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    Mountainbiking, Vegetable Gardening, Rescue Animals, Stargazing, Transcendiary Cigars. And Beer of course.
  1. Not meaning to jinx you, but...careful with that thing in the hot tub!
  2. I hear you. This stick really surprised me given its youth, the way it continued getting better right to the end. That’s why I’m interested in hearing from others who smoke theirs, I’m thinking I got a lucky stick from the box. I’m in trouble if they’re all this good, this young. I’ll be taking out a second mortgage on the house to pay for a few boxes.
  3. What To Get?

    Good timing, there’s a very similar and recent thread with lot’s of good advice here:
  4. Mmmm, Nice. Looking forward to trying mine, especially with the memories of that fine Lancero still fresh on my mind.
  5. There’s no clear winner. We have 8 cats. The intelligence level of our pride ranges from quite clever to downright daft. I’m living with a microcosm of society.
  6. Nice! You definitely deserve the award for best use and execution of the Christmas sampler
  7. Congratulations! Your timing was quite good...looks like you scored the one week of epic winter weather we’ve had in the last month.
  8. I forgot to mention one observation: Retrohaling was a complete failure with this stick. The citrus zing that is such an integral and wonderful part of the aroma and taste is transformed into an off-putting white pepper element on the retrohale, and it completely overpowers the elegant long finish. I had to force myself not to, as retrohaling is apparently an instinctive thing for me.
  9. Well, I went straight for one of the crown jewels of the Christmas sampler last night - the Cohiba Lancero. Now I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about this cigar, and I definitely have a liking for the Cohiba profile being that my very first CC was an absolutely remarkable CoRo. But lately I’ve found myself questioning wether my palate had developed in a direction that made the Cohiba profile seem too mild. The last Siglo III I had seemed rather flat and boring. So did the last Siglo VI. And my box of CoRo’s seems to be in some sort of a similar transformational stage of development, I hope. All of which is what made this Lancero quite significant. Turns out my palate hasn’t changed, I just haven’t been smoking the right Cohibas. I’m truly at a loss of words to describe just how good this was, or to give you a formal review on it. I will say it was in the top 5 cigars I’ve ever had, easily. It’s a pretty simple flavor profile - cocoa/coffee, honey and citrus atop a foundation of barnyard of the finest kind. But the way this cigar balanced all of those flavors, and the way the whole olfactory orchestra intensified over the course of smoking it was something to behold. It seemed every time I thought it absolutely could not get any better than this, the next puff would bring on a new level of classic Cohiba perfection. I reeeeaaally enjoyed this Lancero, can you tell? Needless to say, construction, draw and burn were all spot on. This cigar actually causes a conundrum in my mind. It was so good, and hit all the right notes of taste to make it a special experience, I have a really hard time imagining that any amount of age could possibly improve things. If I had a box of these (or rather, if ONLY I had a box of these), I’d be a bit concerned with the effects time may have on them. I’ll be really interested to hear what others have to say about their AMO Jun 16 Lancero. Aloha, Brad
  10. Nice review, thanks! I’ve recently taken a real liking to the H Upmann profile as well. This will be my first HUPC...hopefully not my last I like your “nose to barrel” note. I do this all the seems to be where all the really good flavors/smells are.
  11. I agree that you have no cause for was a very pleasant cigar, it just didn’t grab me. I think my palate has gotten spoiled by recent RyJ Churchills and a Sir Winston, both exceptional cigars. And as FatPete mentions, this was just one stick of many, and every box I have has had a few “meh” sticks mixed in with the interesting ones. I think age will do these well.
  12. Dumpsta Dive-in

    Here’s a little known fact: we get snow here on Maui more frequently than you. Roughly once every 2 or 3 years, the summit of Haleakala receives a dusting. This happens when a powerful enough cold-front roots through, and certain other conditions are met. It usually all melts the same day though. And of course, Mauna Kea on the Big Island remains mostly covered in at least some snow each winter.
  13. Well done! I watched these while smoking my Don Alejandro, followed by my Petit Edmundo. I’m completely with you on the PE, pleasant but young tasting. The nutty chocolate is definitely there. I must admit, I prefer the HdM PR in this format, only because I really like brown sugar sweetness over chocolate in my cigars. Keep ‘em coming gents. Cheers!
  14. My first pick to smoke from the 2017 Christmas sampler...because I had lots of time on my hands. My apologies for the lousy smart phone pic. This is a...LARGE cigar. Cold draw is full of fresh tobacco. A refreshing taste comes to mind. It starts off nice enough, nothing off-putting. Woody and earthy. Draw is a bit tight, but workable. A slight element of brown sugar is noticeable on the aroma, but the taste remains mostly woody. Strength is somewhere between mild and medium. Nothing really changes for the first two thirds, I really like the brown sugar on the aroma (not so much in the taste though). Reminds me of coffee cake with the brown sugar crust. Taste is pretty one dimensional. No wow factor, just pleasant. Things develop a bit in the final third, starting with a noticeable zing on my tongue - slightly bitter even. A bit of restless youth, methinks. Slowly the zing turns for the better to reveal an uptick in aromatic spices - sweetish baking spices if you will, which is more in line with the Famosos I have had. It continues to the end like this, hitting a few ticks past medium strength. Burn has been nearly perfect the whole way. Overall, a pleasant cigar, but honestly, nothing special to my palate. More time would likely change this. Definitely a nearly 2 hour experience.
  15. By the looks of it, all that’s missing are Ginger and Mary Anne.

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