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  1. So far you are safe. He announces tomorrow but it appears there will be a 90 day delay to implement Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  2. For him it's not a big deal - just an irritation. For me - Carajo! That sucks bigtime. He found out I was going to Cuba June and July so I'll try to get them re-wrapped. Sent a picture to a couple rollers and they said it can be done. I'll try and post pictures.
  3. This friend has a huge collection, and he only smokes rare vintage cigars. I'm guessing he doesn't have the time to fly for such a small order. They were Cifuentes. The brand no longer exists and I think this brand was the previous owner of the Partagas factory pre-revolucion. Discontinued in 1970?
  4. I'll be there in June and July. If you like Cohiba, don't miss Alex at the Commodoro and Yolanda right next door at Melia Habana. Bring family with you! I use mine as mules. 8 bundles per person shouldn't be too hard with proper planning.
  5. I wasn't aware that US customs used this tactic. A friend ordered 6 very rare cigars from a collector in France. Approximate worth of the cigars was $4,000. It was easy to see the cigars were valuable because of the care in the shipping. IS sorting facility in New York, arrived in California with the yellow tape. All 6 cigars were slashed neck to foot. I would include pictures but I didn't ask permission from friend. I was shocked at the mean hearted-ness. No confiscation, no letter, just slashed cigars.
  6. Sweet cheese and crackers! Let this not be true.
  7. No, those are old articles. None of the big banks wanted to take a chance. It's not worth the capital outlay until things get sorted out politically.
  8. Where did you read this? As far as I know, it's very limited to two small banks having credit cards for Cuba. Stone gate and banco popular
  9. I got hit with fraud by an host. And it was frustratingly difficult to get refunded by airbnb, their customer service is almost nonexistent
  10. I had a discussion with two very knowledgeable cigar guys and they boasted that wrapper has very little to do with cigar taste, less than 3%. Of course I was dubious, so they laughed at my disbelief and went about an experiment. They took the wrapper off my cigar except for the neck which was held by the band. So the very little wrapper that was left was above the band. After I got over my shock (and put aside the aesthetics of naked filler), they were correct. Very little if any taste difference without the wrapper. I think most of the taste of the wrapper is your lips touching the wrapper before the puff. With regards to actually burning the wrapper - very little difference.
  11. I feel Rh is personal preference. Cuba keeps their Rh at 70-75. Most in the USA 65ish. I like cigars at both, so I just keep one humidor at 70 and one at 65. I tend to like fresh cigars (which is my way of saying I'm piss poor at aging cigars). The humidor I keep at Rh 70 is a eurocave so I can control temperature. The humidor that is Rh 65 is pendergast so I'm not as able to control it's temperature.
  12. Al Carbon near the Museo de Revolucion. Suckling pig. juicy. crackling. Do not miss.
  13. There are lots of nice casas! I suggest using or airbnb. If you use airbnb, definitely make sure the listing has multiple reviews. There are a lot of scammers on airbnb cuba. Ripping copies of pictures and putting up fake listings. Most American credit cards won't work. There is one bank in florida, Stonegate. I've been waiting two months for a decision from them, sounds like a mickey mouse operation. And yes, it sucks but cash works best right now. Bring a mix of euro and dollar. You will lose 6% with euro (3% to change to euro and another 3% to change to cuc) Exchanging dollar to cuc through legal avenues, you lose 13%. If you are comfortable, you can use the black market. Lots of casa owners will exchange US dollars for a 0-8% fee. Cubans need dollars to buy foreign goods. I had no issue changing at every casa and some restaurants at 0-5%, It'll take some negotiations. The casas I stayed at were eager to change 1-2k at a time.
  14. That's shocking. We traveled March 26, a party of 17, through Alaska Air Terminal 2. The line went from Alaska desk out to the curbside where the parking lot is, then stretched almost the whole length of the terminal along the outside. I've never seen a check in line like that.
  15. So I've heard nice things and seen great pictures of Cayo Largo. Family wants to visit there in December. However, our question is about the flights there. It seems to be Cuba air, and we are worried about the safety of russian planes cared for by Cuban airlines. How bad are the flights? I know it's 25 min flight, but I don't want it to be a terribly exciting 25 minutes.

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