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  1. Couldn't agree more with the Epi1. I had a mate try them too and we had another CC devotee out of the gate. Also the HUPCs I got in are belted for the price. It's just a pity they will soon be no more.
  2. Turntables and Vinyl

    Just to follow up I eventually went for the Rega P3, the Rega Elex-R and Focal Chorus 706 speakers. The sound is pretty phenomenal especially given the Focal speakers are bookshelves. What I like is that I can mess around with preamps and speakers when curiosity and the budget allow. Thanks for the advice all.
  3. I had the same experience when I started storing larger numbers of cigars earlier this year. The advice I was given by the B&M who sold my my first humidor was to store at 70rH. When I dipped in a few months later the cigars I usually enjoyed were bitter and hard to pull. I dropped the rH back to 62 on the advice of FOH regular like Piggy and they were really back I business. The constant temperature fluctuations in Melbourne haven't hurt the flavour of my CCs over the past 12 months but I have started a coolador for the boxes I'm aging. Logic being the cooler will warm up and cool down far more slowly.
  4. Turntables and Vinyl

    Alright I'll check it out. Ta mate.
  5. Melbourne Cup

    I was on Humidor on the nose. At least my other humidor doesn't disappoint me...
  6. Turntables and Vinyl

    Really appreciate it. I'm deep in the rabbit hole now. Every time I think I know what I'm looking at I realise there are 6 other nuanced options.
  7. Turntables and Vinyl

    Thanks TAU. I'm locked into the Rega3. I'm think I'll look at a separate DAC that I can link in. Back to the music store on the wknd to make some choices. Your Buchardt speakers have some great writeups. I haven't seen them in Melbourne but am going to have a poke around.
  8. Turntables and Vinyl

    Cheers Mwaller. The integrated amp is pretty great as far as I can tell. I do like to tinker though. Maybe I can try feeding in something like a valve pre-amp into the Line jacks down the track. Do you have a preference for speakers? I've been looking at the Elac and Focal bookshelves so far.
  9. Turntables and Vinyl

    I was definately leaning toward the P3. The design and sound seem rock solid. Have you had any experience with Rega amps?
  10. Turntables and Vinyl

    Hey Gav. Thanks for the link. The reviews on the SME turntables are great.
  11. I've seen a few audiophiles posting around the forum and I am hoping to tap some experience. I'm going to dust off old vinyl and put together a good stereo system. I've checked out some audio blogs but generally get lost what discussion gets to watts and ohms. First question: had anyone tried the Rega P3 or Project Debut? They seem like good turntables at the mid-range. Second question: I'd planned to get a separate pre-amp and amp on the advice that one piece of kit doing one job gets a better result. Then I heard the Rega Elex-R integrated pre-Amp/Amp and was pretty impressed. Has anyone had experience with the Elex-R and does the integration cause any serious compromises?
  12. Thanks for the interesting article. I would definately check this place put if I get to Dresden. Agree with you about the cigarette characterists in NCs.
  13. Thanks for this review it. I did't know about Graycliffs but the history around the old Cuban rollers spearing out around the Americas is fascinating.
  14. Breakfast of Champions

    I really like a morning cigar with a black coffee in the wknd but usually a smaller vitola, maybe a PC. I prefer to have a bigger smoke with a whiskey or rum so usually its in the evening unless it's melbourne cup.
  15. I keep mine around 62% and it's not something I've found with Monte 2s.

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