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  1. Do I go into panic mode and opt for a 3rd box of HUPC? I mean I doubt ill ever get through two of them.
  2. Well, I was able to pick up a second box of HUPC. I really enjoy the ones I have now, and think that fifty sticks should last me till they come back in the manufacturing queue again.
  3. Really debating picking up a second box of HUPC
  4. Selling at ten times the cost is a lot of profit. Not worth it in my humble opinion. I could see spending maybe $150 US for the effort of bringing it back.
  5. Does anyone know how much these run from the hotel? I'm looking to pick up a gray and black one, but usually see prices of $250 and up. Is that reasonable?
  6. Bolivar Beliscos Finos
  7. I have a 281, but am still waiting to have shelving/drawers put in. Im having John do two drawers and 4 shelves. Justing using the wire racks in there and the 50 looked like it would take up a good deal of room.
  8. So here is another question. What do you all do with your 50 cabs? the box is a behemoth, and won't fit in my wineador without displacing everything else.
  9. So i really have screwed up by doing 50 cabs of RASS and Punch Punch. I don't have any room for 100 sticks (if i keep them in the original packaging) in my humidor. I really think i need to steer clear of the 50 cabs. This brings me to thinking about using the humidor option with the site. I picked up a 50 cab of punch punch on 24:24 last week. Is this something that I can smoke within the month after acclimating it, or is it something that is best if let sat for over a year or so? I gotta find someone that will start doing box splits
  10. Im thinking it is probably server overload. I have accessed via an iPhone without issue..and have had issues on my home desktop, that has a better connection. So I'm going with server.

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