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  1. My box is BMP, JUN 16
  2. Before finding FOH and Rob, I bought from 3 other vendors, all in Stockholm and didn't realize how dissatisfied I was with them until I started buying on 24:24, now 100% here...
  3. Can I catch a ride with you next trip?
  4. that's too bad... Monte PE has become a favorite of mine...
  5. I have a box, received from Rob June 15, I smoked one a couple days ago and was very impressed, hope the entire box is as nice as that one ofr better after another 4-6 weeks... if so I will be looking to stock up on them also...
  6. Wow... I'm in! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Interested if there is still room!
  8. I always seem to find more space!! yes, that is a space bag... and it's holding steady around 67/68% once I cracked the seal a few inches....
  9. Sir, I would like to ask for 1 cab of punch punch and a box of eppy especial... normal delivery times?
  10. gonna be hard to let thos mag 56 rest for 30 days... just arrived yesterday...
  11. You Sir, nailed it!!
  12. Makes sense Stogie... I've had them cracked for a day or so now, without any boveda or other added sources. I am a bit surprised at the level of moisture all of these boxes have retained... I shall exercise patience... thanks for taking the time to share thoughts all...
  13. LOL... my latest purchase... over the last 6 weeks... love me some 24:24!
  14. hmmm, interesting response. I have no clue, most of them very recently completed the long journey from down under, so I wouldn't expect the moisture level to be high, rather, I would expect to be needing to increase the moisture...
  15. Looking for some advice on my struggle with high RH levels. I have 4 humidors and a tupperware style container. Humidor #1, the wineador converted is filled with all CC's save for a couple dozen Padron in the drawer. All of the boxes of CC's shown in the pic were purchased over the last 2 months (thanks Rob!). Before my shopping spree this humidor was about 40% filled, with NC and kept the rh level around 70% using boveda packs. Room temperature is typically high 60's f around 20 c. I also have a temp storage solution while waiting for a foot locker, the pic of the storage bag. The other pics are the NC in 2 humis and the plastic container. All 3 of the NC storage are steady in the 68% RH range so no problems there. My problem is that in #1, the wineador, and the storage bag are staying in the low to mid 70's % RH. I fear this is too high and could make for some soggy smokes... I removed all the boveda packs and left them sealed without any source for humidity for several days and to my surprise, the RH is still over 70%, between 72-75%. The room itself is registering less than 60% usually mid 50'S RH and 20 c temp. Is it his normal? I have calibrated the hygrometers to be sure readings are accurate... Thoughts anyone? I'm going to smoke up one of those fake Behike's and ponder some more while watching the ball game, Sox playing in Detroit... IMG_1055.MOV

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