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  1. I actually enjoy the Don Carlos Double Robust. I only wish it had the cool opus x band. The smoke is comparable IMHO.
  2. The store itself had quite a bit of charm. My stupid cruise had a disembark time of 1900. I dont know why stores wouldnt be open later during cruise season. Most of the stores and restaurants were closed, and walking around only pissed me off the more I went searching.
  3. My cruise went to Victoria and the two shops I researched were closed. I believe I went into Old Morris and was not really impressed with the selection.
  4. Then in that case, IM OUT!!! I don't care for light blue. HAHA
  5. Still want one of those ashtrays. Nice Haul!!
  6. If you could secure a 3XL, i would be down
  7. Honing some razors and enjoying a Padron
  8. I would say I'm half way down. I find it very tannic, as my mouth feels dry after each puff and lips are zapped of moisture when the stick is to my mouth. Still underwhelmed with mildness.

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