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  1. EL2013 (year of the vet) XCLUSVO HSA4LYF
  2. FOH Weekend in Pictures (Comp).

    Chicago Blues Fest...
  3. I got this in a trade awhile ago and this was my first ever one, but not my first HdM. Cold Draw: slight barnyard 1st: Sweet spiced cream. Hint of bitterness but not unpleasant. 2nd sweet cream with baking spice. strong bitter tea. Feels like I’m enjoying an afternoon tea with baked goods. 3rd: Sweet cream with that Cuban youngness. Overall, I wouldn’t mind having more of it but feel that with more rest/aging, the bitterness would dissipate and make it even better.
  4. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    You can definitely tell that it is aged tobacco. I like the flavors I get especially the cherry and wood flavors but wished those flavors were more upfront and center.
  5. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Happy hump day
  6. What's your latest CC purchase?

    Hand picked and I think I lucked out. BRE AGO 17
  7. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Bespoke Cottontail. Don’t smoke much NC anymore but this one had me curious.
  8. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

  9. There are plenty of studies that have looked at the compounds in cigarettes so you can just turn around and do it for cigars. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26653840 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26605856 I think the problem is that you have to know what you are specifically looking for since you can't just inject 'smoke', you have to use the right solvent to dissolve the compounds you are looking for after capturing the smoke in some sort of a matrix. I think most studies to date looked for compounds that are hazardous to human health and not necessarily compounds that stimulate gustatory and olfactory sensory neurons and the perception of those stimuli by our brain.
  10. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Power of suggestion from 24:24... ’12 Famosos
  11. I had an educated guess as to what it was and the flavors coincided with the description of the said stick from the prez. Perhaps I biased myself and believed I was tasting the flavors in the description when in reality they were not. Time will tell.
  12. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

  13. I’m also in the Siglo VI camp. 4yo Siglo VI vs Talisman? No brainer, as long as you trust the vendor to have had the box stored properly.
  14. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Boli RC ETP JUN 16 ROTT. It’s as if the transport was the ‘dry box’, these are smoking so well for me.
  15. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Yeah, Cubs flew the W flag on the first game but the Rockies won the last two. Sat by the third base side for the first two night games and upper deck behind home base today. The Rockies were crushing the ball during batting practice and they continued to do so during the games. Todays seat... Right next to Harry Caray. There were lots of old school season ticket holders in today’s section griping about Cubs poor performance today, one of the best part about watching a game at the ball park.

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