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  1. Some how I doubt there's any alcohol intolerance with this group.
  2. Crawfish were pretty good too.
  3. Some of the best I ever had.
  4. Jack Daniels the smell alone makes me want to throw up.
  5. OMG not the blue sticker. Those are rejects you better send them to me for proper disposal.
  6. Looks like a very nice resort. I see they offer a premium level upgrade like where we stayed. For us it was well worth it.
  7. Look at what the cat dragged in.
  8. They had no problem with dollars in the resort. What resort are you staying at?
  9. We stayed at the Now Larimar and smoked on the patio ( ground floor room ) and around the pool without anyone saying a word. Was one of the best vacations we ever had. Fantastic people and great offshore fishing. Be sure to take plenty of 1 dollar bills for tips. A few bucks here and there gets you the royal treatment.
  10. Would be interested in what the price is. PM me if preferred.
  11. Neither Single Malt Scotch, Rum, or Beer.
  12. Sample and a few singles from the Prez.
  13. I was at a Metallica concert on 01/01/2000. Kid rock was playing and the PA system shutdown. Took about 5-10 minutes to get it back up and running after they got it fixed he made a joke blaming it on Y2K.
  14. Great Job on the newsletter!

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