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  1. P^3 TOS NOV 15. Reliable. Very nice.
  2. This year? I have no idea. This month I'm hoping for a PSP Monte 4 or Party Short. I need a PC that I can smoke young in my rotation while my HUPCs rest.
  3. HUP2 LUB MAY 14. Couldn't wait for it's third birthday
  4. Old standby - Monte Edmundo on a chilly NE evening.
  5. Thanks for the reply @encephalization! I'll definitely take you up on your very kind offer next time I'm out that way.
  6. Many thanks to El Prez, Di, and the team for another beautiful box!
  7. That isn't funny, Ken. Louisianans have worked long and hard to rebuild livelihoods and businesses in the aftermath of that disaster.
  8. Yup. Little cocktail suace, put it on a saltine. Doesn't get any better.
  9. I get that very distinctive "Cuban twang" (which I don't even know how to describe properly) from Partagas Lusis in a way that I've never found elsewhere.
  10. EP Carillo 2016 Short Run. I really enjoy what they're doing lately with San Andreas wrapper.
  11. Are the pics a preview of today's 24:24?
  12. RMU NOV 15 Trinidad Vigia. Usually one of my favorites, but burn issues caused me to bail out early. The evening was redeemed by a lovely 16-year-old Graycliff Elegante.
  13. Ugh, that's revolting. What factory is that? I would very much like to avoid everything they've touched.
  14. I was reading through some old threads about what folks like to pair with their cigars (coffee, tea, water, Dr. Pepper (?), etc.) and thought I'd be helpful to get some thoughts on coffee versus tea pairings. I usually have a dry latte, unsweetened, when I smoke. I have a burr grinder and a decent - but not great - espresso machine. I use a dark roast Nicaraguan bean from a local roaster that has a nice chocolate aroma and isn't too acidic. I've used Cubita in the past when I can find it, but I haven't seen any at my usual sources for the past year and a half. I've heard of some testers who use lukewarm tea as a sort of palate cleanser when they smoke, and I think that's an interesting idea. I'm considering trying something different because "coffee" or some variant of that is so common in tasting notes and reviews. I never really get that out of my cigars, and I'm assuming that's because the coffee note is completely masked by the actual coffee I'm drinking. Any thoughts on a pairing that would really let the full range of flavors and aromas of a cigar shine through? And for tea drinkers, any recommendations? I'm thinking something in the oolong family, but that might be too mild ... Looking forward to enjoying trying some new pairings!
  15. Gorgeous humidor @Versus1ss! I, personally, employ a two-step system: 1) Buy too much 2) Tetris those f*ers in there however I can!

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