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  1. Once Cuba closes....

    What are my options of flying in through a third country? Canada and Mexico aren't attractive because of the duties paid on Cuban cigars while passing through.
  2. Trading custom rolled.

    I'll have to swim from Dominican Republic to get back into Cuba. Well, once I learn how to swim.
  3. August Trip Report

    Not at all! I'm glad you had a great trip and snagged great cigars. Next time get Maique to sign your Behike ashtray. or ask Robaina to sign a box of cigars at 5th avenue. It'd be great for story for your cigar buddies.
  4. I figure the outside of the building was safe. The people giving us the tour were a bit camera shy since they discontinued tours inside the factory.
  5. Yes! A ton, but we were asked not to post them online.
  6. Trading custom rolled.

    Is there a website where I can trade custom rolled cigars? I know there is a section here, but I'm not close to enough posts needed to enter.
  7. What to buy while in Havana

    You won't find any aged boxes in Cuba. But right now there are tons of regionals and LE, SLR Marquez and LE Dantes. If you get lucky, you may find other LE but you have to know how to get them.
  8. Older couple need advise for cuba travel

    Hurry and book your trip because the door for Americans is closing soon. Trump made his speech June 16. And it may take the Dept of Treasury 3-4 months to get their guidelines straight. Don't delay, it's worth the trip. If you need a recommendation on guides just let me know
  9. Real US CC Import "Limits"

    LAX is very easy on cubans cigars at this point. I declared my cigars and they still waived me through without sending me to the search area. Which is good because I had almost 50 bundles/boxes.
  10. Currently, there aren't any public tours through el laguito. So yes, you have to know someone to get in. Our guide was able to get us to a tour because he was good friends with the director of the factory. It's awesome to see, and the factory is currently making the Cohiba Majestuosos and Grandiosos 1966's. They will fill the 1966 humidors and sell them for 100k and 300k
  11. August Trip Report

    Awesome report! Which terminal do you leave out of? I had heard terminal 3 was a nightmare and that the customs agents there like to confiscate custom cigars. The west coast flights fly though terminal 2 and it's pretty chill there. As I was leaving on my last trip, customs room wasn't even open. The didn't search any luggage for any flight out of terminal 2 that day.

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