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  1. Ramon Allones Extra. They looked amazing, they were made very well, the only draw back was they tasted like burnt hair and salty beef gravy. Probably one of the most unusual cigars you'll ever taste, but good is another question
  2. Hello All, I used to be a chef many years ago, and have remained and avid foodie to this day. Many years ago one of my mates met me for a coffee and raved about her rip to Roca Moo restaurant in Girona. She was a big fan of CC and one of my few friends a could smoke with and have a chin wag. The dish she was blown away with was "A trip to Havana". Apparrantly this desert ran for many years, and comprised of a shaved bitter chocolate wrapper and a centre of a leathery madagascan ice cream that had been placed in a hermetically sealed booth with vintage Partagas tobacco chuffing away. This was accompanied by a deconstructed Mojito as a palette cleanser. I was very jealous, and still hope to get there one day. What are your thought FOH?? Is this the best dessert cigar ever?
  3. HHHmmm I think it's a bit of a mistake to write in a manner that denotes you're the supreme authority on a subject, and that you're telling people 'how it is'. as opposed to what you're opinion is. One of the great things about forums, is that knowledge and experience isn't necessarily how long someone has been posting etc etc. For what its worth, (as you had challenged the concept), I've been collecting and selling for a while and generally can make from £1500 to £2000 every couple of months on something I classify as an enjoyable hobby. I own my own business, so the possibility that it would take a great deal of effort on my part, just simply wouldn't work. I agree with you that finding vintage and being propositioned on a beach, do of course require a different level of effort, I was more commenting on peoeple who go looking for cheap Cohibas online. and that if someone wanted to look for something equally special for not much money, that are actually real, it's not too difficult. I think were probably going to have to agree to disagree. PS are those sou-sou.jp tabi shoes? If so nice work
  4. This confirms my suspicions that swimming in Oz is truly madness. Sharks are my biggest fear. I was in Oz in 1999. Tried to get over my fear, swimming in Rottnest Island. got two metres deep, and felt something very rough and long, move along my shins. Needless to say, I turned into a one man jacuzzi and bolted for the shore like a foaming white, un tanned mess of British limbs and torso. This, whilst all the time toddlers 15 metres out to sea looked on in confusion. Humbling, confusing, scary, embarrassing.
  5. This is Hake News
  6. I don't really understand the level of negativity here. Neither of you had asked if I had good provenance (which I did) neither of you had asked if I had seen the condition of the cigars storage (which was a well kept humidor as part of a larger wine store). The reality of any vintage cigars (apart from stuff held in stores like Davidoff or Gerards in Geneva) is, is that they many off them have had multiple homes in there life, and much like any auction, the buyer has the reponsibility to enquire as to the condition of an item, and ascertain as to whether the level of provenance and condition meet both their approval and price. The reality is, is that although these boxes were in excellent condition and had good provenance and were stored very well, they would reach double if not more, if they were listed as being "from Davidoff's holdings in London". I never buy anything, or sell anything I woudn't be happy to own. and to suggest otherwise, without any knowledge of me, is pretty slanderous, not to mention naive My comment started off by saying why would anyone put so much energy into hunting down fake Esplendido's when the reality is, with the same amount of effort, and a bit of research you could find something real, and much more valuable, both monitarily and in terms of quality, you obviously don't agree. I've collected vintage for a good 10yrs, and have found many gems, but personally prefer smoking stuff with less age on them, hence investment I'll finish by again questioning the level of negativity from you both.
  7. Welcome. Don't worry about the Wife, you are now deep deep undercover and sworn to the allegiance of the leaf
  8. 5 packs of 2003 De Dieux from Dubai. First time with the De Dieux, really excited, Massively let down. Forgotten about for 8yrs then BOOM. Smoked them pissed as a throw-away, Funny but a big mistake. Massive wonderful dry white oak, butter, sweet honey cedar. I actually remember laughing out loud. Fabulous. As Piggy mentioned, it could of just been poor consistency, but it was a big wonderful upturn.
  9. Sorry, I wasn't really commenting on you, or anyone in this thread, more just to say. If you type "cuban cigars" into any second source platform, 100 boxes of Cohiba Esplendido's come up, I guess I just always find it surprising that there's a great deal of people out there, who think it's some magic co-incidence that 99% of cigars that get advertised in outside of online/high street retailers are Cohiba Esplendidos?. The funny thing is, is I bet there is someone somewhere selling an actual genuine box of Esplendido's and they cant shift them for love nor money.
  10. Wow, Very good indeed. The B&W somehow gets more colour out of this subject. Mesmerising
  11. Since starting smoking CC's again, I've made a concerted effort to smoke for free, hence the investing. Trust me it's a motivating factor to think outside of the box, when your smoking enjoyment depends on it. It's also great fun
  12. Content removed, due concerns it's contents would be negatively reposted on other forums
  13. I really don't understand the effort people go to to buy a box of fake esplendidos, when the same level of effort correctly focused you can find yourself a box of something great from the 1980's for around $150-$200
  14. If you went through Heathrow, and were allowed out of the Airport, I guess your nearest point of call, (for a quick fix) would be the Casa Del Habano in Teddinton with Ajay Patel. Never bought from him, but based on you tube, he has a stockpile of aged and interesting stock, It would just depend on price and whether or not he wants to let stuff go. Plus also, as it's not in central London, I'm guessing his rent is not similar to that of Pall Mall, and maybe his prices are better? Best of luck,
  15. As a side topic, forget about cigars for a second. Visit the old Victorian arcades in Leeds. Its a fabulous place. The north has some great tiled Victorian Architecture. With the bonus of not being surrounded by London W**kers!

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