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  1. One of the many reasons why I love FOH is because of the "no talking about sources" rule. As others have mentioned, there are plenty of other sites where you can discuss sources, and many of those sites end up being primarily driven by this topic. Here at FOH, since the boards aren't consumed by "legit or not?" threads, it leads to a different type (higher quality?) of member, looking to talk about more interesting things. I probably don't post as much as I could, but spend a lot of time on these forums because folks are having (mostly) really interesting discussions. I don't have to filter through 3 pages of "Is this FAKE???" to find an interesting conversation on the new cigar releases, and what others think about what it means. - Brody
  2. I've smoked a few boxes of Monte 2's (some better than others, all bought blind). Hoping for a PSP box so that I can laugh at how poor the previous boxes actually were.
  3. Horror movies. Life is too fun to waste two hours on being scared.
  4. I know you said you're anti-tour, but the Don Lucas "tour" isn't bad at all. - It's free. - You don't have to worry about transportation or safety. Some areas outside of the hotel grounds are a little rough. - The tour is inside an enclosed compound, and is pretty loose. If you wanted to skip everything and go right to the gift shop (where the cigars are), I don't think anyone would stop you, though the coffee, rum, and chocolate huts are worth a quick look (in my opinion). They all give free samples too. - The entire round-trip took less than three hours for us. Anyone in the DR will happily take USD if you have them. A few dollars go a long ways. I smoked everywhere and nobody said a thing. Just be mindful of kids and you should be all set.
  5. Some really good advice/feedback. I'll add a few comments: - I started my CC journey buying samplers. This gave me buckets of "sure, this could be for me," and "meh, glad I tried, but not my cup of tea." - From here I I buy a box of cigars I think I'll like, and after a quick rest I smoke one. If I like how it smokes, I continue through the box. If I don't like how it smokes (I'm still too new to the game to determine if the cigar "needs time," or if it may just be an crappy box), I'll smoke something else and come back to the box a few months later. It may not get better, but in the meantime I'll be smoking other cigars that hit the sweet spot. So you can call this aging, but I call it always smoking what I like, when I like. - To the OP: It seems like storage and funds may hamstring you a bit when it comes to aging. One thing you could do is grab some samplers to find what you like. If you find a "standout cigar," try to hunt down an aged box of those specifically.
  6. On a slightly related topic, has anyone offered cigars "to go" at a wedding? I think it'd be cool to offer wedding attendees an opportunity to take a stick to smoke later, but also wouldn't want them taking them, leaving them on a counter, and having them dry out. Mini Boveda packs with small Ziploc bags? If tubos, how long would those cigars last before losing humidity? Any other ideas?
  7. Will be lighting one up in honor of Terrance today. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Man, I guess I'm not surprised, but this is a bummer. To me it's in opposition to the spirit of this entire site. Prez - Thoughts on creating a "Bad Buyer" list? It'd create a little more work for you, but maybe we let common sense prevail. The important thing would be where to draw the line. But if someone is stockpiling inventory and reselling in the open, that's not cool... If someone is abusing the system, allow them to enjoy the forums, but ban them from the 24:24 sales. Just a thought. Personally, the 24:24 has enabled me to buy a few regular production cigars that I wouldn't typically go after, simply because I know the quality will be high. I imagine I'll get to a point where I'm buying to age, but right now I'm diving deep into smoking as many cigars as I can (because it's fun) to learn about their nuances.
  9. Playing detective on this stuff can be fun, and hopefully the facts lead to this being a legit box. Have you smoked any/many MC4's before? Unless you plan on trying to get a refund (best of luck), maybe smoke one and see what you think? And, if you've never smoked this cigar before, smoke one anyways. I'm good at making lemonade. A few years ago when I first started getting into the cigar world, I bought a box of "real" Cubans while on vacation in the DR. After I figured out they were fake, I just said "screw it" and smoked one anyways. I actually liked the cigar. Years later, I smoked another one of the fakes. It's definitely not up to par with the original (Cohiba Maduro 5), but still an enjoyable cigar. Also, as you'll quickly learn, there's a ton of variation within the same vitola (year over year, month over month, and even within boxes of from the same date/factory). There's a good chance that these are real. But even if they aren't, light one up. If you like it, it'll still be a good day of smoking. Happy smoking. -Brody
  10. The extra bands don't bother me, as long as it isn't the direct reasoning for price increases. I imagine prices will continue to increase regardless of band number... On the other side of the spectrum, are there any cigars that are currently shipped unbanded? I've always enjoyed Westvleteren's beer packaging (no label). It's as if it says "I've made it. Labels are for commoners."
  11. "Getting hit in the face by a flying pizza in Cuba" is now on my bucket list. Thanks for sharing.
  12. I don't know if you're simply building on my sarcasm. If so, well played.
  13. What is this "search" function you speak of? You mean I can't just ask the same questions that have already been asked 1,000 and expect an answer? Thanks for the book suggestions. My comment was more towards having all information in one place, so this is a great start (plus searching previous posts). I'd definitely be interested in webinars. The more people who know the facts, the better off we'll all be.
  14. Really cool, thanks for sharing. Someone reported this thread? Obviously out of pure jealousy. I want to be this guy when I grow up.
  15. Yeah, as mentioned, no need to worry. Pretty nice gesture. The Cohiba-branded ashtray is something I find myself using more than larger ashtrays.

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