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  1. 24:24 WEDNESDAY

    Yeah nice price. To expensive for me but amazing being part of such a cool brotherhood that we even have opportunities for amazing cigars like this.
  2. Trinidad La Trova

    Wow those look wonderful. The wrappers look perfect. The whole pricing thing seems very complicated.
  3. Trinidad La Trova

    I hope to see them before the Christmas break
  4. I had no idea about the pinning or pegging. Good call signaljoe. Shaffer22 is up next should be getting the box today or tomorrow.
  5. Seeing that shark would be awesome. That daredevil that fell 69 stories would have been better off swimming with the monster.
  6. steelcity your last so its going to be crazy what its going to be like when it gets to you in 25 more people. Im excited to see.
  7. Wow man you put in some wonderful cigars. We are very grateful. Thanks we are off to a pretty awesome start. Of course it's approved.
  8. Please let us know the cigar picks and how they smoked point system or mini reviews.
  9. Wow cigars looks Awsome
  10. Omg your killing me I know. Seems to be a Scottsdale thing everyone has Botox and Louis Vuitton purses
  11. Your right though about getting the best you can afford and have them at special times. I don't get to smoke much anyway. Maybe one every month or so.
  12. So in the interest of saving a few bucks I have two choices I have not had either cigar. But a box of Connie1s or Hoyo de Monte epi 2? Opinions?
  13. Favorite Steak House

    I think Ruth Chris steak house because it never varies, you can go to a Ruth Chris in Orlando and Scottsdale and they will both taste the same
  14. Hello From Arizona

    Kyle, welcome and congrats. I live in North Scottsdale so not to far. There are some pretty good places to smoke around as i am sure you know.

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