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  1. Around the time the horse was "chomping" at the bit, and was given "free reign".
  2. Not all net spend of all teams, just Liverpool and United 1990 - 2011.
  3. In action flicks, the usual scene change will be: wide shot of city, with a subtitle of the city's name. There will always, always be a guy who will read the city name out. Shot of Budapest..."oh, Budapest". Shot of Moscow..."oooh, Moscow". You're not a in a primary school language lab, moron.
  4. SLR DC '07. Just fantastic.
  5. My favoured size and code
  6. Cohiba Desaparecidos
  7. There's your "opening a Cohiba Atmosphere", Prez! It's a sign
  8. Something like this maybe?
  9. SPECTRE lives. Activate the double-ohs.
  10. O, swear not by the moon, th' inconstant moon, That monthly changes in her circle orb
  11. It's an age-old issue. "No sir, I will not pay your outrageous East India Company prices for what costs pennies where they come from! In fact, I am reliably informed that they grow on trees! If I myself charter a ship and a crew and round the Cape, I too may obtain them for pennies. Good day, sir!" What you really don't want is the producer waking up to the fact that it is missing out on the huge secondary market margin, and raising its prices. The producers of Japanese whisky raised prices 25% or more at one go, and the secondary market prices just went up accordingly. The end buyer loses.
  12. The rest were reasonable. There was one that was noticeably paler than the rest, which I smoked (good smoke, actually). I kept Uncle Fester for laughs. Always fun when well-meaning friends buy you cigars! Box code RMU DIC 15, in case you're interested.
  13. Really enjoyed this Superiores. Thanks to @Nekhyludov for the inspiration!
  14. A couple of Glen Grants. L: Distilled 1968, bottled 2006 R: 25 year old, bottled pre-1980 at 26 2/3 fl oz, distilled no later than 1955; it may contain some 40s spirit. Quite excited about this one.

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