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  1. If cigars were hookers

    Also, if cigars were hookers, my basement would be a very weird place and I would definitely be divorced and bankrupt
  2. If cigars were hookers

    The army of small RyJs. Belvederes, Cedros de Luxe No. 3, Coronitas en Cedro, Mille Fleur, Petit Coronas, Regalias de Londres, Romeo No. 1, Romeo No. 2, Romeo No. 3, Sport Largos, the upcoming Club Kings. We really need eleven small RyJs, but they had to discontinue the Upmann PC? Really? Also, the entire Monte Open line. I've never met a single person who smoked one and enjoyed it enough to buy another.
  3. "Waffles and syrup" registers on my palate as malt and sugar sweetness. These will need to rest for a while; I smoked one ROTT and it was, predictably, pretty rough. I wouldn't expect them to need any particular aging beyond the 90 days of acclimation though. Here are my notes on a recent production single I picked up last summer: It lights readily and produces an even burn and a flaky gray ash. Right away, there's a rich leather and sea salt profile, with just a bit of a malty note, and a toasted aroma. The depth of the leather profile deepens in the second half and the malty note recurs in the aroma. At this stage, the flavors are deepening and becoming richer, but not necessarily evolving. The profile continues apace, still with not much change in the flavors, but it does finish with just a hint of candy sweetness.
  4. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    TOS SEP 16 SCdlH El Principe (HQ) ROTT.
  5. Beautiful SCdlH El Principe from our host.
  6. Hey @Naug! I'll be in Taichung the last week in May. I'd love to meet up and check out the Lin Hotel. Looks a lot nicer than my nearest lounge
  7. I sometimes buy HTF boxes (since lots of HTF cigars only ever become available as full boxes), then take the 3 - 5 cigars I actually have time to smoke, and sell the remainder in packs.
  8. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    PSP Monte PE from a recent trade. My first. I've never cared much for Monte as a marca, and I really wanted to dislike the leader of the short and fat brigade. But damned if this isn't a really good cigar.
  9. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    TOS SEP 16 RyJ Belicoso.
  10. Steak and fellatio day...

    I showed this to my wife. Me: "Look at this, babe ..." Her, cheerfully: "I'll buy you one!" Me, apprehensively: "A beej?" Her, icily: "No. The other one."
  11. The Photography Thread

    This is my favorite photo from our honeymoon in Cuba. Looking out of the corridor window adjacent to the rooftop bar at the Ambos Mundos.
  12. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    2013 RASS
  13. I'm surprised to see so much enthusiasm for Cigar Snob here, considering their "we don't review Cuban cigars because the Castros are *ssholes" policy.
  14. To me, "cigar lifestyle" usually means someone wants to tell me about a very expensive golf resort.

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