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  1. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Landed in MTY MX. Time for a JW Black in honor of my friend here that loves that and a EPI 2. Nice start. Either a 15’ or 16’ depending on luck of the draw from a sampler.
  2. at my my bias let’s play “which cigar” as i look right next to a box of pale wrapped second BRCs. My best experience this year. Now I feel like a fool timing the market. The best experience is 90% being able to relax and the cigar often takes care of the rest.
  3. Had an oliva Melanio robusto sitting for 2 or 3 years and it reminded me of bolivar. Very good stick.
  4. Actually, that is the same company. They didn’t have the dark rums in options you are referring to in stock. Don’t know if it’s reallh worth the loot for the available options.
  5. Hey All im on my last night in Maui and I can walk over to an abc and buy one or both of the following depending on your input. 375 ML KEA - White Agricola Rum ~ $40-45 KOKOLEKA - cocoa & honey rum ~ $50-55 seems rich considering I’ve loaded up on Koloha Dark at 29$ per fifth. That stuff is my aloha Here is one of the two cigars I was able to smoke in this anti cigar climate. HUHC. Twas OK. These really have not been smoke well in the second half and I don’t have box code on me. It shows signs of a muted HUPC but doesn’t stack up well. Maybe i let this 2016 sit for a couple years before wasting another. Unfortunate. HUPC=discontinued and HUHC=still there. That In itself just makes me wonder who is the puppeteer. What a sad story. Thx !
  6. Party PCE for starters BCJ BRC (this clearance box is just outstanding with a light wrapper. Always a surprising treat even though I’ve come to expect it) Rum: Z23 / diplomarico reserva exclusiva Makers on the rocks choice of booze in one hand and soda water on the other
  7. Por Larranga Montecarlo TOS May 16 1st Third Good from get go. Carmel? Mild sweet cedar. Toasted marshmallow. Moving back to cedar at end of 1st third. Minor run about patched itself up. Paired first part with Kona and it works just fine 2nd Third Deeper flavor coming thru but it hid quickly. Thought marshmallow was coming out. Cedar prevailing. Mid way I switched to drinking a cardamom tea. Does coat throat with a bit of sweetness but still cedar. Ah toasted marshmallow coming back. Last Third Toffee or Carmel trying to show. Nicotine just ramped up. Brief Cedar / toasted marshmallow taste. Aroma is almost a little burnt sugar or toffee. Flavor in mouth is like I had toasted Carmel cotton candy. Cedar emerging at the end. One last pull and the toasted Carmel marshmallow is back. Nice way to finish 40 mins i just wanted to add that this is a wonderful stick. My second from the box and I can’t wait to lay down a little longer and see how the cedar mellows out. I feel it will use that edge to give toasted Carmel or marshmallows to a greater degree. I’ll reserve giving this a rating # but it was very nice. Take a cab of 100.
  8. This one makes no sense! I’m new to Cubans but this one is a staple if I’ve run across one. Freakin idiots
  9. Predictions...I dunno if it will get any easier than last week.
  10. i'm having the same dilemma. problem is a few of the items i am looking for aren't as probable as i had hopped for with the DEC16' box code. If i could score PunchDC that would be very nice. Winston the same. It now feels i either have to expand my search or be opportunistic on something else without pulling the trigger on something i really don't want.
  11. Second on trying Koloa (dark). It may not be the best in the world but it's still damn good and freaking great when you are there drinking it. My brother and I found ourselves going back to the store everyday to buy a new bottle. If that is any consolation*.
  12. Salute to the millions who have died and served. I'm glad there is No Man in the High Castle.
  13. I know you specified Atlanta but just in case you have one more leg to the flight, prepare to check a bag. It may be obvious but it can get overlooked.

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