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  1. I have made purchases in the store, but not sure I understand the connection to your suggestion of not "allowing" me or other newcomers to purchase as others can, just so someone who's been here however much longer than I can be able to stockpile and in some cases flip for profit. It's been mentioned several times, hard to find, limited availability product should be limited to a box or two. Even costco has a 1 per household limit on some items...
  2. One thing is clear here... Barry hates newbies... this newbie says, no soup for you!
  3. Barry, your first two sentences are spot on, I couldn't agree with you more! But I just spent well over $4k in the 24 24 sale over the last few weeks, all for my own stock to age and enjoy. That's over $4k worth of business to a new comer and not to someone flipping them for profits. What is the benefit of keeping me from making those purchases for 6 months? Just curious!
  4. I found FOH accidentally while trying to figure out if the $200 box of Behike 56 I bought was fakes... LOL what an idiot! I had no idea how rare they were and the true value, just knew it was a smoke I wanted to try. What I found here was a tremendous education in CC's. Watched many of Robs hilarious reviews on youtube, scoured through many of these discussions in the forums and started watching the 24 24 and building a wonderful inventory of CC's that I am anxious to start smoking. I have to say, each and every interaction with Diana and the logistics team has been nothing short of spectacularly friendly and efficient customer service, making me feel like I am dealing with friends. The format of 24 24 seems to me to be pretty fair. Mostly I have been successful but have also missed a few that I hoped to have and don't see any reason to suspect any unfair play. I've enjoyed this experience, except that it's cost me over $4k over the last 3 weeks!! And I so wanted a box of the BBF and Punch Punch yesterday... but at some point must exercise discipline!!! I'm going to hold off for some aged boxes so I can experience a variety between new and aged. Up till now I have been unto Drew estate Ligas, assorted Padron, PDR AFR 75 as my regular smokes... totally new to CC's and very glad to have happened upon this site. Rob, however you decide to format the sale in the future, I trust you will do it in a way that works well for all. For what it's worth coming from an extreme newbie, I kind of like the idea about limiting number of boxes of highly sought after product, at least in the first hour or two, as someone else mentioned. Thanks to all who take the time to share their experiences and humour!
  5. Ray, Thanks for your kind words, and do appreciate the gesture, which I will reciprocate with a couple of nice sticks for you in return.. Do you fancy Padron? I have many nice ones. Also PDR AFR75, which is my favorite smoke thus far. I assume you are referring to Rob with the CUNTINT site here? I did order some Partagas Serie E from them. Anxously awaiting their arrival. I will shoot your an email. P.S. All thoughts and appreciation should go out to all military folks who have served during the last 15 years in those unfriendly locales... I had a charmed 29 years in between Vietnam and all the recent stuff. Been retired 12 years. Best to all! Dennis
  6. Good thoughts... thanks for the reminder on freezing them, I did burn one, not bad for what they are...
  7. Yes, you may be right...
  8. Thanks for your comments Fugu... having never opened a box of any Cohiba, let along BEHIKE, I really wasn't sure what I was looking at. I have burned a couple of them after getting most of my money back, and they actually burn straight consistent and an easy draw, they aren't great, but they aren't horrible either. I'll consider this an educational experience! Does anyone have any idea where some true BEHIKE can be found????
  9. The new hologram was the giveaway for me. These being dated Jan 2017, and they have the old hologram, otherwise, I was hard pressed to tell... besides the low price and actual availability of such a sought after stick...
  10. Retired from USMC for 11 years now, had a great career not having to be where our youngsters have been for the last 15 years, God bless them. After several adventures I ended up in the car business. I sell Lexus in northern Virginia, NEone need a new car shout me out! Heading for the gulf coast of south Florida in the VERY near future... Still kind of a novice, but enjoy smoking these sticks so much it's becoming a lifestyle... PDR AFR75 my favorite of all... love many Padron's specially 1926 and Family Reserve. Wanting to start experiencing good Habanos and aside from overpaying the Swiss online business, not sure the best place to get them. And a bad experience with a fake BHK box caused me to happen upon this forum... looks like a great site for good info and camaraderie!
