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  1. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    No need to explain anything dude, the truth is, in life you just collect certain sensitivites to stuff and kneejerk comment without thinking (or at least I do). Everyone on here are pretty level headed sensible people, I'm sure you didn't take any undue risk with either yours or anyone else's safety. I shouldn't of said anything. My mate is fine (unbelievably,) crushed pelvis, and loads of other stuff, He took a crate of beer to the firemen that saved him, and they freaked out, they were sure he was dead. Doctors are miracle workers these days.
  2. Both Aussie and Argentina, have adopted a way of playing that seek to try to assimilate the AB's. Or at least a bad version of them. Although the AB's will cut loose from anywhere, what differentiates them from Fiji, is it's actually 'on' and the second it's no longer 'on' that actually have a pretty efficient, aggressive defence. Being a Wales supporter, i'm all too aware of having to be anchored to the limitations of what we can achieve. Sometimes we have a shit hot defence, and sometimes we have a shit hot attack, .........but never the two shall meet. I think Aussie and Argentina are attempting to do all the flyboy offloads and goose steps, without actually having any defensive foundation to their game. Keep Larkham Cheika out,,,,,,,,Vern Cotter in Forget about the 2019 world cup, blood a load of new players, just focus on defence. Although it may not look it, getting beaten 15-0 is actually better that getting beaten 53-20. You might just have to live with that for a year or two. but soon those 15-0 losses with turn into 3-7 wins, and then you actually have something real, a foundation etc. Australia once had a ton of grit.........thats what they need now, not trick plays that just get intercepted.
  3. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Sorry mate didn't meant to criticise, my mate was nearly paralysed by someone driving whilst texting in UK. I didn't stop to think that you're probably on huge American? Australian? roads with nobody around. Shouldn't of said anything, this is not the place
  4. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Was this photo taken on the road doing 80?
  5. I would have to say the perfect mix with R&J Cazadores would probably be the reverse of how I would approach a box of anything else Normal box: Smoke 4-5 ROTT and over the first couple of months, then on the basis of how they're going most likely put them to bed for a while R&J Cazzies; Smoke 15-20 ROTT and over the first couple of months, then on the basis of how they're going maybe put the last 5 down for a while. Ultimately, with what I find to be a linear, but very good blend, I think it's designed (like El Pres has pointed out before) to be an accompaniment for either a hunt, or an outdoor walk. It has the gusto not to get lost in the wind, but doesn't require too much attention. On that basis I think I would utilise the unique characteristics of this cigar, for being able to stand out, in outdoor conditions or against strong beverages. Then maybe with the 5 you retain and forget about, smoke them indoors 5yrs later, and see where they've gone.
  6. For me, regardless of anything else has Montecristo trim changed in the last 80yrs?? I'm pretty sure it hasn't. and the stuff above looks nothing like it. attached is (I think) the period their trying to rip off...........if people start telling me this box looks iffy, I know your taking the piss!
  7. If theres anyone that still thinks this is legit after seeing this image, i'm going to start looking out the window for alien landings
  8. There was a 3rd image where you can see the "HENCHO EN CUBA" on the bottom. It's pretty much written on with biro, you can sort of see it in the image above. I'm pretty surprised anyone on here has even a shred of doubt this is fake
  9. Sir David Tang

    Sobering news. I've got great admiration for those who manage to not let their wealth turn them in to disgusting people. He seems like such a lovely bloke, and the true gent.
  10. Heres an additional, that makes it pretty clear that this is all kinds of wrong
  11. The trim is all wrong the warranty seal looks both fake and in a very odd position. It looks pretty starkly fake to me, mostly because of the the trim
  12. Nice review mate, I was going to do one of Manchester, but you've pretty much already covered the main points
  13. Although when actually made by human beings, and done with care and ingredients that don't originate from the bin. Donner kebabs can be glorious
  14. Donner Meat. Imagine carving a slice of meat of a donkey's loins (oh so close to the nut sack) lightly marinading it in cumin and armpit sweat. Allow it to sit on a radiator for a few moments until the fat starts to weep out of it, like the tears of the culinary gods...............Boom you have Donner meat.
  15. Hello Keith, out of interest what were the stand out fake signs on the Henry Clays and RYJ's??. Ha, apart from the smokability!

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