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  1. Look at these little darlings Thanks Diana and El Pres
  2. Oh he will get hurt... the thing is he will just keep playing. That guy is superhuman. As far as the Eagles .. anyone's guess sadly.
  3. Thanks ! Fixed scrolling on iPad instantly
  4. Inventory

    No it's not. I remember reading on Cigar Geeks forum that the new version of app wasn't approved by Apple due to the "tobacco" thing. (if my memory serves me correct I use the link right off the web site to get to mine currently. Kind of getting tired of it actually. I mean for my CC I have two tuppedors that hold about 5 boxes each, ( only have 4 box total so far) and two desktop tuppedors with cedar trays for my loose stick purchases. I know what I have - kind of gets to be a hassle to delete one from inventory every time you grab one. I don't know- guess I'm looking to simplify things not make another chore. Not knocking anybody that does...
  5. Inventory

    Yep. Cigar Geeks on the web has a pretty good online humidor I use. Also a great online community in general. Have had a good time with their web based HERF thing they have going on utilizing Google Hangouts. Maybe we could try that here ... it's fun and great way to hang out and enjoy a Habanos together.
  6. The "books" humidor is the best... Wow what a nice piece that is.
  7. Future Son in Law?

    Wow .. Interesting thread for sure. As a father of two girls, (senior in college and a senior in high school), this really makes me think. I'll be following along to see how this goes.
  8. Nope.. I was good tonight. Bummer
  9. From El Presidente Petite Corona Punch Punch
  10. I've been looking at the same ...

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