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    Mountainbiking, Vegetable Gardening, Rescue Animals, Stargazing, Transcendiary Cigars. And Beer of course.
  1. Beautiful! Ever since the Christmas sampler stick knocked my socks off, my new goal in life is to score a box.
  2. After a horrible experience last night with my first La Colmena Black Honey, I need to point out that the La Colmena I speak of above that I find “cubanesque” is the No. 44, roughly the same size as a Coloniales (almost a look-a-like, actually). Man, that Black Honey was absolutely awful! It was obviously too young, but the disappointment goes way beyond that. After I clipped it, it drew air like a straw....the most overly-open cigar ever. I was an inch into it in about 5 minutes. And it so completely lacked taste and aroma, I doubt any amount of time would have helped. The most prominent taste was burning paper. Guess I’ll throw the remaining 4 in the back of the humidor and try to forget how much I plunked down for a fiver.
  3. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Now that’s a picture of perfection.
  4. Another cigar that I’ve found to be pepperless with creamy hay is RoMa Intemperance EC XVIII. EC for Ecuador Connecticut. Quite nice in a distant Cuban HdM way. This has me thinking. The few NC’s that I find “Cubanesque”, are only so because of a hay/honey/cream element - a la Cohiba, Trinidad, HdM, etc. I’ve found absolutely nothing in an NC that remotely captures that special aromatic spice nearly all Cubans have, some more than others. The sweet baking spices of an Upmann, the fruit ’n spice of an RyJ, the uniquely bold spices of a Bolivar, the brown sugar/molasses of so many others - I’ve found those only in a Cuban.
  5. I was going to mention a particular Room 101 cigar I have, but I figured since they are no longer being made (I think, unless Davidoff still makes them), I thought it made no sense. But yeah, I’ve got a box of Room 101 Master Collection 2 Lanceros from 2014 that are blowing my socks off with the hay and honey and graham cracker. A very under-the-radar release from Matt Booth that apparently weren’t all that special when they first came out - but with 4 years on ‘em, wow.
  6. That is the distinctive band of a regular production Don Carlos, one of the few AF blends I find appealing these days. A bit sweet, a bit creamy...
  7. I second Warped La Colmena. Somewhat Cohiba-ish flavors. Somewhat.
  8. It’s definitely more of a crapshoot than with CC’s, IMHO....there’s a much wider ranging taste spectrum that are more extreme on both ends. The stuff members post here isn’t a bad place to start.
  9. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Last night was a great example of how a cigar’s aroma or taste can magically transport you back to a very specific place in the past. I love when that happens.
  10. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    I know...another NC, but it’s a weekday ritual for me until they’re whittled down to make room. Had this single in my humidor for a few years. Started off meh, but by the end it was holy s**t good. Took me all the way back to 12 years old, on vacation in NZ, tasting my first Cadbury fruit and nut bar....the real stuff before they sold out to Nestle. Nub worthy.
  11. I agree. I’m still in the process of reducing a large inventory of NC’s, mostly on weekday evenings. If my experience hasn’t been so good, as happens often (CC’s absolutely ruined it for nearly everything else in my humidor), I find myself looking for a CC “chaser”.
  12. I already worked through mine over the holidays, and it was a sheer joy to do so - thanks for reminding me! While there were a few meh sticks in there for me, there were also some great ones. By far the most memorable - I can almost taste it now - was the Cohiba Lancero. I got lucky with a CoLa that was completely on its game, which caught me by surprise given its youth. A sublime experience. Enjoy the rest of yours!
  13. I LOVE my FoH lighter. I think it’s the way you grip it, compared to more conventional lighters. Seems more natural to me.
  14. Gnocchi: Pasta or Potatoes?

    Potato pasta.
  15. The demise of HDM

    Apparently Hoyo’s been using all the good leaf on the DC’s - a recent discovery that has me all goo-goo eyed for that beauty queen. Just hope she stays away from the crack jar.

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