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  1. PerfecDraw

    For some reason, I find it hilarious that you give shitty cigars to homeless people. I can't decide if that's ... nice? Cruel? I'm confused, but highly entertained.
  2. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    2012 Lusi, courtesy of a great FoHer!
  3. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    TOR ABR 16 Connie A. Best one I've had so far - walnut and floral notes, and an oily finish. Very elegant profile.
  4. I have such a crappy track record of picking boxes by appearance and feel, I rely on aroma as a differentiator now. Or I just let Rob pick
  5. My wife and I are headed to London in the fall and we've planned a day at the Ritz - afternoon tea, then the spa for her and a walk down to JJ Fox for me. Unfortunately, the Garden Pavilion is for Ritz Club members or hotel guests only, so riff-raff like me aren't welcome
  6. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    SOM OCT 15 P^3 Cab.
  7. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    LUB MAY 14 HUP2 (HQ). Coming along nicely. Finally
  8. There's always New Orleans, Pres
  9. Sounds like a fun opportunity to embarrass myself!
  10. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    MOB SEP 14 Hoyo DC. This box may have turned the corner. Hallelujah holy sh*t!
  11. With assistance from @ChanceSchmerr - and my sincere thanks to him for that! - puts and takes are ready. Puts: SEA OCT 16 Montecristo A Coffin PUR SEP 16 Bolivar Corona Gigantes Custom Monsdale Jorge MAY 17 Takes: TOR ABR 16 Upmann Connie A MUR OCT 12 QdO Imperiales Super Robusto Reynaldo ABR 17 Box should be packed and ready to go to @Tave1225 tomorrow.
  12. Great getting to meet @Erm310mce this afternoon! It's a real treat to have the chance to participate and to enjoy some camaraderie with a great FoHer. Working on takes and puts now - hopefully posted up soon.
  13. Public speaking advice

    I tend to get nervous in public speaking sometimes, too. What works for me is genuinely not giving a f*ck. Which is hard, but achievable. I spend as much time as it takes beforehand fully and vividly projecting the worst case scenario, then looking at it and realizing - so what? It can't be that bad. I'm not gonna lose my job or my family. No one is gonna die. Whatever the worst possibility is, is OK. So then I can just go talk and not give a damn.
  14. I watered my cigar last night

    I was really interested in this technique - I had never heard of it before seeing this thread, so I decided to give it a try. I chose to try it on an NC that I had a recent baseline for, a Davidoff Puro d'Oro that I smoked earlier this week. Same cigar, same conditions. First one right out of my desktop, the second one wetted according to the suggestions above. Dimensions: 51/2 inches x 56 RG Dominican filler, binder, and wrapper The first (dry) one performed pretty typically, burned well but went a little sideways in the final third. Flavors were as expected. Tonight I picked another one and ran it under a light tap for three seconds. The water beaded up on the oily wrapper, so I spread the water evenly, then wrapped it in a paper towel and let it rest for about 10 minutes. To light it, I ignited the foot prior to clipping the head, as usual. The first apparent difference was that the wrapper seemed a little reluctant to light and the burn became uneven. The char line took a little time to straighten out, but by the midpoint it mostly evened out. The flavor seemed a little sharper than the previous (dry) one - there was a more precise citrus spice to this one, but also a sharp harshness that isn't usually there. By the final third, the burn was off again despite two purges. And the harshness and heat picked up and I had to put it down. I have to say that wetting it certainly didn't ruin it in any structural way, but it also doesn't seem to have improved it. With an n of 1, I'm not drawing any conclusions here. It's possible that this may help the wrapper remain intact in cold weather, as some have suggested here. But in 72 degree weather, it seems to have resulted in worse performance and - at the very least - no improvement in the flavor. Just a small experiment and my two cents for anyone who may be curious ...
  15. I have long been deeply ambivalent about Mr. Hitchen's writings and statements, as I imagine anyone who has paid attention to him would be. But I will say, if it were possible to choose any single person to report back from the other side, I would want it to be him. His intelligence and wit would serve the task well.

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