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  1. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    So out of all them which was the best and why?
  2. Let's talk Steak

    Yeah wow great price for Wagyu beef. You can't even get choice beef for that here. They have good deals here in Arizona bought a whole brisket for 17 dollars a couple months back. Wish I could get great Wagyu with out paying 50 dollars a pound. I have not found a shop out here that sells it only online.
  3. Let's talk Steak

    I am all about but steak. Especially Australia with Wagyu beef. Is it cheaper in Australia than the States? Also I grill my steaks and then use black or white truffle butter. It's amazing that way
  4. La Casa Del Habano custom rolls

    Seems like a lot of money for robustos when they can be had for 180-200. The idea of customs is awesome but at what cost. It seems like everyone selling them no matter where wants to make a buck.
  5. You liked the la puntilla? How was it to you?
  6. La Casa Del Habano custom rolls

    They look amazing though. That's sucks about being under filled. Are you planning on going back any time soon? I wonder how the rollers are to communicate with letting them know their sticks were under filled if they take the extra time to make them perfect? I bet Alex sticks are awesome though
  7. Cuba November 2018

    @Ken Gargett are you going to Cuba in November?
  8. La Casa Del Habano custom rolls

    Great lookibg cigars with all the suggestions what rollers and vitolas did you choose? Also what was pricing?
  9. Warehouse Showdown

    Those punch look beautiful. Great cigar at a very reasonable price. I wonder how those will age 10 years from now
  10. Save 'em or smoke 'em?

    This is an interesting question. A member like Rob at some point with probably hundreds of boxes can choose to stop collecting and start smoking. But what about the new member when do they say ok stop collecting and smoking. Or do you do both. Awesome question just different perspectives based on their cigar journey. I for myself am a saver always waiting for that special moment that years later wonder why I did not just smoke it.
  11. I'm the same way oliver
  12. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    What car is that your rocking?
  13. NFL Draft - 2018

    Grew up in Orchard Park. Lived a couple miles from the stadium and my parents live on the same street as Jim Kelly. We need a quarterback this year so bad. With out one were doomed. GO BILLS...#billsmafia
  14. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Wow how was it?

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