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  1. Thanks for the interesting article. I would definately check this place put if I get to Dresden. Agree with you about the cigarette characterists in NCs.
  2. Thanks for this review it. I did't know about Graycliffs but the history around the old Cuban rollers spearing out around the Americas is fascinating.
  3. Breakfast of Champions

    I really like a morning cigar with a black coffee in the wknd but usually a smaller vitola, maybe a PC. I prefer to have a bigger smoke with a whiskey or rum so usually its in the evening unless it's melbourne cup.
  4. I keep mine around 62% and it's not something I've found with Monte 2s.
  5. I haven't noticed a change in flavour mixing cigars but i have noticed a change in aroma. I had HUPCs, Monte #2's and Punch Punch in separate tuppadores while finding the right esky and they each had a distinct aroma. A month after they were in the esky together the aromas seem to have mixed. Still very pleasant though.
  6. Similar tasting cigars

    There is a really pleasing grassyness I get from Siglo III and some Monte 2s. Admittedly this probably indicates an unrefined palate but it's a profile I definately enjoy.
  7. Your first ever box buy?

    Partagas SD4 from our host. It really was a good day when the box arrived opening the seals and admiring the aroma
  8. Cigar Induced Insomnia?

    I've had this with larger gauge cigars. It's seems like the nicotine buzz gets thoughts racing some times. I've had a similar experience smoking shisha on stop overs in the ME.
  9. I hate peppery cigars.

    I find the same. When they are young I get a lot of rough pepper taking over the profile. Particularly in Partagas but also in HDMs. I've found it eases off pretty quickly though, ever after three months.
  10. Have you tried the short story maduros? They're one of the NCs I'm always happy to go back to.
  11. Great steer for beginners Pandy. I would have appreciated this when getting started.
  12. It was a Cohiba S2 that first did it for me. Since then I've refined the cigars I like by taking note of the ones that drag me off into happy contemplation.
  13. I keep looking at the customs. Whose are they?
  14. This is a good idea. Maybe a HU Petit Corona if he wants something longer.

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