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  1. I regret not buying a cab of these, I hesitated a couple of days after release, and they basically kept going up £50 every day. IMHO a full four cab humidor of these, will be the best pound for pound investment in the modern cigar market.
  2. I'm going to be going to Melbourne for a Week and Tazzie for a further 3 in Nov. Any recommendations? Me and the Missus are foodies and especially seafood and any good Vineyards to visit? Any cool places to stay? we'll be looking to get out and about and will have a car. Any heads up on awesome places/experienced would be really appreciated. Cheers, Stefan
  3. PS, I think Boris has a bit of Aussy blood. Maybe this is the impact Kirundrani is lacking?
  4. She sends a real shiver of ice down my spine. Cameron was worse in a way, has he had the slimey aspect of trying to give you a hug, whilst pouring a jar of acid down your back. Theresa is just and old fashioned evil Tory. Its unfortunately that their level of interbreading hasent reached a point yet, where they are simple unable to reproduce. The feckless dummies, with port stained cheaks and big ears keep on coming out the factory line
  5. You can laugh but we actually have to live here!
  6. Thurston is 'special gravy' I don't watch much league, but really enjoy watching him. I think a key difference in league and union, (and you comments on foley) could be class related, but not how you'd think. In living close to rugby league communities here in the North West of England their approach to anything is to demand excellence from each other as standard, if you fail to hit this standard you'll get a raft of sh*t, but if your gods gift to rugby, it 'no big thing' and you just get on with it. I think Union works the psychology the other way round, to expect poor standards, and to shower a player with gold ticker tape if they kick 80%. It's like an Eton School boy, you pay 1million on their education, and if they can manage to do up their velcro shoes, you're over joyed. To me it sadly sounds like Union in Australia is very much endangered of peatering out, but it actually sound like people are voting with their bums and tv subscriptions, so why shouldnt it die a death, If increasingly few of you guys want to play or watch it, in preferrence for league, NFL, Aussie rules etc. Is it's death chicken or egg? It seems like even if Aussy won the next RWC, it wouldn't merit a whole new generation of kids wanting to don the green and gold, is this accurate? It just feels like your past as a country has a lot more to do with being gritty, and that is supplied and represented by other sports. Is Aussy jetisonning Union, as its turned into a "prawn sandwich brigade" as Roy Keane would say.
  7. By ego led team, I don't mean trying to conn anyone into anything. Essentially every single time the northern hemisphere has intimated they will give the AB's a nudge in the forwards, they've made a concerted effort to try and blow us away. In affect all I was saying was, I can't believe, yet again the Lions wern't switched on for the pick and go. I agree the Lions basically have to do absolutely everything right for the next 140mins in order to win, anything less will be failure for sure. Teo was class, but I'm also glad Davies showed his deception nicely. He gets slated mercilessly in the NH, because he 'looks slow' yet his ability to ghost through gaps is pretty impressive. As for Aussie v Italy, I saw a bit off it, I couldn't get over the Aussy commentary team were creaming their pants scoring tries over Italy!. This is truly a sign of the times. I do hope the green and gold ressurect their fortunes, as I do the Saffers, the world is just no fun without you. Ken, with regard to your sins of NZ appreciation, it's just that you suffer, and I should imagine your in a dark pit somewhere smoking a Monte C and surrounded by SLRDC's cracked in half.
  8. GUTTED!!!!!! Frustrating that the Lions had the most chances, but yet once again, just couldn't finish. The main sore point however is that I cant believe Gatland didn't see the NZ game plan of running the tight five up the 9 channel. Ultimately NZ are an ego led team, if you say your going to shunt their forward pack, they will react to that, and try and (in this case succeed) in ramming it down your throat. The lion's should of seen this coming If the Lions can front up, and win the contact, they stand a chance in the second test, if they don't then there's no point in turning up
  9. As, a slight curve ball I would suggest tinkering around too much maybe dangerous, simply for the fact often the cedar sheet will have a life of its own, and even in the process of taking the caps off you may impart some trace substance that could negatively effect the cigars if there not breathing after inspection. It's only me, but I would say either have them out, or leave them in, back and forth may just be tempting the mould gods to strike you down. In a strange way one of the things I love about tubos, is the sense of lucky dip. there is something enticing about a cigar that has been festering in its own juices, and not faffed around with too much. maybe sometimes the caring hand, is the one that does most damage?
