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  1. So, what are your recent acquisitions?

    You’re singlehandedly keeping the Glenmo Co solvent...
  2. Cigar Mancathlon

    Ironman - smoke a Monte A...but you are only allowed to retrohale.
  3. George is surely in a better place, if only because he heeded the exhortation in Matthew 5:44 to "Love your enem..."
  4. Origin - what cigar? (State of Origin 2018)

    So you'd need 2 DCs' worth of smoking time, and you have no memory of anything except the beginning and the end? Sounds tailor-made for a Monte C bookended by Medio Siglos
  5. What's up for the weekend?

    My daughter turns 6 this weekend. Both sets of grandparents will be over to my place for a dinner party. I’ll be slaving away making pasta vongole, prime rib, Yorkshire pud. Getting the stemware ready for champers and barolo. If I’m in a fit state after, maybe a JL4 to round off the evening. All of which my girl won’t care about, just as long as she gets her My Little Pony cake.
  6. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    at least put the glass on the pick guard!
  7. Your Standout Regional

    RA Grandes. Love everything about it - the flavour, the size, the 3-4-3 box. It's run close by RA Estupendos and JL4.
  8. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    ‘01 MdO2. Into the second layer of the 8-9-8 box. Yikes!
  9. Plain Packaging Options.

    On the plus side, no more moaning about double/triple bands; the Connie B megaband will be fondly recalled as the "good old days".
  10. With patience. Indoors, I use 28 cm/11" barbecue matches in a slow ritual of toasting the foot while rotating the cigar like a rotisserie. Outdoors, a Dupont Maxijet, same ritual.
  11. Hispanophones, and speakers of other languages, pronouncing names of historical persons in their own way? How confusing! Jesus!
  12. Let's talk Steak

    That ain't living
  13. Ah but Milagros is a master roller, no? Her custom rolls are artistic creations of blend and construction, like Monet's Water Lilies. So the tobacco on her table is her "palette". But seriously, "palate" used correctly in the last paragraph. Doesn't anyone subedit anymore?
  14. Hasn't happened yet, but I fear it is only a matter of time, given the conversations (to use the most charitable term) elsewhere

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