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  1. Rafael Gonzalez PC single from our host. A surprisingly complex little smoke!
  2. Recent RASCC from our host.
  3. First Party Short I've had in nearly 20 years. It won't be another 20 before the next
  4. This forum never fails to make me feel like a dilettante For me, "going deep" means I'm investing in a box. As in, one box of 25 cigars. I have a single 50 cab of Punch Punch. I just don't have the storage or the budget to maintain any variety and stock quantity, too. My wife would murder me in my sleep if I came home with a coolerdor or a wineador!
  5. Fun with spreadsheets! Here are the results of the lists everyone has posted to this thread so far ...
  6. My two cents, in no particular order: Punch DC Punch Punch HU Sir Winnie HUPC Party Lusi Cohiba Espli Hoyo DC I have an obvious bias toward churchills and DCs, since that's what I smoke most.
  7. QdO corona, followed by an HUHC.
  8. What I got from your story is that you celebrated a special day with your wife, who loves you enough to be sad when you're disappointed in a cigar, had a nice dinner, and a walk in the park. Sounds like a pretty great day to me If the worst thing any of us experiences in a given day is that our cigar is plugged, I would call that cause for great gratitude. I'm sure the rest of the box will be great! An occasional dud just heightens the enjoyment of the good ones.
  9. Package just arrived from our host. Trying some new sticks (mostly PCs), and revisiting some others. A couple of these won't survive the day
  10. Enjoying a sunny Easter afternoon with a PLA NOV 14 RyJ Churchill. These are performing beautifully now.
  11. The outdoor furniture has returned from storage and the smoking lounge is open for the season at Casa de Nekhyludov. Happy Smoking Season, gentlemen!
  12. MUL JUL 15 Edmundo. I'm experimenting with different tea pairings. May have found a winner!
  13. Ditto. Life is good today
  14. My wife and I did a similar trip for our honeymoon in 2015, and this was our itinerary. We broke it up so we were in Havana at the beginning and the end of the trip, but we also stayed within driving distance of Havana. We would have loved to go to Cayo Largo, but the logistics were messy and we didn't want to spend our whole time trekking from place to place. We wanted a balance of time in the city and time at the beaches, so this is what we settled on. Cayo Junita was a beautiful beach. Playa d'Este is a beach for locals near the city, so it's more crowded and there are some hustlers there. But it's still a nice beach. The only thing I would change about our itinerary is that I don't think we needed more than two days in Vinales. After you see the farms, there isn't a whole lot to do in the town. Day 1: Miami - Havana Day 2: Havana Day 3: Havana Transfer to Playa de Este for the afternoon Day 4: Havana - Vinales Day 5: Vinales Day trip to Cayo Jutias beach Day 6: Vinales Day 7: Vinales – Las Terrazas Day 8: Havana Day 9: Havana Morning on the beach at Playa d’Este Day 10: Havana - Miami
  15. Short and fat, no doubt

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