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  1. Monte 5 tonight.
  2. Had a diplo 3 last night since I finished sanding my deck. Had a siglo ii, and a QDO corona on Saturday while working on the deck...... almost done
  3. HUPC while working on the deck again yesterday afternoon. Glad I have some of these stocked up.
  4. Power washing the deck so I can stain it so I grabbed a random NC I didn't have high hopes for. Man it was pretty good, tasted a lot like a montecristo.
  5. BPC. March 16
  6. PLPC, had to work half the day. These need more time. Smoking too hot or it won't stay burning.
  7. Seems to be a RA day here..... I'm working on a RASCC. June 15, had a lot of plugged sticks in this box early on but each one has been better than the last. Great little stick. Had a pretty good ash goin
  8. My son is sick so I took the day off. He finally went down for a nap so I snuck outside for a HUPC. Paired with coffee and water with a lemon wedge.
  9. I found a retailer online that had some lunch clubs but unfortunately the don't ship to the states. Are the croix supreme or Demi in any way similar to the PC?
  10. Interesting, thanks for the info! Are lunch clubs sill easy to find these days?
  11. @99call I have a 01 box of diplo 3's. they're amazing. Nice haul!
  12. My son is sick and can't go to daycare today so while he's watching movies I'm looking at cigars online. Since PC's are my favorite I like to look for those that have been discontinued, you never know what you may come across online. As I was looking through the CCW I saw ERDM PC were discontinued in 2012 which isn't that long ago really. So I started looking for reviews here on FOH and didn't find much. Just curious was this a popular stick? I haven't seen any for sale anywhere either. Is this one that people stocked up on to age? Seems odd there isn't a whole lot of info around on these. Thanks, jayme
  13. Looks like I'm not the only one that went with a Liga tonight. Papas fritas I've had around for a while. Pretty good construction for a short filler.
  14. My last party short from a 5'er I bought a couple months back. I see a 50 cab in my future when finances allow. And had a PLP while grilling dinner.
  15. PMF while messing around in the yard. Burn was all over the place but these are very good.

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