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  1. Had to hurdle this 2.5 footer while on a run last week.. Thankfuly he was jus catching a sun ray and not coiled!
  2. Nice sour collection.
  3. Pure dessert
  4. dang that soda looks refreshing.... Id mess it up by adding a splash- well cup of vodka!
  5. Coffee n Cuban. Forgot how well they pair!
  6. Poorly trained police officers... Officer was told there was a CCW permit and gun in car....... OK, don't no one move and where is the gun.... Get him out of car and pat him down, find gun and secure it. He had a backup officer, in 23 years as a cop, I've never seen a guy try to take out 2 cops at one time, not to say it hasnt happened before.. I just see horrible tactics.
  7. Not bad for a sour!
  8. Well deserved!!! And he golfs, WINNER!
  9. I got what he was saying.
  10. Don't know PapaD, mine have held up quite well over the ten years Ive had mine, even with all the pool swimming. The art comes from the designer/drawer and his skill level and I guess its buyer better do his/her research before getting something permanent. Originality, comes from the person requesting it, I haven't seen anyone in person with my African designs and Im asked about it frequently. Good thing with my two, if I don't want them shown, you'll never know I had them. I think criticism is cool, if both points are looked at respectfully.
  11. Good point, just an expression of art. That's the good thing about getting a tattoo, you need to be at least 18, which means youre making an adult decision. Better thing to catch my attention than complaining about what someone does to their own body.
  12. Kinda harsh to drive your opinion onto everyone else.. Some like them and will get them.. Some don't like them and will abstain.

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