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  1. I found the loophole

    Take extreme caution if you do light up - pretty sure the fumes in those loos are combustible
  2. It's quite simple for a rugby fan to grasp: - every play is a set play like an uncontested lineout - every running play is Kuridrani punching through the middle or Beale on a curving run - every pass play is like a kick that's half charged, so no one is offside - every tackle where the tackled player does not lose the ball is automatically unplayable ball, and play stops - the attacking team has 4 goes at moving the ball a total of 10 yards. If they can't by the 4th play, they kick the ball to the opposition's Folau at fullback. Or if they're close enough, they kick a conversion.
  3. Australian Heaven

    Not Australia? Next thing you tell me this isn't Waltzing Matilda!
  4. That jacket. This watch. Imagine wearing both at the same time!! Oh my...
  5. So, what are your recent acquisitions?

    Jamaica, mon
  6. Lost in translation

    One of my favourite films. It holds out the hope that even when one is completely adrift, in an unknowable land, in a life that has become its own parody, a beautiful connection can still be made. As for that whisper, I prefer not to know.
  7. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Congratulations! Mmmm Clynelish and Octomore...
  8. Nick Foulkes is quite well known in the British "dandy/rake" circles. His sense of style is a little extreme for me...
  9. How would you respond.....

    "The Ramon Allones company is now run by the eponymous founder's grandson, Mr. Homer Allone2. Unfortunately, we are unable to contact Mr. Allone2 at this time, as he is lost in New York. Please continue to direct your queries to Mr. Robert Ayala."
  10. Whatcha reading?

    I finished that recently, and found it excellent. Made me want to try this one too
  11. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Daydreaming with a tasty JL2
  12. Let\'s talk about watches:

    Just close? What stopped you from going the whole hog? Or rather, the whole Pig?

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