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  1. The demise of HDM

    While she was queen, she posed for a photo shoot with a lit cigar. Took a few draws and was hooked. Started paying tobacco taxes. Bought ELs. Taxes went up... forgot ELs, bought REs instead. Taxes went up... forgot REs, bought 50 cabs instead. Taxes went up... forgot 50 cabs, bought boxes. Taxes went up... resorted to samplers. Now she's substituting the relatively affordable crack, all the while saving for just one more single, just one more...
  2. The experienced ones in the group get BBFs (POL Feb 11); the novices get Sancho Panza Belis (PTR Oct 16). No one gets size envy. Everyone gets to try and ooh-ahh over a Ben Nevis 1991 23 year old single cask malt, or Foursquare 2004 11 year old Exceptional Cask Selection Mark III rum.
  3. ERDM Grandes de Espana for me. Their combination of class and complexity I’ve found nowhere else. And could the good fairy make sure that the construction on every one is perfect please?
  4. Quirky Senses of Humour.....

    FOHplay - dedicated to the pleasures derived before you even take the first puff. [Warning: adult content] "Enjoy sniffing the wrapper? Have a foot fetish? When it comes to the cap, are you strictly straight? Punch? Or you do prefer to DATV (draw at the V)? Do you fancy a soft caressing flame, or some hardcore three jet action? Whatever it is, you can find at FOHplay. $1.99 gives you unlimited access to forum members' pics of pre-light and hot burning action. Strong stomachs recommended."
  5. Quirky Senses of Humour.....

    The Suspect Cigar Forum should be rechristened "FOHnies".
  6. Quirky Senses of Humour.....

    Steve sounds like one twisted MoeFOH...
  7. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    You guys did a box split on the shades too?
  8. How about black coffee with no sugar with the smell of petrol? One of my local petrol stations has installed a Costa coffee vending machine inside their little store area. It actually makes a drinkable cup (not scorched like most actual Costa cafes). So I get a quick shot, while the heady fumes of petrol fill the air, as I pump. Ace.
  9. Goose statement of the week

    Sure, when I next take a long-haul westbound flight that takes off at 7 am, I'll keep sunscreen on my face for the whole 12, maybe 14 hours of the daylight flight. Great dermatological advice, doc.
  10. I Weep For Our Youth...

    It will never work. All you will get are arguments over the points. "There's no evidence that points are rising due to player-related factors!" "1% of the players have 95% of the points! The gap must be closed!" "They've come over here to this side of the board and are taking all our points!" "We need freedom of movement around the game board so that everyone can benefit from more points!" They'll be stabbing each other with the pencils.
  11. "Darkest Hour," wants you to know that “there are serious health risks associated with smoking and with secondhand smoke, but these are generally less than those associated with appeasing fascists of every stripe.”
  12. extraordinary PC tossery

    Maybe you're seeing this the wrong way . Maybe it's extraordinarily un-PC. "Yes, it WAS an invasion. You'd expect us to be solemn and contrite, but instead we're still celebrating. With a big barbecue. And damn the carbon footprint. Nyah nyah nyah."
  13. Laugh-In

    Verrrry interesting...
  14. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Lanceros BAP FEB 11. I’ve gotten into the habit of deciding on my choice of alcoholic distillate only after a few good draws. Peated barley? Molasses? Sugar cane?...But this Lanceros was so silky and subtle that I didn’t get past my standby glass of plain water. 2 hours of honeyed bliss.

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