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  1. Dimensions: 46 x 5 5/8" Box Code: SOM AGO 15 Date Purchased: March 6, 2017 Date Smoked: May 22, 2017 The P^3 has long been my go-to cigar. It's performance and profile have been like clockwork the past few years. I've enjoyed them young, and just picked up a 50 cab to age. Appearance and Aroma: Cigars are perfectly uniform with a neatly rounded head and a flawless, toothy rosado colorado wrapper that has visible oil crystals. Beautiful. The aroma is sweet barnyard - of the "Cadbury creme egg in a bed of wet hay" variety. First Third: Upon lighting, the draw is firm (just as I prefer) but produces a full smoke, and the combustion is even and cool. The ash is gray/white and flaky, with a razor sharp burn line. The flavor is deeply and satisfyingly leathery with a prominent walnut note. The aroma is earthy, with a pleasant sea salt aspect. Second Third: In the second third, a deep, fresh, vegetal sweetness emerges with a floral overtone. There is also some black pepper and mint in the aroma. Final Third: The floral note becomes more prominent in the final third, as the existing flavors deepen. The smoke remains cool past the band and performance is perfect. This cigar offers waves of evolving, complex flavors. The benchmark corona gorda in my opinion, but sometimes a really good HUP Mag46 makes me waver for a minute ... Score: 95
  2. LUB MAY 14 HUP2. I continue to get a wonky burn from these.
  3. I recall meeting the Maitre D' at the San Cristobal paladar, who was very gracious and very gregarious, and shaking my head as he explained that he used to be an orthopedic surgeon, but quit so he could make more money. I marvel at how much talent, skill, and benefit to society is squandered while these folks serve food and drinks and drive cabs, just to have a better life for themselves and their families.
  4. I have to admit that I haven't really found a go-to robusto this year. I have a box of RASS that are too young, PSD4 are nice but need 5+ years before they suit my palate, my box of HdMEpi#2 were a total dud and nearly unsmokable, RyJEx#4 were all rough and mongrel, VR Famoso was OK but sort of bland, COROs are great but way to expensive to smoke regularly, SLR Regios and JL#2 just never have been in my wheelhouse. I've all but given up on what used to be one my favorite CC vitolas. I have box of OpusX robustos that I've been enjoying.
  5. Spent a lazy Sunday afternoon lounging on the bank of the Mississippi River with an Esplendido and the Saturday crossword. Just watching the barges trudge upriver and listening to the waves lap against the shore. The river is higher than I've seen it in a couple of years because of the flooding rains in the Midwest. I imagine they'll open the spillway later this month. And this Eslpi had the oddest rollers dimple I've ever seen. More of a divot than a dimple. But still reliably my favorite of the marca.
  6. With apologies to @JamesKPolkEsq, in the endless battle for Best Po-boy in New Orleans, I stump for Adams Street Grocery in the Riverbend. It's a perfect little neighborhood hole-in-the-wall. Near as I can tell, if God made anything better than this, He must have kept it for Himself.
  7. I really enjoyed my recent BPC, too. It's definitely going on the Boxes To Buy list.
  8. Hoyo DC and the Joe Krown Trio at Dos Jefes on Tchopitoulas. Nice hang, but the Hoyo had persistent burn issues, so I gave it up early. Not a good track record from this box so far.
  9. Started the day with a breakfast Behike and iced mocha at my favorite neighborhood dive coffee shop, Z'ots on Oak Street. It's just the right combination of dingy and weird that you only find in NOLA. Fantastic coffee too.
  10. This probably borders on heresy around here, but I'm resolved not to buy any more storage. I only buy cigars that I have a place for in my desktop or cabinet. The idea being that it will force me to curate my stock very carefully, so I'll only have great cigars that I'm truly invested in. I can buy more when I finish or consolidate an existing box. Of course, in practice, it also means that the occasional dud box stings that much more. But even then, it motivates me to get rid of the duds quickly.
  11. Always nice to hear a dissenting opinion. Much appreciated @Philc2001! Is coconut and soda water a pairing that you've used frequently? I'm always on the lookout for beverages that will improve a smoke, but won't interfere with the flavors.
  12. Celebrating an anniversary by starting the day with the breakfast of champions: CCs iced coffee and a Padron at Mayan Import on Magazine St. Always my first cigar stop in NOLA. I love sitting on the patio, watching the city meander by. In other news, the city is removing the last and largest of four Confederate monuments this morning - a statue of Robert E. Lee that sits atop a 45-foot obelisk in Lee Circle. It'll be strange to drive down St. Charles and not see that statue facing out over the CBD.
  13. Great review. Sounds like a great cigar! I'll have to buy a box. Oh, wait ... Thanks again, HSA.
  14. If this were ever to happen, I swear I would camp out on the doorstep until you gave me a job there
  15. To be honest, I've been a little disappointed so far. I only picked the box up a couple of months ago, so it's just coming up on 60 days of acclimation in my humi. But the couple I've had so far are just bland and flat. I'm glad to hear yours have turned the corner; that gives me hope that mine aren't going through some prolonged "sick period."

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