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  1. Bow Hunters

    It's a trail camera pic, nothing dead haha season has been really tough, only seeing does and small bucks. A lot of sits I haven't seen anything at all.
  2. Bow Hunters

    Sat last night in the 35mph winds, saw one young little 8 point. Supposed to be nice weather and rain moving through later this week. Hoping for some action. Still getting daytime pics of a good buck moving in daylight once a week.
  3. Bow Hunters

    Sounds like a good time. I've got an old L.C. Smith SxS at home from my grampa. They're fun to shoot.
  4. Didn’t expect that!

    Bought a single upmann coronas minor on vacation earlier this year. Way better than I expected, wish I knew the date on it. Will defiantly pick up a box when I can.
  5. Bow Hunters

    Went out last night. Saw 3 does out of range and 2 buck came in right after legal light, looked good size but couldn't make out racks in the dark.
  6. Bow Hunters

    Haha fair enough. That's a lot of meat though!
  7. Bow Hunters

    @Jeanff. That's great! How many lbs. of meat do you get from an average cow?
  8. Bow Hunters

    Lots of those here in IL, just haven't tried it for whatever reason.
  9. Bow Hunters

    I've had one really good buck on the trail cameras since august; he makes an appearance once a week in daylight, too inconsistent to make it happen yet.
  10. Bow Hunters

    Going for elk with a bow is my dream hunt. Don't have the time and funds to pull it off for a while tho.
  11. Bow Hunters

    Playing the wind is the worst!
  12. Hey everyone, My handle may have given away that I really enjoy hunting. Bow hunting has been my favorite for some time, and with the weather here in the Midwest changing all I want to do is sit in a stand! Just curious if anyone else here on the forum hunts? And how is the season going so far? -Jayme
  13. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Opus X petit lancero I've had for a couple years. I'm a huge pu$$? when it comes to nicotine, it hit me pretty hard half way through. Damn good stick tho. Wish I had some more to age.
  14. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    I smoke in my truck and the other day my brother got in and said "it smells like a bowling alley in here." Lol.
  15. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Du prince after work.

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