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  1. Predictions...I dunno if it will get any easier than last week.
  2. i'm having the same dilemma. problem is a few of the items i am looking for aren't as probable as i had hopped for with the DEC16' box code. If i could score PunchDC that would be very nice. Winston the same. It now feels i either have to expand my search or be opportunistic on something else without pulling the trigger on something i really don't want.
  3. Second on trying Koloa (dark). It may not be the best in the world but it's still damn good and freaking great when you are there drinking it. My brother and I found ourselves going back to the store everyday to buy a new bottle. If that is any consolation*.
  4. Salute to the millions who have died and served. I'm glad there is No Man in the High Castle.
  5. I know you specified Atlanta but just in case you have one more leg to the flight, prepare to check a bag. It may be obvious but it can get overlooked.
  6. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=O4cenKeu2FI white denim is the band and it's nice to find a band Having a classic rock sound and some originality. I sure hope music can find its stride back to something like this! Cheers and smokes up. YOM$! (How do I get the YouTube image to show?!???)
  7. Great, one more for the must try list. Intrigued... "bartender, just keep that tab open...forever"
  8. Personal Kryptonite

    Dried coconut for edibles and overreaching governments. (No further details provided)
  9. Question about aging

    Here is a question from a newbie. If I want to experience a line such as the CoSiglo series or a CoRo and I have some samples, am I really doing myself justice by burning thru them early or will waiting pay dividends. Since I have to wait then will it take me x many years to sample the damn line. If y'all suggest I burn up on the timeline method than a sample(s) simply won't work. I'm roped into boxes. This is my fear and the reason I just say the hell with it and buy boxes.
  10. Would it be a crazy idea to put 62-65 Bovedas in same humidor. It gets real dry 65 pulls it up. Gets real humid 62 goes to work.
  11. No worries, it's about cigars AND people! Thanks guys
  12. Good deal. I'll check it out. Yup I have an advantageous currency. See how it pans out. I'll report back should my work trip not ambush the cigar trip.
  13. Thanks for the advice. I'm in to buy a few sticks of aged and limitado. What is this "prepared" range you speak of?$. Not much experience with CC's as is let alone the mature smokes. Any direction there?
  14. Anybody been there recently or have anything of note on this location? I'll be visiting it this week.

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