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  1. I don't normally smoke at work, but I was out walking fields taking stand counts so I brought a Du Prince along. First 4-5 draws were really bitter, after that it was great.
  2. Squeezed in a Monte 5 after work playing with the little man.
  3. Exactly what I was hoping to hear. Thank you.
  4. Had a RASCC yesterday. Great little stick but this box has had a lot of burn/construction issues. Lot of tight draws as well. Love the flavors though.
  5. What are you using for humidification? And have you added additional fans?
  6. Great. I'll give this a shot. I like painless!
  7. Good to hear! I looknfor your review.
  8. @Dmpotocek this helps a lot. As did everyone else's responses. Thank you. I'll look into the fan, would like to go the computer fan route but maybe ill get the battery fan for the time being. And you leave yours plugged in? And you have no humidification source in the summer? thanks -Jayme
  9. It's something my grandpa always said so I went with it. Haha. It's likely he (and I) have been saying it wrong this whole time.
  10. This is what I've been doing the most reading on. Temps in my house aren't too bad. Just in the summer they get high upstairs where this will likely go. Thanks for all the input everyone. I've read every post from piggy I could find but usually end up having way more questions than answers (a little too technical for me) but great info none the less.
  11. @PamunkeyHub, thanks for the fast response! That was one big question I had, whether I could use only Bovedas or not. I use them in my desk tops now. And I have digital hygrometers so no issue there, planned on one top, middle, and bottom. When you say fans do you recommend computer fans or some small battery ones?
  12. Hey everyone, My birthday is coming up and my girlfriend decided to buy me this https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00KO90H6Y/ref=gwm_tlc_pi?pf_rd_p=62af779f-88df-4dd0-be50-91c6a4b9661a&pf_rd_s=grid-6&pf_rd_t=Gateway&pf_rd_i=mobile&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_r=TJB9A2AA1A8NS9Q761ZC&pf_rd_r=TJB9A2AA1A8NS9Q761ZC&pf_rd_p=62af779f-88df-4dd0-be50-91c6a4b9661a. Does anyone here have experience with this particular set up? If so I'd appreciate any insight. I've been reading countless threads on forums and there's quit the variety of set up options. Just curious what to expect. I'm leaning toward HF beads with bovedas mixed in. Anything else you'd suggest adding, modifying, etc. thank you, -Jayme
  13. Alright.... my last box of these, I mean it this time.......
  14. I was hoping for a few more non plus reviews to compare to. RG was a popular one this week, now I really want a box! Damn you FOH..... haha

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