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  1. That good huh? Go register another account and like again
  2. A pair of Springbanks. The 16 yo Local Barley is a stunning dram...
  3. A rich, smooth Punch Sabrosos, complemented by an indie Mortlach. Pretty perfect late night combo.
  4. Prosecco?! I'll sue! It's also good fun to choose your least favourite options and see if they come up with your least favourite wine. Malbec
  5. Ugliest specimen from an '01 box of LGC MdO#2s. Cracked foot, some plume, and tarry stains on the band. Smokes a dream though. Darkest ash I've seen in a while.
  6. A fan of these '07 Oficios. Especially the construction, which has been spot on in every one I've smoked so far. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Food - A big porterhouse slapped on the grill. Baked potato. Cherry tomato salad. Drinks - A mature barolo from the the stash I save all for me. Movie - Monster night! Either Aliens (RIP Bill Paxton) or Tremors, for the thousandth time. Cigar - A(ny) lonsdale. Single malt. Multiple espressos. Dress Code - T-shirt & shorts. C'mon, it's 30C year-round here! The above is Groundhog Day, cos it's happened over and over and over...
  8. Went hunting for Molinos, bagged these AMZ SEP 03s instead.
  9. I just stare at the foot with my smouldering eyes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. It needs to be swigging a cocktail made of rum, gin, Southern Comfort, Jack, port and peppermint schnapps, shaken with beets and runny egg whites - called a Loose Draw.
  11. For a taste test, I picked up a single from a fresh box of ULA MAR 15 from my local B&M. My own stash is ULA ABR 14. The 15 put up a solid performance. Draw was a little easier than I'd like, but within acceptable limits. The fruit notes were a little "zestier" but I put that down to the 11 months' age difference. Similar evolution as the 14. A nubbable stick to me. Admittedly it's only the one stick, but if it's representative, I'd be happy for it to succeed my 14s. In fact, I may go grab its other 9 siblings. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. So the collective FOHer is an alcohol-intolerant, iodine-deficient guy, holed up in a clean room surrounded by rat/roach traps and an electric fence he's too afraid to turn on? What a lovely Howard Hughes nightmare.
  13. I'll gladly split a haggis or some boilito misto with you. But there's no way you improve alcohol by tossing in twigs, leaves and a fruitcake minus the cake.
  14. Gin. Still undecided whether those botanicals taste better going down or coming back up.
  15. '08 Punch SS1. Double cream decadence, with notes of cocoa-dusted hazelnuts. Delicious...

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