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  1. I can only speak about my own personal experience and preferences. I have always stored Cigars 70/70 , from my NC days. Did I enjoy the cubans at 70/70... I thought I did. Some were bitter but I just thought it was something I had to deal with smoking cigars. Just 2 months ago I switched my coolerdor to 65%RH and smoke a Monte #2. Much more flavor. Burned was better, so for me 65 > 70. Going to lower to 62% next and test out some cigars.
  2. Scotch Connoisseurs - Anything here with buying?

    The Caol Ila 12 is my current islay right now as well. Delicious stuff . Actually, haven' had an Islay I didn' like
  3. Excellent review. I prefer Habanos as well but still stock Fuentes, Padrons, Tats and Ligas. Variety is a good thing.
  4. Tatuaje Petite Cazadores Reserva... winter smokes. Tasty and only 30 minutes time commitment required
  5. Sports Car Owners - Is that you?

    Alpine White E92 M3 with Volk G25 wheels. Guilty of smoking a few CCs in her during the summers
  6. Just got mine on the mail today as well. 2 days early. They got thru customs quicker than normal. HAPPY October Christmas everyone
  7. According to some news outlets, NK just threatened to sink the US Carrier Carl Vinson. Whether they make that attempt or not, just the threat itself could be viewed as a provocation. I just can't believe that NK thinks attacking a US Carrier would not basically start an all out war. Again, can't believe everything you hear. What we read and hear in the media many times is meant to stir our emotions and mislead us. BUT Damn, to threaten sinking an aircraft carrier is pretty ballsy.
  8. Fuente = Anejo + Maduro Hemmingways + Opus X Padron is a very close 2nd.
  9. Why do you smoke cigars?

    My postman is always at least a day late. The US Postal service is not very reliable in my area. At least they all show up eventually
  10. Took a screen shot of your recommendations and will look for these tomorrow at the liquor store. I'll probably pick up 3 or 4 bottles to sample and pair with different cigars.
  11. I've heard Zacapa 23 mentioned before. I'll give it a try tomorrow I think I would enjoy something a little sweet with my cigars
  12. I'm from the US. I've always paired my cigars with scotch but want to try some rum. Wish I could get some Cuban rum but that seems a lot harder to get than Cuban cigars. Going to visit the liquor store tomorrow. Any suggestions to purchase that can be found in the US?
  13. Odd pairings? Cigars & Skittles

    sounds like something a hipster would do
  14. Why do you smoke cigars?

    LOL love all the answers I guess I also smoke because excessive Scotch and Whiskey is too hard on my liver
  15. Simple question right? When friends ask me why I smoke cigars I just automatically reply " it helps me relax" or "I like the flavors" but is that it? I was looking at the recent 24:24 and my subconscious asked itself "Why do I smoke cigars?" lol Life and work can be demanding and stressful. The career is not a 9-5. Its 7 days a week. 8am - 8 pm or later every day. I don't get to turn off my cell phone after a certain time of the day but once in a while I find myself a little ahead of all the emails and documents. That's when I find a quiet place and smoke a cigar. It's time reserved for myself where I don't think about deadlines. It's an hour or so where I just think of nothing seemingly important at the time. Mind will drift towards good times with friends, a past camping trip, future hikes, a friends birthday party coming up. I get to plan where to take my girlfriend for dinner this weekend. Maybe even reflect and be grateful for just being alive and able to enjoy this moment. Unless the sonofab*tch is plugged .. Also have a really good friends that enjoys cigars. This gives us something additional to talk about, share or do while we are hanging out. I guess when I say cigars help me "relax" I mean it's one of my vices that keep me sane. It's more than just the smoke, its time well spent. Curious to hear why others smoke.

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