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  1. Health be up you.. Trini Topes is my stunner of the year.
  2. Las Vegas cigar bars

    Rhumbar always has great scenery,, yeah SCENERY! Their drinks are good, but cigars overpriced, bring your own!
  3. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Absolute Gem
  4. Opus X

    Those are aged!!
  5. 2 on the golf course and 2 during the week, so Id have to say 4-5...... If its been a bad day, then toss in how many it takes to make it better!
  6. FOH'ers Daily Beer

    Pumpkin barleywine
  7. FOH'ers Daily Beer

  8. Wine Gadget

    Great ideal... Id buy one!
  9. I prefer ruby or tawny ports.. Its all a matter of preference!
  10. his idea not MINE

    Cant say I feel sorry for him or her!

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