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    Can't make it this year Gino unfortunately. I know there are a few of the Dublin contingent going.
  2. 1 Box from Cuba

    Plenty of Sir Winstons on the shelves during the festival. 331 cucs per box. I suppose plus 10% or so when paying in US dollars. Usually it's 3% to use a credit card. As long as your credit card works in Cuba, i.e. not a US bank issued card. Try the shop at Club Habana. Trinidad La Trova, 150 cuc for a box of 12. Very hard to find. Talisman, 331 cuc (as well) for a box of 10. Also very hard to find. I didn't see any Noellas this year (122 cucs for the jar), there were a couple of jars left last year. I did see quite a few San Cristobal Torreon jars on the shelves at 498 cucs per jar. Good price. The shop at the Conde de Villanueva had 3 or 4 of these jars.
  3. Anybody coming to Ireland, get in touch. There's always a cigar to be lit.
  4. Partagas Encuentro 2018

    Just back and going through emails but I remembered this thread. I can confirm it is the week 12 - 16 November. I confirmed that with Heriberto at Partagas on Tuesday morning.
  5. That's great. I stayed in the Tropicoco hotel once, by mistake, in 2010. It was my first trip to Cuba, actually when I met Prez for the first time, and travelling with a friend. Our Air France flight on the Sunday night after the festival was cancelled. No information at the airport, just "Cancelled". We went back to the Parque Central hotel, checked in and went to the Air France office the following morning. We got a flight out, to Gatwick, on Air Cubana on the Tuesday night, back to the Parque Central with us. Tuesday night, the Cubana flight is delayed 10 hours, no information, just "Delayed". My friend is freaking out, he's a nervous traveler, I literally had to convince him that we would see Ireland again. With the 10 hour delay, Cubana bused us back to the Tropicoco for the night. They offered us "food", the usual bright pink mechanically-recovered ham and something in the shape of croissants. We declined. We saw the room, a cinder block box like a room in a detention centre, we went back to the lobby for the night. Mojitos were $1. Some good came out of it, we got to know Ameeta Seth, she was in the same predicament as us. When I say "same", while we were in the Tropicoco lobby, one of us had our dad on the phone who had organised a car from Gatwick to the Ritz and the other one of us was bribing hotel staff so we could get on the internet to book a Ryanair flight out of London.
  6. I brought a girlfriend to see Waiting for Godot about 25 years ago. Not the most romantic date but turned out to be a good analogy for where we were heading, or not heading. I keep meaning, on St. Valentines Day, to take my wife to see the bits of his corpse on display here. I think that would be quite romantic. https://www.independent.ie/irish-news/news/watch-how-did-the-remains-of-st-valentine-end-up-in-a-dublin-church-35447058.html Though given the history of the abundance of relics in the church I was raised in there are probably couples all over Europe who could do the same. https://www.irishtimes.com/news/offbeat/love-divided-as-european-cities-compete-over-st-valentine-s-remains-1.3391177
  7. Just on Havana Club 7. The Cuban one. I'm not a big fan, and I like Cuban rums. I think I'm the only person but I get a lot of Acetone (nail polish remover) on the nose. It could even be an odd allergy I have to something because I've never heard anyone else say the same. For Havana Club sipping rums I actually prefer the Anejo Especial, rough and all as it is. As for other Cuban rums I'd prefer over Havana Club 7. Arecha 9 year old, coffee and vanilla on the nose. Santero 11 year old Cubay 10 year old Santiago Anejo, 11 and 12 Mulata 15 year old Caney Anejo Centuria, to me the best rum/price ratio in the world at $7.60 a bottle when it can be found in Cuba. Caney 12 year old. I've never had a better rum. If anyone finds it in Havana at less than $75 a bottle please let me know. And at that price I''ll be buying a few bottles. I've never found it outside Cuba. There's a mini-revolution going on in Cuban rums, it seems every time I go there are 3-4 new age-statement rums out there.
