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  1. Hamburg, Bremen

    I see why the LCDH was suggested to skip. Inventory is limited, anything with age isn’t for sale and they have mostly empty boxes. Duske Duske was much better!
  2. Hamburg, Bremen

    I will chsck them up when I visit, what do you like about the stores ?
  3. I see there is a LCDH in Hamburg but am curious if there are any other shops I should check out? Looking to buy a box or two. Also, any recommended lounges or shops in Bremen? Any recent duty free shop visits in Hamburg?
  4. There was a fire about two weeks ago at the LCDH in Windsor Canada. Store manager said to give them about 4-6 months before they'll be back in business.
  5. I'm headed on the cigar safari (Drew Estates) trip in November and was gonna arrive a day earlier and stay an extra day to check out Nicaragua. I'm flying into Managua and will likely stay in that area. Any suggestions for places to see, reputable cigar shops for Cubans, etc.
  6. Hope to check out these places in the next few days. Any recent updates?
  7. Cohiba Maduros

    I had a magicos last night at a cigar club. I liked the flavor but was frustrated by the draw and limited smoke. Is that typical of this cigar or a consequence of over humidification?
  8. Hibiki 21 & Yamazaki 18

    Seems like the consensus is they are unique and possibly tasty (obviously award winnning) but would be best to try before shelling out $250+
  9. How did you get the single Barrel project? I was at buffalo trace recently and they have a display cabinet full of their different experiments. I picked up the redbreast 12 recently and really liked it. Looking for the 15 next, I'll give yellow spot a try too.
  10. Online Coffee Vendors

    Definitely plenty of options online. The last place I lived I bought exclusively from a local shop and their stuff rocked. Where I live now doesn't really offer that or have any large vendors such as Costco. I've used stumptown coffee in the past but looking for something new.
  11. Have you tried Redbreast?
  12. Hibiki 21 & Yamazaki 18

    I also have Bookers and Noah's Mill. Definitely tasty and strong without being over powering.. I see Blantons Gold when I visit Japan.
  13. Online Coffee Vendors

    I'm starting a coffee club at work and would love to hear opinions/suggestions for high quality coffee vendors that have an online store. It's clear a lot of people here seek out fine cigars so I'm sure plenty also do the same for coffee. What are your favorite beans and where do you usually get them?
  14. Social interaction is fundamental to a healthy lifestyle and in my opinion social media has hampered this skill and become a catalyst for societal entropy. While the above is a broad generalization about social media, I think many people can identify the unintended, negative consequences of its growth. It's quite paradoxical that technology intended to bring people together can cause quite the opposite effect. #irony<-- and yes I'm being ironic by finishing with a hash tag and writing this on a forum instead of hanging out with my guy friends.
  15. Anyone else using the sensorpush sensors?

    For some, part of the enjoyment of a hobby IS the tinkering.

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