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    Mountainbiking, Vegetable Gardening, Rescue Animals, Stargazing, Transcendiary Cigars. And Beer of course.

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  1. I did a road trip stopover in Chilliwack a few years back...not much there at all.
  2. Islandboy

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    Got into PDX last night, went on a hunting expedition today where I met my goal...and then some. Broadway had a single box of Opus X Angel’s Share left, for a redonculous price of course. She saw me put the Opus X box back and reach for the Don Carlos #2’s instead. Made me a deal I couldn’t refuse if I bought both. What can I say, I’m vulnerable when on vacation 😜. My next post will be dirty pictures...of me and my bike in the woods...I promise.
  3. Islandboy

    Whats up for the weekend?

    Sorry to hear you’re down with the crummy head stuff Rob. May it run its course with great haste. Tomorrow I’ll be breaking down my bike to a ridiculous level of disassembly, so it can barely fit in what amounts to a large, clumsy hard suitcase with wheels. Saturday I’ll haul that sucker along with a few bags through the airport here, completely unpack it and repack it for TSA approval, then find my seat on a plane where the cheap red wine flows like water for a few hours, and the playlist on my headphones gently lulls me to sleep. When I awake, I’ll be in PDX to start a 2 week Pacific Northwest/Canada road trip...just me and my bike. But first I’ll have to collect my things and haul that sucker through an airport one more time. It’ll be worth it. My goal on Sunday is to hunt down a box of Opus X in the greater Portland area. If anyone has a line on where I should be looking, I’m all ears. I’ve packed a stash of yellow-and-black tubos I’ve been saving up, perhaps a cigar with a botl is in the cards.
  4. Not into processed supplements, but I do eat a lot of fish - cooked, raw - my favorite protein source. Does it help? Hell, I don’t know. It just tastes good.
  5. Islandboy

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    That’s crazy stuff....all of it.😬
  6. You guys are making me hungry.
  7. Vegemite. My step dad’s Australian, we always had the vile stuff around when I was young.
  8. My arch nemesis and primary goal in life. Please stop posting them on 24:24 one day after CoLas 😆
  9. We’re living in a fantasy world here, where HSA is powerless, and unicorns rule the earth.
  10. When they’re on....absolute brown sugar heaven! Unfortunately results can vary a fair bit. But then I’ve never had box from 24:24, until now.
  11. I agree there are some tasty NC’s out there, but the “every” part is a deal breaker - far too many dog rockets, and I would miss the Cuban twang dearly. My first instinct is to choose COLA, but as special as they are, I honestly wouldn’t want to smoke one every day - too smooth and mellow. I’d stick with smooth, add creamy and spicy and pick HdM DC.
  12. Islandboy

    Robusto's smoking great?

    Regios and Edmundos for me.
  13. Ok then allow tripping. I pretty much stopped watching NFL years ago when the games became so full of rules that they just lost their flow, sputtering from penalty to penalty. And pass interference became one of the easiest ways to gain 40 yards. And I had to witness over and over, grown men who are millions of dollars overpaid demand cheer from the audience every time they simply do their job by actually catching the ball. And oh Lord, if they don’t catch the ball and anyone was remotely near them, they act like the ref just shot their dog. They should start showing the games on the Lifetime network. Ok, rant over. Carry on. 😁
  14. This, and get rid of Pass Interference penalties.
  15. Chlorine. I was gifted a Paul Garmirian something-or-other several years back. I think the cigar was dropped in a pool at some point. A hideous tasting cigar.

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