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  1. Always adopt this 2-step process: 1. Imagine if it was your wife's ex-boyfriend who's getting in touch with her - how would you like her to respond? The answer should be self-evident. 2. After you ignore the request, casually mention it to your wife with a mixture of wistfulness and manful resolution. Dine out on her grateful reaction. (You may have blown this bit).
  2. Since when has anything PSP/HQ remain unsold for 3 hours, much less 2 such offerings? If anyone from Habanos is on a watching brief, would his report say "FOH is populated by a bunch of weirdos" or "an ill portent for 54 ring gauges, whatever their qualities"?
  3. "There's a glut of these Cubans in the market. So sellers are all giving discounts."
  4. These Don Juan Urquijo Vintage Blend 1993 Churchills have sentimental value for me. Back in the mid 90s, I spilt a cab of these with my best friend, to commemorate him moving out of the country for a new job. We couldn't find and frankly couldn't afford anything Cuban then. We've smoked them over the years, usually when we meet up. They're actually pretty good - like the country cousin of ERDM
  5. '09 Imperiales. Classic. Cuban tobacco, with Irish whiskey in a scotch glass with Taiwanese branding, and Guatemalan coffee sold by Americans. What a world we live in today...
  6. Excellent! As regards correlations, I would have liked to see if there was any between ambient humidity and smoking time. More science in the future!
  7. Wow. And wow again. The phrase "Give that man a ceegar" was invented for men like you and your colleagues.
  8. French spirits that were on sale for Bastille Day: Vallein Tercinier Hors d'Age cognac (40+ years old) Rhum Rhum Liberation 2015 (Marie-Galante rhum agricole) Happy Bastille Day to French FOHers!
  9. RASS. Start time: 1706 End time: 1847 Total smoking time: 1 hr 41 min I smoke slow. The other day, my regular smoking buddy and I both started on Mag50s. By the time I finished, he had already gone through his AND a Reyes. He thinks I'm a freak, or am doing it just to make him seem profligate. I'm not ruling out it being either or both...
  10. Reveille for me at Camp W every Monday and Friday is 5:30 AM, in order to catch 24:24. The adrenaline jolt first thing in the morning on days when I see "aged stock...50 Lots!!" is probably not good for my ticker.
  11. Cask strength Glenfarclas 25 and Stefan's book...
  12. I've no penmanship to speak of, as a result of all those past exams that required you to write as fast as you can for hours, while being just about legible. Hasn't stopped me from persisting with fountain pens to this day though. @Isaac, like @planetary, I would love to see some of your collection. Any more Montblanc Writers? My old cigar case doubles as a pen case.
  13. True that. I'm a whisky whore, but I'll admit that if I'm to give a great cigar its due, I drink good ol H2O!
  14. To my palate, Lowland malts have that tropical profile. Sadly, Littlemill and Rosebank which typify this are both dead distilleries. Bladnoch flies the Lowland flag for me now. And if we don't confine ourselves to Scotch whisky, Irish single pot still whiskey also has the green spice note. And Chichibu from Japan gives me green apples and tropical fruits all day. Pity that Rocky talks about Paul John when mentioning Indian whisky. He could have said Amrut. Indian whisky is made under similar climatic conditions as rum etc where the angels do no so much as take their share as plunder, due to the heat. There's something for everyone in whiskydom IMO.

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