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  1. What The Swiss...

    I know it's not required for chickens or cows but we generally don't boil them alive. There would be an uproar if we did. As the article says, experiments have shown that lobsters and crabs are sentient. The article also mentions a stun-gun-like device to stun them first, I don't see a problem with that. They'd still be alive, just not feeling the pain or as much pain. Most countries have similar laws for beef cattle, I think most of us generally agree with that.
  2. Thanks for this, interesting stuff. Laguito No.6 16.34 56 166 Double Robusto - T Prominentes 17.86 49 194 Double Corona I've seen very similar charts before. Some of these, I'm trying to get my head around. The 2 examples above, the Behike 56 and Prominente. How does the Prominente weigh more than the Behike when the Behike is over 10% bigger by volume than the Prominente? More air? Lighter tobacco?
  3. Just what I always thought, the pigtail on the Del Valle (Robusto T) weighs nothing!
  4. I get a metallic taste from most beers/lagers if they're served too cold, including Guinness. 6-8 degrees C is about right for me. Bud, Miller, Coors and their ilk, 1-2 degrees is fine.
  5. Maybe for the time of year. Somebody sent this to me recently and I think it's lovely. The Lord's Prayer sung in Aramaic by Georgians, it reminds me of music I've heard in other religions. It could be a nice reminder that we're not that much removed from each other. The chap with the beard has some set of pipes on him.
  6. As Nino says, ask for a Factura even if you are just buying a box of 10. You might not need it but they're free and it's no harm having them. Also, this is important, always have at least a photocopy of the picture page of your passport with you when buying cigars. They don't need it for ID if you're paying with cash but they won't give you a Factura without your name, nationality and passport number. To ask for a factura it's just "Hay factura por favor" When leaving Cuba at the airport, have the Facturas handy, on your person, just in case you're called. If you can show facturas you'll have no problem.
  7. Greetings from Ireland

    Welcome to FoH Jan, if you're in or near the Dublin area, a few of us meet up once a month or so for drinks/cigars. Come on along to the next one. We just met on Wednesday night in McGrattans in Dublin 2, we probably won't meet again until January but I'll let you know. It's nothing formal in any way, bring a cigar, light it up and have a drink. You'd be more than welcome.
  8. When did this start?

    I think the health warning stickers are the reason too. France has the big stickers in place already, I haven't been able to read a boxcode on a box of cigars in Charles de Gaulle airport since February last year or so. The new location will help for a while. Soon boxcodes will have to go inside the lids too.
  9. I've had one or two of these. They are very good cigars. Are they worth $200-$250 each? No. Will they sell for more than that in future? Darn tootin' they will.
  10. Consider the Adorini Deluxe range. Certainly not "high-end" but very decent mid-range. I don't have one of these but I've seen a few close up and they are very well put together. They have a great seal. Those "ribs" they use on the interior of the deluxe range are a nice idea for air-flow and for holding the movable dividers, the labels are a nice touch too. https://www.humidordiscount.com/adorini-santiago-deluxe-humidor#guide Video review here of the one with the slate exterior, but the interior will be the same.
  11. I'm aware that Netflix has some different content in different regions, but I think this should be available worldwide. A new documentary went up called "Cuba and the Cameraman" The director, a journalist, started going to Cuba in 1972 and returned every 3-5 years. Along the way he gets very close access to Fidel Castro. His segments with the three farming brothers kind of sum-up the last 40 years of Cuba's history, it's brilliant. For those who regard Fidel Castro as little more than a murderous dictator, it might be infuriating, but it's still worth a look. He gets some very candid views of Cuba over the last 40 years. Trailer here.
  12. Here's the full list of Cuban businesses affected. I actually came across this link from a Cuban newspaper. https://www.state.gov/e/eb/tfs/spi/cuba/cubarestrictedlist/275331.htm I don't want to start any political conspiracy theories but the list, at least to my foreigner's eye, seems somewhat random. For example, Marriott's Quinta Avenida hotel is not on the banned list but the Cuban partner is Gaviota (hospitality company owned by the Cuban military and owns the building). Gaviota is on the list but as the Quinta Avenida hotel is not explicitly mentioned, it seems to be OK, even though lots of other Gaviota hotels managed by outside companies (eg. Manzana Kempinski) are on the banned list. By all accounts, from everyone I've spoken to in Cuba and those outside Cuba who would know, the military ends up getting a cut from every room rental in every Cuban hotel anyway and a cut from every dollar spent in every Cuban state shop, bar and restaurant, even the few they don't directly own.
  13. I wasn't at the party but I'm hearing UAO JUL 17, TEO AUG 17 and BRE AUG 17. There may be others. Interestingly, I saw the picture of the bottom of a box posted on Facebook about 2 weeks ago from somebody who bought them somewhere.... with a code of UAO JUL 17. Prices in the UK from 575 pounds to 650 pounds for a box of 10, apart from one or two outliers mentioned above..
  14. I still have my Xikar mtx scissors. After about 10 years and 1,000s of cigars they're still sharp. I clicked the amazon link for the Number 1 and see it's advertised as "self-sharpening". No it's not. Double-bladed cutters don't sharpen themselves. They might straighten their cutting edges during use, but that's not sharpening. An easy-to-use tool for sharpening a curved blade like that of a cigar cutter or a scissors, that's something I'd be interesting in. I haven't come across one yet. I made a pig's ear of a cutter blade years ago with a Dremel tool and lack of patience.
  15. Very interesting collection, the reserves are very very low. The Flor de Cano Diadema box of 25 is a $20,000 box. Some of the box codes don't make sense but that's understandable.

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