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  1. Very interesting collection, the reserves are very very low. The Flor de Cano Diadema box of 25 is a $20,000 box. Some of the box codes don't make sense but that's understandable.
  2. All fine here. Checked my roof this morning, no problem. Three people in the country killed by the hurricane, all from falling trees. Much more damage in Portugal where winds from the hurricane have driven wildfires and killed dozens. By the way, best of luck with the wedding on Saturday Leon! Come out for a herf soon, I think there's another one on November 9th, same location. We'll have cigars.
  3. Good question. Seeing "Life on Mars" in there reminded me of this. Not necessarily "better" but very nice all the same.
  4. Hey Leon, "avoid unnecessary journeys!" I'm in Dublin too. Not too bad yet but they're saying from about now until 5 or 6 pm here. A few of us have a herf going in McGrattans in Dublin 2 on Wednesday evening, from about 8:30 on. Come along if you can, the more the merrier.
  5. San Sebastian and Cigars

    Logroño Bar Soriano, mushrooms. The crowd inside. With a lot of these places it takes a bit of friendly elbowing to get to the bar. It's all part of it. The crowd outside Soriano The crowd on Calle Laurel. Not actually as packed as it looks, plus it was Good Friday night so busier than usual. We were there at Easter-time so there was a bit of this craic going on. It'll put the fear of God in you!
  6. San Sebastian and Cigars

    I was in that part of the world last year, as others have said, the food is great. There is a decent cigar/booze shop in the old town in San Sebastian, Estanco 31 de Agosto. it's on "31 de Agosto" Street, at the north end of the old town. Not a million miles from Cava Nava. If you haven't already booked, you are probably too late to get a table at one of the "big three" restaurants in San Sebastian, Arzak, Akelare and Mugharitz. But the pintxos are great in the old town. My top three were Bar Zeruko, Borda Berri and Bar Nestor. Nestor will need a booking to get a table, but incredible steak from 14-16 year old dairy cows (vaca vieja) that have been put out to grass for years. They have three other items on the menu, a plate of tomatoes with salt, fried green peppers and a tortilla that you'll be lucky to get. Everything's brilliant. Photos to follow. If you are in Rioja, try to visit Logroño, it's one of the great fun food places in the World. There is a street, Calle Laurel, every shop front, about 50 of them, is a bar and most serve or specialize in just one dish. Just off the top of the street is a place called Bar Soriano, all they do is mushrooms. Three fried mushrooms, bread on the bottom, prawn on top and a sauce of olive oil and garlic, 1 euro and it's brilliant. The place is great fun, there is a sense of occasion every night about the food. I can't recommend it enough. Addresses for all of these places are on Trip Advisor. Have fun. Estanco 31 de Agosto The owner and me, celebrating. Bar Zeruko, San Sebastian Zeruko Borda Berri, San Sebastian Bar Nestor La Concha Beach, San Sebastian, there's a restaurant on the boardwalk, La Perla, that'll do a decent lunch if it's beach you're after. More Pictures coming of Logroño
  7. My first box was a box of R y J Clarines in September 2001 in Marrakaech duty free, on the way back from our honeymoon. I think the box code was 1998, I still have the empty box somewhere. It was an impulse buy in the duty free, they were about $30US for the box of 25. I had been buying a few loose RyJ tubos every now and then for about 10 years before that. I smoked the last two of them about 10 years ago with my father in law, not long before he died.
  8. For anybody going, here's the official list of events, dates and prices for Partagas 2017. Monday 13, 9:00 am - 7:00 pm, Accreditation at La Casa del Habano Partagas. (i.e. buy tickets for events) Tuesday 14, 7:00 pm Welcome Dinner. Habana Libre hotel. Cigars, rum and show. 150 CUC Wednesday 15, 9:00 am Beach Day, Club Habana, beach, lunch, cigars and rum. 80 CUC Thursday 16, 7:00am Day at the countryside. Visit to rum factories in Santiago. 300 CUC. *This price must include flights (I'm guessing). The train takes 13 hours. Friday 17, 7 pm Gala Dinner. El Laguito Protocolo room. Dinner, cigars, rum, awards and auction. 250 CUC *This is a much nicer room than the opening night room in the Habana Libre, unless they have the opener in the lobby of the Habana Libre which they did in 2011. That was pleasant enough.
  9. Congratulations Jeremy

