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    Happy Brthday Lisa!!!
  2. Well, the humi is pretty nice... and finding BEHIKE is next to impossible for under $100 a stick... all the sticks are very high end... if I could have confidence in the vendor, I'm on it... and I'm retired!
  3. Here's description... COHÍBA Travel Retail Seleccion 2016 436 $ Cohiba really has been the biggest demand and hardest to source Cuban cigar brand for the past 12 months. We have had plenty of feedback and queries on this very topic, and it is why we are trying our hardest to bring our clients the very finest of cigars from the Cohiba brand. Never in huge quantities but you will find this wonderful limited edition, released just for the travel retail market, and only produced in quantity of only 10000 humidors 2x Piramides Extra 2x Siglo VI 2x Genios Maduro 5 2x Behike 56 These are very difficult cigars to find on their own, let alone in this wonderful black lacquered humidor, ideal for a gift or your personal collection. *DUE TO SMALL SUPPLY, 1 ITEM PER ORDER! Prestige for all,
  4. dang... sorry for the dupe, no clue how that happened...
  5. Hi folks... interested in knowing if anyone has done business with the vendor that is offering the subject deal... I know the rules are no mentioning other vendors, so in honoring that I'd ask for you to PM me if you are familiar with this offering just published today. Seems like a reasonable price $436 plus $16 shipping to US, considering the contents and the humidor. Any thoughts?
  6. First 24:24 purchase

    I haven't bought a single stick from anywhere other than here in FOH since receiving my first order... pretty sure I have funded much of Rob and Diana's social life... and well worth it... I haven't had a bad experience other than my first experience with a light dusting of white powdery "mold" which I was properly educated about after communicating with the great logistics team. Anyway, welcome to the addiction...
  7. Coming from somewhat of a rookie, I do enjoy the larger ring gauge. I agree with rob that a tapered end, being able to cut at a more comfortable point would be more desirable. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  8. mine are resting comfortably in the humi... love the lighter!
  9. Being a lifelong Pats fan, starting in 1969 with AFL Boston Patriots, after enduring three decades of frustration... wow... Prediction... they'll probably be there at the end... but much luck is required with health. Pats - Seahawks rematch
  10. Current VR Don Alejandro?

    My box is BMP, JUN 16
  11. Before finding FOH and Rob, I bought from 3 other vendors, all in Stockholm and didn't realize how dissatisfied I was with them until I started buying on 24:24, now 100% here...
  12. Can I catch a ride with you next trip?
  13. One of my Pet Peeves.

    that's too bad... Monte PE has become a favorite of mine...
  14. Current VR Don Alejandro?

    I have a box, received from Rob June 15, I smoked one a couple days ago and was very impressed, hope the entire box is as nice as that one ofr better after another 4-6 weeks... if so I will be looking to stock up on them also...
  15. Wow... I'm in! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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