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  1. THis is interesting considering they already have 3 years on them. Im debating between picking up a box of the Divine Inspirations or the Don Carlos Personal Reserve
  2. Do members ever go to this?
  3. Love the Liga Privada line. Give the T52 a try. Youre gonna enjoy those No 9's. No need in setting them down for years. Just let them acclimate to your humidor for about 30 days or so.
  4. Kinda. They are Eye of the Shark. It was/is released with the Don Carlos Personal Reserve 80th as well.
  5. That is what i was afraid of more or less having tons of boxes with broken seals. I am assuming the proprietor wants to recoup money, and will start pulling the best from boxes to make a purchasable box.
  6. Well the employee stated that the manager/owner usually opens the boxes. The thing that was confusing to me is that all the seals on the box were already cut, so i merely opened the lid and took a look. When the box looked like crap, I felt odd opening the seals on the next box. I had him cut all the stickers on the box and he opened it, but I told him I did want to view the cigars before I purchased them.
  7. So I was thinking about a scenario that I ran across. When i was in the LCDH in Cancun, one of the boxes of cigars that I was interested had the seals broken. Since they were broken, I opened the box to take a look at the cigars. Now the salesman that was helping me said that I wasnt allowed to do that, but when i showed him that three of the cigars were cracked he quickly changed his tune. He stated "its a good thing you opened that up". So I immediately asked him to open up another box. The box was to my satisfaction, and I purchased them. Assuming that LCDH stores will not allow you to open a box, how do you assure you are getting a quality product? On the flip side, if youre opening boxes upon boxes, arent they going to have people question why the seals are not intact? I was interested in getting someone opinions on the matter.
  8. The wrappers on the HUSW look mighty nice
  9. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    So I gifted a PLMC to a regular at the lounge, and he immediately said one good turn deserves another. Gave me this Monte 2 with a couple of years on it.
  10. Great review. Anxiously awaiting the Winnie’s on another 24:24

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