    Congratulations! The name Frederick reminds me of a story from Rob and Stuart Fox about their grandfather Freddie. Freddie was booking a hotel room in New York by telephone from Ireland in the 1950s. The receptionist took the details of the dates, room-type etc. and then asked, "Can I have your name please?" Freddie says, "Freddie Fox" Receptionist responds, "Oh yeah, well I'm Mickey Mouse!" and hangs up. Good name.
  10. Interesting and encouraging to see Havana, again, pick up the pieces so quickly after a storm/flood. I know parts of eastern Cuba got it much worse but still interesting to see how quick they are to get to the clean up. The first video was taken either Sunday night or early yesterday morning. The second video, showing some of the same streets, was taken yesterday afternoon. First video here. https://www.cibercuba.com/videos/noticias/2017-09-12-u73624-e73624-impactantes-imagenes-habana-despues-irma-tomadas-drone Second Video
  11. There's a night that didn't go down the toilet. The 2nd date should go great, now that they have all the usual crap out of the way.
  12. Here's a suggestion for a 10 event marathon over a day in Havana. 6:30 am - 8 am Sunrise on the Malecon. Bag of ice, rum, cigars. Cheer on the joggers, see if they'll join us for a drink. 8 am - 9:30 am Breakfast of a sandwich on the patio of the Nacional. Coffee and cigar. 10 am - 11 am Partagas factory shop. Coffee, rum, cigar. 11:30 - 12:15 Stroll over to the Floridita for a daiquiri and a cigar. 1pm - 3pm Santy's for Blind tasting and lunch. 3:15 pm - 4:30 pm Club Havana, coffee and a Monsdale. 5 pm - 6:30 pm Conde de Villanueva. Couple of Cristals, cigar shopping for the evening. 7pm - 9:30 pm La Guarida Dinner and a cigar. 10 pm - 11:30 pm Bar Monserrate for after dinner drinks and a cigar. 12am - 2 am Gato Tuerto or Tocororo or Espacios, depending on the weather and what's on. Live music, cigar. 2:15 - 4 am Don Cangrejo More music, drinks, cigar. 4 am - 6 am "Other nightclub" music, drinks, cigar, spectacle! 6:30 am - 8 am sunrise on the Malecon, Bag of ice etc... I think I've more than 10 there but I think the route makes sense. Anyway I think there's something for everyone in there!
  13. I'm sure I've shared this one before but it has been a while. Taken by Rob Fox's dad sometime in the late 80s/early 90s. I had never known that it was once blue. Things aren't looking so good at the time either. Fairly dilapidated and not a tourist in site. At least they were making cigars there then.
  14. I Just came across this article. http://www.bravotv.com/blogs/im-an-expert-traveler-but-i-accidentally-broke-this-one-rule-and-almost-went-to-jail-dont-let Basically, tourist leaving Cuba with 800 CUCs ($800) is detained and all the money taken off her before she can board. The CUC is a closed currency, it cannot exchanged anywhere in the world other than Cuba (and maybe unofficially in parts of Miami) and there is a law in Cuba that travelers cannot leave with any Cucs, but has this ever happened to anyone? I've been in an out about 12 times and never had my wallet searched, I usually leave with about 100 CUCs (for the airport, or for the next trip's taxi from the airport, bottle of rum etc.) I know people who regularly leave with 300-500 Cucs because they don't like waiting at the airport exchange office (I've had to wait up 45 mins) thus have their first night's expenses with them. But is searching wallets becoming "a thing", I mean more common? Is it possible that this is a new form of income for airport security staff? I'm not particularly worried as I don't take out that much but this might be worth consideration, especially for travelers to the US.
  15. Congratulations Khalil! Best of luck for the future.

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