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  1. It's not Cuban, but it's a good smoke. Glenlivet 12 and AF Classic Hemingway
  2. Would like to have picked up those 46's. Oh well
  3. How do you get on this newsletter email list?
  4. Well I got caught up in the frenzy of the 24:24 and bought a box of HUPC. What really pushed me over the edge is that I heard it was being discontinued and figured I could recooperate any losses if I don't like them. I don't know how you guys age cigars for 1-10 years...i am ready to dig in as soon as I buy stuff.
  5. I don't necessarily like fuller body smokes, but medium to full is better. I had a Lot 23 from Perdomo the other day, and I found it was extremely weak, and didn't enjoy it at all. Some of the better smokes that I have liked are the Padron 1964, so perhaps that is my preference.
  6. So I currently have in my possession Montecristo #2, R&J Short Churchill and HdM Epicure #2. I would like to have a full spectrum of what is out there. If anyone knows of some good lancero recommendations, it would be appreciated. Overall anything would be appreciated in recommendations Trying to stay away from rolls that are $20+. This is the sampler of singles I ordered from Diane today. BOLIVAR CORONAS GIGANTES BOLIVAR BELICOSOS FINOS SLB BOLIVAR ROYAL CORONAS H.UPMANN MAGNUM 46 SLB H.UPMANN PETIT CORONAS PARTAGAS SERIE D NO.4 RAMON ALLONES SPECIALLY SELECTED RAMON ALLONES RA Club Allones LE 2015
  7. Splitting time between Oregon and Florida at the moment. Just started learning about cuban cigars, but have been smoking non cubans on and off for a few years. Currently favorite brand is Arturo Fuente. My first cubans have been Montecristo #2 and R&J Short Churchill. Just received my first box of Epicure #2, and can't wait to give them a try.

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