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  1. tanking? ever acceptable?

    In the NFL or NBA, one superstar player (qb) can transform the team from basement dwellers to championship contenders. Play poorly enough one year and you’ll be set for the next decade or beyond: see Tim Duncan, Peyton Manning, etc In sports like the MLB one player has much less impact, so tanking is just embarrassing and unsportsmanlike.
  2. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Quintero Panetela ELS MAY 15 not bad for €35 a box
  3. Santa teresa solera 1796. Underrated!
  4. If you don’t smoke often you’ll inevitably have some nice aged cigars down the line, so pick something that will age well
  5. La Casa Del Habano custom rolls

    You’ll certainly be able to find some customs just showing up, but there’s no guarantee you’ll find a specific cigar especially if they’re popular. I’d add Milagros at Hotel Nacional to that list. Very good cigars, bunch of different vitolas available.
  6. I like this idea, hope I can make it next week
  7. My Tupperdore Projects

    Once the bovedas dry out a bit they’ll absorb the extra humidity from the air. When they’re brand new they won’t be able to absorb excess moisture.
  8. La Casa Del Habano custom rolls

    Each shop has a different roller. Which customs are you looking for?
  9. MIght as well start it off now. I don't think usps is any better or worse at different times of the year
  10. Cryptocurrencies

    Bitcoin has about tripled in value over the past month. Not too shabby a return! Gotta pay for those 24:24 somehow!
  11. First 24:24 purchase

    Enjoy them! Mine should be on their way as well
  12. Whoa that’s out of control!
  13. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Montecristo Open Regata tubo with a few years of age in it. Pleasant surprise, smooth and delicious.
  14. That’s a really nice looking shop and lounge

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