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  1. Heh "... and Weekend"
  2. Is it same to assume that items in stock at *****INT will have the greatest probability of hitting a 24:24? For example, say a new batch of HU Winnie come in. Will they be listed in the store first, or be considered in a 24:24 with the remainder listed in the store? Similarly, say Connie A is currently in stock in the store. At some point should we expect a 24:24 of some sort, more likely than not?
  3. We have also seen three new 50 cabinets in this period come and go. These are: Saint Luis Ray Inca Regional Edition (Peru) Por Larrañaga Los Andes Regional Edition (Andes) Sancho Panza Enslavo Regional Edition (Serbia) There have also been things such as the Partagás Serie D No.4 Cabinet Humidor which might somewhat "count" as it's around the same price as some of these 50 cabinets. Perhaps others I have missed?
  4. Anyone know the official status of JL S2 in 50 cabinets? I don't see an end date on CCW (in fact, no end date for S1 in 50 cabinets either) and even with a few members assisting, can't seem to track these down anywhere :/
  5. As it turns out, I will be in town then. Would an American be tolerated?
  6. Dan, what is the "youngest" you have smoked? How did these fair young?
  7. I have a box of TOS JUL 16 and they definitely need more time. Might add a few to the singles grab bag and let the rest .. rest.
  8. Wow, other members are part of this crazy cyber security industry as well? Been 15 years for me. I have been thinking, shouldn't extortion payments be tax deductible?
  9. You could be my proxy bidder. The adrenaline rush without the monthly bill?
  10. Wait, my iPhone photography skills are impeccable! I don't know what you are implying there I am going to grab one of the new Railmaster re-issues well once they hit the gently used market.
  11. I like them. I have gotten a good amount of variety from the various box codes. The ones I picked up in Vienna were much stronger compared to the ones I bought from Prez [GOP NOV 07].
  12. Found Thank you (you know who you are)!
  13. If anyone sees a Punch Punch cab, let me know. I have a lead on one, just not a usual vendor I trust.
  14. I will be in Sydney last week in May. It would be fun to meet a few folks and this venue looks as good as any. Anyone free?

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