all at least looked from the same box!!!! ha. It appears I had angered the cigar gods, and was to be punished. I will say though the cigar (sandy rosado hue) I smoked the other day was easily in the top 10 cigars I've ever smoked so, Waddayagonnado!
  4. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    This is Boris, half tory inbred, half albino chimp
  5. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    The first of my boxes from 2000 finally arrived yesterday (thank god). Although it looks as if the supplier has done something pretty naughty in hodgpotching two boxes together, 15 of them being a nice sandy rosado, and 10 being claro (even bands very slightly different shades) I'm would complain, but sending them back to where they came from, would be the equivalent of dropping them into a black hole. Anyway smoked one of the rosado ones today and they were truely magical. cream, pencil shavings and quite uniquely a strong marzipan that almost bordered on blue marker pen, ketone chemical flavor. Which whilst sounding terrible, was delicious. I'll get a review in shortly
  6. An 898 voyage.

    Great thread. Without 898's I don't think I would be as enthusiastic about cigars as I am. There is something almost romantic about the notion of something that starts out with rough edges, and a bit brutal, then over time self corrects and becomes better for all it's flaws. I think the reason I like them, is that it's a bit like people
  7. I think these would all be spot on. It's re-assuring to see a bit of mould (in the main auction) in a way. I would happily wipe these down and pucker up. I think the reality of all vintage regardless of storage, is you lose a bit of the 1st third, and gain it in the final third. It looks to me as if he avoided weak blends, and if he bought light blends, he tried to buy them with dark oily wrappers.
  8. Ray we all know you possess the mutherload, I Imagine you WIFI for hunting cigars, is somewhat hindered by your walls being three box deep in discontinued stock. Some of us poor buggers have to try and turn back the clock.
  9. the reserves were around 200-325 for a lot of cigars. The Cano Diademas had a 200-325 reserve too???? I think they go for around £3000 on UK auctions. I'm afraid I don't know the sale prices. The whole catalogue is here http://www.millon.com/html/index.jsp?id=87758&lng=fr&npp=150 I think this sale was slightly off the "Big Dogs" radar, hence why I was excited, I have a feeling some real bargains were picked up
  10. thats only about 15% of it. It was a fabulous collection. I imagine it's currently being packed up and shipped to China
  11. The RG lonsdales literally look like they're made of 80%chocolate Marc de Champerard (the deceased). really knew how to pick a cigar
  12. Would love it, if Rob put these up of the 1st of July 24/24.
  13. To cut a long story short, I hooked up on this cigar sale held in Belgium today. I hate leaving absentee bids, so I always do telephone. I've been dragged into a difficult project down in London, and basically only made it back the hotel, to see all lots sold.....AHHHHHhhhhhh. This collection was from an old french food critic (i think) ... It was basically all the cigars I've ever wanted, images put up are just a small selection of what was sold... they all looked stellar. GUTTED!!!! Wheres that shotgun??

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