  11. LotusGuy, very true, and sorry, should have posted pics, see below. Fugu, you'll see the white sticker on the back of the cardboard box, showing the date of production. If this sticker wasn't there, and I hadn't found the new labels with the new tiny square hologram... well, I would've been suckered till I smoked one and wondered why I like my AFR 75 so much better!
  12. Too good to be true is usually the case. I found someone on EBAY selling a box of BHK56 for $200 and thought I'd take a look at them. Quite impressive. I ran the serial number on the verifier and it came back saying it was a legit original from habanos s a. So I went ahead with the purchase. $200 for an unopened BHK 56! Wow was I anxious to get this package. It came yesterday and I carefully examined each step of the way. Correct packaging, correct placement/size and accuracy of the stickers including January 17 LBT sticker. I figured I lucked out with a very recent run before they sold out. Not so fast! I opened the outer cardboard package carefully. Inside a nice felt pouch/protector I found a beautiful high gloss black humidor box. Somewhat surprised not wrapped in the nice cellophane often protecting such high gloss. Very impressive humidor though, and all markings seem to be precise. I opened the humidor to find the two cards with information, the cedar sheet and the rice paper protector sheet all as expected. Now I am looking at 10 beautiful cigars with the wonderful BEHIKE under the indian headand they all looked very very impressive. Only thing at this point that concerned me is that the cigars were packed so very tight and without the typical ribbon to lift one with, it was a chore to loosen one without damaging it. Not sure if this is normal of Cohiba, this being my first box ever. Once I got one cigar out I began inspecting it closely with a lighted magnifying glass. Everything looked in order. the letters raised, the hologram and fingerprint effect in the indian head, the hologram under cohiba looked very good with alternating of tuny indian head and cohiba spelled out. I took it outside in the sun and the hologram effect was clear and quite flashy. So at this point I am excited and anxious about actually having this wonderful cigar and at only $20 a stick, WOW! NOT so fast! After communicating with my "source" and showing interest in more habanos, check out the list and prices he sent to me. So tempting to spend $2k isn't it? After thinking I have a legit box of such a sought after habano, I am ready to stock up! Here is his response to the list I asked for prices on: 1 Bx Montecristo #2 150 2 Bx Behike 52 175 2 BX Behike 54 185 1 BX Behike 56 200 2 Bx Siglo VI. 175 1 BX Robusto. 160 1 BX Supremos. 200 1 BX Serie D #4. 150 1 BX Serie P #2. 175 I was ready to test the waters with a couple of boxes, but the prices, when compared with a list I found on another site which had the official habano sa price list for the stores in cuba, I decided it was just too fishy, I mean, check out those deals! too good to be true! I kept looking at you tube videos, even cut open half of one of the BHK's. I am by no means an expert, but I have participated in cutting open some obvious fakes from the DR and finding yard clippings in the filler, this was a pretty impressively rollded cigar, nicely constructed filler, binder and outer wrap. I then decided to torch one and just see how it smoked. What I found was a reasonably decent smoke which did not overwhelm me, it burned fairly consistent with a good draw, but it did nothing to make me want to take it down to burning my fingertips like is typical of my favorite smokem the PDR AFR 75 which I smoke several per week. So, now I am left confused. I know this is a long story, so to find an ending, I will leave you with this and hope for some thoughts/comments. My final decision that these are some really super "faux" replicas comes from the new band that they started using in 2014. The only clue I had once I leaned about the new band which has the new hologram under the word cohiba which has all the tiny little squares alternating the indian heads with the cohiba across the hologram. So I emailed my source with my findings, and of course, I haven't heard back from him. Hope this experience helps to save someone else from spending their money on fakes. I got a nice box and probably cigars that are worth about $8 a stick. And disappointment from still not experiencing BEHIKE!! Best, Dennis

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