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  1. Just got mine on the mail today as well. 2 days early. They got thru customs quicker than normal. HAPPY October Christmas everyone
  2. According to some news outlets, NK just threatened to sink the US Carrier Carl Vinson. Whether they make that attempt or not, just the threat itself could be viewed as a provocation. I just can't believe that NK thinks attacking a US Carrier would not basically start an all out war. Again, can't believe everything you hear. What we read and hear in the media many times is meant to stir our emotions and mislead us. BUT Damn, to threaten sinking an aircraft carrier is pretty ballsy.
  3. Fuente = Anejo + Maduro Hemmingways + Opus X Padron is a very close 2nd.
  4. Why do you smoke cigars?

    My postman is always at least a day late. The US Postal service is not very reliable in my area. At least they all show up eventually
  5. Took a screen shot of your recommendations and will look for these tomorrow at the liquor store. I'll probably pick up 3 or 4 bottles to sample and pair with different cigars.
  6. I've heard Zacapa 23 mentioned before. I'll give it a try tomorrow I think I would enjoy something a little sweet with my cigars
  7. I'm from the US. I've always paired my cigars with scotch but want to try some rum. Wish I could get some Cuban rum but that seems a lot harder to get than Cuban cigars. Going to visit the liquor store tomorrow. Any suggestions to purchase that can be found in the US?
  8. Odd pairings? Cigars & Skittles

    sounds like something a hipster would do
  9. Why do you smoke cigars?

    LOL love all the answers I guess I also smoke because excessive Scotch and Whiskey is too hard on my liver
  10. Simple question right? When friends ask me why I smoke cigars I just automatically reply " it helps me relax" or "I like the flavors" but is that it? I was looking at the recent 24:24 and my subconscious asked itself "Why do I smoke cigars?" lol Life and work can be demanding and stressful. The career is not a 9-5. Its 7 days a week. 8am - 8 pm or later every day. I don't get to turn off my cell phone after a certain time of the day but once in a while I find myself a little ahead of all the emails and documents. That's when I find a quiet place and smoke a cigar. It's time reserved for myself where I don't think about deadlines. It's an hour or so where I just think of nothing seemingly important at the time. Mind will drift towards good times with friends, a past camping trip, future hikes, a friends birthday party coming up. I get to plan where to take my girlfriend for dinner this weekend. Maybe even reflect and be grateful for just being alive and able to enjoy this moment. Unless the sonofab*tch is plugged .. Also have a really good friends that enjoys cigars. This gives us something additional to talk about, share or do while we are hanging out. I guess when I say cigars help me "relax" I mean it's one of my vices that keep me sane. It's more than just the smoke, its time well spent. Curious to hear why others smoke.
  11. The Final Thirds

    I smoked an aged 898 and a fresh 898 and to my taste buds, the aged one was definitely more enjoyable. The fresh one had some harshness and bitterness that got in the way of the other flavors that I enjoyed in the aged one. Wish I started collecting Cubans years ago instead of NCs. Makes me wonder how my aged NCs will smoke now though. Havent tried one in over a year.
  12. The Final Thirds

    Maybe I do smoke faster than I think I do. Also the aged 898 did seem to be not as bitter as the fresh Monte towards the end. I will be more conscious and check how fast I'm smoking. Sucks throwing away 1/3 of a cigar lol
  13. Hey everyone. I am fairly new to the forum and love how everyone is friendly and social here. It's like a virtual Cheers bar for cigar enthusiasts. I only smoke maybe 1 or 2 cigars a week. I've only recently started smoking Cubans and my favorite has been the montecristos no 2 and petite emundo. Another really good one was an 8 year old partagas 898 from a box i got from the locker sale a month back. I use to smoke NCs before I realized I loved collecting cigars and only smoke 1 or 2 boxed a year. Might as well try Cubans since I will eventually end up with a nice aged stock. I have to say I lIke Cuban profile a lot more than the spice bombs NCs. Fuente Anejos, and tatuajes are great but so many NCs were so spicy and strong that if I tried to retro hale them, all I would taste is salt from the tears steaming down my eyes. Anyways, I'm going on a tangent. My buddy can smoke 4 to 5 NCs a day and nub them. I might smoke half a Cuban because the last 3rd seems to go very harsh? The flavors are not as distinct anymore to me. I am guess it's all the buildup from the first 2 thirds and maybe the humidity increasing as I pull in air from smoking. I dry box the cigars for a few days in a box with a 58% boveda to make sure they are dry before lighting up. Maybe I will enjoy the last parts of the cigars more this summer when the humidity drops outside? I also purge 2 to 3 times a session and definitely don't smoke fast. Any other tips to enjoy the final third or just wait til my tolerance and taste profile adapts?
  14. Yes. Logistically, it would not really be possible. I would imagine they would spread the 24:24 out throughout the day requiring extending staff hours. Wasn't really serious, just have been really happy with the products I have received compared to other vendors I've used. 24:24 is one of the things I like to check in my day if time permits. If one is good, two is better?
  15. Not really a serious request....but wouldn't mind it one bit I know I am not the only that has slow days at work and browse the forums for interesting articles while waiting for the 24:24 to come up. Imagine if there were two 24:24s!!!! Twice the excitement to see what's available today. Twice the chances to buy that elusive box. Twice the hit to the wallet...minor inconvenience

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