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  1. Coming from somewhat of a rookie, I do enjoy the larger ring gauge. I agree with rob that a tapered end, being able to cut at a more comfortable point would be more desirable. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  2. mine are resting comfortably in the humi... love the lighter!
  3. Being a lifelong Pats fan, starting in 1969 with AFL Boston Patriots, after enduring three decades of frustration... wow... Prediction... they'll probably be there at the end... but much luck is required with health. Pats - Seahawks rematch
  4. Current VR Don Alejandro?

    My box is BMP, JUN 16
  5. Before finding FOH and Rob, I bought from 3 other vendors, all in Stockholm and didn't realize how dissatisfied I was with them until I started buying on 24:24, now 100% here...
  6. Can I catch a ride with you next trip?
  7. One of my Pet Peeves.

    that's too bad... Monte PE has become a favorite of mine...
  8. Current VR Don Alejandro?

    I have a box, received from Rob June 15, I smoked one a couple days ago and was very impressed, hope the entire box is as nice as that one ofr better after another 4-6 weeks... if so I will be looking to stock up on them also...
  9. Wow... I'm in! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Interested if there is still room!
  11. I always seem to find more space!! yes, that is a space bag... and it's holding steady around 67/68% once I cracked the seal a few inches....
  12. Sir, I would like to ask for 1 cab of punch punch and a box of eppy especial... normal delivery times?
  13. gonna be hard to let thos mag 56 rest for 30 days... just arrived yesterday...
  14. Why do you smoke cigars?

    You Sir, nailed it!!
  15. climate problems...

    Makes sense Stogie... I've had them cracked for a day or so now, without any boveda or other added sources. I am a bit surprised at the level of moisture all of these boxes have retained... I shall exercise patience... thanks for taking the time to share thoughts all...

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