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  1. Lanceros Maduros!! I thought those were just a rumour Happy Big 4-oh !
  2. '07 San Cristobal Oficios. Always good.
  3. Punch Super Selection #1. Maybe I won't miss these so much if Punch Punch has really upped its game?
  4. And I came here to learn cigars Thanks, Ken
  5. And I would never have pegged Finland as a hotbed of fine wine tastings!
  6. Interesting on the '71 Grange, Ken. It's never been on my radar, even though '71 is my year. Having said that, I doubt I'd ever consider it, given Grange prices especially for historic aged stuff. It's a blessing that 1971 was a middling vintage at best for most regions, and a curse that it was a great one in Barolo (which is my thing). At least the '71 Bartolo Mascarello is still within the reach of the non-oligarchal. But one day, somehow, the '71 Monfortino...
  7. I haven't had one of the 2000s yet, but drank a couple of 1999s last weekend. They are into the drinking window that I prefer, with secondary flavours of cedar, leather and earth to go with the fruit. I think that Monte Bellos are the most elegant wines to come out of California and I prefer mine with some age. I've had 2005 and 2006 over the last 6 months, and both are drinking quite nicely but still young to my palate. If you decant the 2013 for a few hours and pair it with a good steak, I think you'd be a happy man. As for long-term potential, I hunted down a 1971, of the fabled Judgment of Paris tasting, a couple of years back. It was fantastic, and still had at least a few years left. So you're looking at practically indefinite cellaring potential. Enjoy!
  8. "I want it all, I want it all, I want it all, and I want it now!" - Freddie Mercury I see the apparent popularity of petit robustos as symptomatic. But I take heart from the fact that Monte As were the first to sell out on 24:24 today. There will always be pockets of resistance.
  9. So I guess you're saying that an Epi 2 wasn't the best choice for the task? A better match would have been a Rocky Patel?
  10. Me: I'm thinking of getting a wineador. Wife: What's that? Me: Basically a wine fridge for my cigars. (Silence) Wife: Is your life insurance paid up? Me: Yup. Wife: The kids' education plan? Me: Sure. Wife: Enjoy your hobby, dear.
  11. Ran out - Upmann Lonsdales, RG Lonsdales Running out - Partagas de Partagas No.1, Upmann coronas. And I don't see being able to restock LGC MdO#2s anytime soon
  12. It's been storming all day and the humidity reads 94%, but the BPC still burns great and tastes great. Glad I have such trusty soldiers in the lineup.
  13. Of Tom Holland's works, I think his best is Rubicon: The Triumph and Tragedy of the Roman Republic. He really brought Caesar, Cicero and the power politics of the era to life. For a broader tour of ancient Rome, Mary Beard's SPQR is thoroughly enjoyable.
  14. '06 San Cristobal Mercaderes is at its peak now
  15. RA Perfectos RE Suiza 2014. Dark wrapper, dark LE-like flavours. The Britanicas Extra format is just fun to smoke [emoji106]

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