  10. Yep, more than happy to think it was a dud.............but jeese what a dud!. I'm glad to hear yours are performing
  11. Well, Hear we go, picked this single up in Geneva, as well it looked and smelled good so so credit where credit is due. I also wanted to see what these baseball bats can offer. Smell at cold was dank old leather, smelled like it had a bit of poke, so I was excited. Restrictive draw to the point of feeling it may be a problem, but decided to see if this wodge of tobacco would open up. 1st third, Really disapointing..........I mean REALLY disapointing!. It had a taste of cheap dirty pine, a bit like hamster bedding. or a general pet shop smell. That smell that comes off dog chew treats. 2nd third, Very strange, I think it may be tunnelling as it smoked for a good 10mins and didn't budge. I though it was hitting it's first transition as there was a tiny puff of almond, but equally it was so faint, and was gone in an instant. What does happen is it's main flavour profile. Think raw un-roasted cumin seed and a dank vegetal taste. I haven't smoked any Vegueros, since the days of the long skinnies, but from what I hear, I would imagine this is it's more boring, bigger brother to their current line up Last 3rd, I've wanted to ditch since the mid point, Jesus, I feel like I've been wanting to ditch this since the beginning of time!. It's picking up in body, but its youth is showing in flavour/aroma that I would liken it's profile to be like opening up electronic items, a mixture of plastic and solder flux..............not nice. In conclusion (although they are super young) I would actually be angry if I had bought a box of these. Surely with such a sized cigar, it has to effectively be lush and indulgent. It has to fill the room with magic, if your putting it down for spells, but instead off being a fond companion, it's like the guy with personal hygiene issues that sits next to you on the train, you're desperately hoping he's going to get off at the next stop. Ditched with a few inches to spare. The only chance I think this cigar has, is if the heavy vegetal can convert to sweet floral in time, but think anyone would be mad to gamble.
  12. Looks like its warming up to be the clash of styles many were all hoping for. I realise some die hard fanatics of running rugby will say its an abomination, but I must say, seeing the Lions essentially crush the NZ Maori, effectively just switch their lights off, was pretty stunning. This is no way adds up to standing a chance against the AB's, as they will have a great deal more class and composure, but lets hope it creates a great sporting series. Something that struck me in watching the suffercating rugby the lions created was that it's all built around the set piece, and although many would say the Blacks don't need any set piece dominance, they will just live off kick ball, effectively Johnny Sexton or Owen Farrell can just touch find up the park, until they force either a kicking or line out error. I wonder if the AB's will start to look like Fiji, very impressive but ultimately lose? I still think the AB's will win 2-1, but you will be able to hear a pin drop in that stadium is the Lions are able to stifle the AB's in a similar fashion.
  13. Nerdy looking Pom walks into a bar in Aussy. Locals say "jeese look at the state of this!? Whats your game mate? The Englishman says "Well Erm....Im a ....taxidermist". " a taxi what?" say the barflies . "Well I..... Err. kill and mount animals" . The locals say "It's allright boys...... he's one of us!"
  14. Back in the 50's, a man walked into a Hollywood agent's office. He told the agent that he wanted to be a big star and that he wanted the agent to represent him. The agent asked the man's name, to which he proudly replied, "Penis Van Lesbian." Taken aback, the agent said, "If you want to be a big star, you will have to change your name." The man, somewhat offended, told the agent, "The Van Lesbian name goes back centuries and I am very proud of my name! I will never change my name! Ever!" "Then I won't be able to represent you." Said the agent. "Then good day to you, sir!" The man yelled as he stormed out of the office. Five years later, the agent received a letter along with a check for $50,000, written out to him. He wondered if it was sent to him by mistake until he read the letter. The letter said, Dear Sir, Five years ago, I came into your office wanting to become an actor in Hollywood and you told me I needed to change my name. Determined to make it with my God-given birth name, I refused. You told me I would never make it in Hollywood with a name like Penis Van Lesbian. After I left your office, I thought about what you said. I decided you were right. I had to change my name. I had too much pride to return to your office, so I signed with another agent. I would never have made it without changing my name, so the enclosed check is a token of my appreciation. Thank you for your advice.. Sincerely, Dick Van Dyke
  15. Whats the difference between a family celebration and a 69er?? .......with a 69er you only have to kiss one C**T. Sorry we only have raw and filthy jokes in Manc. Please dont ban me, it's just too good

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