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  1. bananas on a boat

    Listening to oldies on the boat is almost as much of a sacrilege as having bananas.
  2. LA. Shrimp boat tuna.

    Was a 1 day trip and cost $2400 + tip for up to 6 people. Expect to pay more at other times of the year as the fish mover farther offshore.
  3. LA. Shrimp boat tuna.

    Me and a bunch of friends got together this October to go chase tuna in Port Fourchon Louisiana aka God's country. Ended the day with 3 yellowfin 60, 115 and a 145 lb. Along with 23 blackfin. An epic day of fishing.
  4. Simple buy a bigger boat.
  5. Travel Humi Recommendations

    Beautiful but at the price.
  6. Not my style but whatever floats your boat.
  7. can someone please explain...

    I can only pray that those who say legalize it are referring to pot. If not I invite you to do a ride along with the local PD. An average of an overdose a night from heroin.
  8. This place is worse than crack ( not that I've ever done crack )
  9. Wanted to Sell....."Jeep Pinata"

    Sounds like the first car I ever bought brand new. 3 days after I took delivery I got rear-ended getting off the freeway. 1 month later let my now ex wife take it to work and she hit a fence ( how you hit a fence I have no idea but nothing surprised me about her ) and 4 months later I hit black ice and hit a guard rail.
  10. Those Mag 56's look sublime.
  11. What's in your glass today?

    Sitting in the garage with a Landshark and a Party DC. .

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