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  1. PLA NOV 14 RyJ Churchill. Very mild, but a really pronounced cherry/cream profile.
  2. VR Unicos. Really delicious - sweet, nutty profile. Reminds me of some 2014 DIP2s I had recently. And I still can't talk myself into trying the "dickman cut."
  3. A Toddy Cold Brew system should keep me in iced coffee for the summer. I love these - we used to use them in the coffee shop I worked at in college. They make great cold concentrate and they're really inexpensive.
  4. From the FDA Commissioner, testifying before the Senate on regulation of premium cigars: "Whatever we do in this regard is going to need to be science-based of course. But, we’re cognizant of the challenges faced by small business. I also understand there are a number of legislative measures to exempt premium cigars. If Congress were to act, we’d be happy to work with legislators to mitigate any unintended consequences of these measures." Maybe we in the US won't end up with warning labels that cover the entire box, prohibitions on free samples, and cigars locked up behind the counter after all. Just maybe.
  5. Dickman - nice! I love learning new things here.
  6. Many thanks for organizing this! That's a hell of a lot of effort on your part, and much appreciated. Email is on it's way.
  7. I noticed something on the Por Larranaga Belicosos Extra RE @El Presidente was smoking in the video review that Greg put up yesterday. It looks like a straight cut, but at an angle. This is something that I think I've noticed in a few different places, and I'm wondering if it's common. Any FoHers use this method? If so, what's the rationale/benefit? I'm just curious whether I'm imagining this!
  8. How nice to see some small remaining bastion of civility in an airport. It's only a shame that it has to be attached to a TGIFridays!
  9. Nice RASS on a sunny afternoon.
  10. The only time I ever had to bomb/twnt a house was before I moved in. If it were me, I would cover the cabinet with plastic and seal it with duct tape to keep the fumes out. I wouldn't want those chemicals permeating my humidor. And I would turn off the humidifier, then turn it back on afterward and let it stabilize for a few days. Just my two cents.
  11. Agreed. This stopped being about Cuba some time ago.
  12. Halfwheel put together a nice summary that I found useful. Sounds like you'll have no problem going as long as your travel was booked prior to today.
  13. I just picked up a box of Bolivar PCs. Although I've heard that recent production can be spotty and it's not a good idea to buy blind, the recent singles I've had have been fantastic. I would completely trust anything from the INT store.
  14. Wanna know how to make a pheromone? Knock down his Pyramid.
  15. Note to self: if you ever need advice on illicit financial transactions, call @Ryan

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