  8. I'm not saying I'd win but I'm a mod so I excuse myself from the competition but I need to post this. Someone else posted the Dunhill Malecon, once of the best cigars I've ever had, and in great company. But for me, for one cigar since the 1970s, the old style Partagas Lusitania, as it was until 1976. I like Lusitanias now but they're slightly too long. 50 rg and 10mm less in length, close to a perfect cigar for me. Here's one from 1972 beside a much younger version.
  9. I was in Florida two years ago, around Orlando, Clearwater, Naples and tried to find the Bacardi version of Havana Club, to do a taste test back here with it and the Cuban version. No sign at all of the aged stuff. One liquor store I found in Orlando had one bottle of the unaged clear stuff but I didn't bother buying it with the hassle of getting it home. For a rum that's supposed to be available around Florida I couldn't find any of the aged stuff, very few liquor store employees had even heard of it. This was in 2015.
  10. Jose Rey in Havana, who many here will know through his accommodation booking site, is also a photographer. That's how I first met him. I'm picking this up in a few weeks. I've asked for a print about 12 inches tall, though he'll do bigger. The Malecon in a storm. He used to sell through a US based photo website, I'm not sure if he still does. I'll be seeing him in a few weeks, I can ask him. Edit. Found his website. There is some stuff with tobacco interest. https://jose-rey.pixels.com/featured/tobacco-plantation-jose-rey.html Main site here. https://jose-rey.pixels.com/
  11. A bit of Rugby background. The six nations has kicked off, Ireland, England, France, Scotland, Wales, Italy. In Ireland's opening match against France, we were leading for 70 of the 80 minutes until France scored a try to go one point up. In rugby the game doesn't finish until the ball goes out of play after the time goes over 80 minutes, so Ireland had to keep the ball in play, and they did for 40 phases, it's also possible that the ref (the best referee in rugby) was feeling kind-hearted. Having said all that, Ireland could have played all day in Paris and not scored a try. The French defense, especially for a young international team, was very tight. The highlights, Sexton's cross-field kick to Earls at about 4:15 The main event, a 42 metre drop-kick at about 6:28, then the commentators' responses. Mon Dieu! Not to take pleasure in France's loss but Irish wins in Paris are rare enough. Looking forward to the finale against England on St. Patrick's day, pubs will be busy here that day. By the way, if anyone wants to join me, I'm aiming to be in the bar in the cigar lounge at the Conde de Villanueva for Ireland vs Wales on Saturday Feb 24th at 9:15am. Good fun last year.
  12. Anytime Mike! Just give the word. We'd love to have you over. For me, two weeks in a 4X4 in Iceland in June driving around the rim with a few days in Reykjavik would be great. If I had 4 weeks, I'd like to see more of Spain. A week in the north, Basque Country/Galicia/Rioja, A week in eastern Andalucia, Grenada, Murcia, Cartagena and two weeks in a zig-zag route down. Another 4 week one would be a US-trip, across the north, down the west, back the south. 4 weeks would just about do it. All these with the family of course. Actually my No. 1 bucket list trip is to get my wife and two boys to Cuba for a week or 10 days. Looking into it for Christmas. I'd love Nicola to see it. If I had 4 weeks on my own, then Cuba. On a motorbike, I'd have to learn first. Santiago, Trinidad and Holguin would be nice to see. Finish up with a few days nursing my arse in a bucket of Mojito on the patio of the Nacional. Buen Provecho!
  13. I think you'd like this Rob, the Mercedes E-class All-Terrain. 4 wheel drive and the suspension raises for a little bit of off-road stuff. Don't drive it out of warranty though, the price of those air shocks will bring a tear to your eye when they go. https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-review/mercedes-benz/e-class/first-drives/mercedes-benz-e-class-all-terrain-2017-uk-review
  14. la Puntilla update

    Looking forward to these, I'll certainly give them a go if I can find them. Thanks Prez for organising them.
  15. La Casa Del Habano custom rolls

    You'll have people recommending 72 hours freezing but 24 hours at that temp should be fine. It's bundles of cigars not bales of tobacco.

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