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  1. @cfc1016. I think there is; if you look back, many members have taken some aged sticks and placed in nice cigars for sure but not aged they put in what they had. There are of course some cigars still in the pass which are from 2016-2017. So I believe there is a wide range for brothers to choose from.
  2. @Martin_F no need for amazing cigars. Although there are some amazing cigars in there there are average cigars as well. This pass was designed for brothers like you in mind. We want you to be able to try everything maybe some aged some new and some great sticks.
  3. @JLFIRST you have some great cigars there my friend and I'm excited to see when the pass gets to you.
  4. @leemack912 I think your right about that. I would feel guilty even smoking it and could you even imagine being interupted. There really is so much to choose from here. Just a perfect way to try new cigars and see what you like.
  5. A box of Lusitania GR boxes are retailing for 3000-3750 euros so that's 3600- 4600 dollars for 15 cigars. This cigar comes from the habanos festival so a full year before the origional release giving it even more special of a value. I would almost wager that it would be almost impossible to purchase except for those who attended the gala and did not smoke there cigars.
  6. Monte 4 are great but if the cost is the same would you choose HUPC or Monte 4 for short term smoking and long term aging never mind the fact about the d/c of the HUPC? @shaffer22
  7. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Hoyo petit corona from @HoyoFan it was great loved it. Creamy and did not want it to end.
  8. That looks wonder I do want to clarify one thing it was a montecristo Dante EL that was the take not a HDM. I hope you enjoy that @leemack912 it’s an amazing cigar especially with another couple of years on it. Also putting in the 1502 xo which everything I have seen it an amazing put. Cigar vixen cigar of the year last year. Thanks so much leemack it was a real honor talking to you one of my favorite youtubers. I will update the pass contents a bit later leemack was awesome and made a spreadsheet which is very helpful. Thanks again
  9. i just emailed @leemack912 about his takes and puts. I should be hearing from him shortly and then the pass will be off most likely tomorrow or Saturday.
  10. So I would say since I'm not a drinker I have tried a Guinness loved it and left handed stout great beer. You have talked about the BBF have Guinness like cream maybe a Connie 1 and Hoyo especial or a Hoyo no 2 with a couple years. The creamy smoke would probably complement eachother nice.
  11. Cuban: RASS LAU MAR 16 X2 SAN CRISTOBAL EL PRINCIPE TOS MAY 16 San Cristobal EL Principe EMB FEB 15 PARTAGAS SERIE D NO 4 SOM OCT 15 PARTAGAS SERIE D NO 4 TOR OCT 16 X2 MONTECRISTO PETIT EMUNDO MEF FEB 16 X2 PARTAGAS LUIS OBM ABR 16 BOLIVAR BELICOSOS FINO SOM SEP 16 X2 Cohiba Siglo VI (EAG JUL 15) Por Larranaga Petite Corona (EML MAY 14) Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro (BMP JUN 16) Bolivar Belicosos Fino 2006 Partagas Lusi 2014 Ry&J Churchill MUL OCT14 Cohiba Siglo I AMO ABR 17 Cohiba Siglo II ORG NOV 16 Ramon Allones PC AME JUL 15 Partagas Serie D No 4 AEP MAR 07 Cohiba Lancero AMO SEP 16 Quai D’Orsay Coronas PEL MAY 07 Montecristo #2 UBM JUL 17 Sancho Panza Non Plus BOR ABR 16 Du Prince PTS NOV 06 2015 Du Prince Upmann Connie A LUB ENE 14 Siglo II SGA SEP 16 Montecristo Dante SUM DIC 16 Montecristo Especial #2 AUM Mar 14 VR unico 2016 Bolivar Royal Corona 2008 Alex custom Piramides from May 2017 Custom Johnny O Tailsman Custom Johnny O WF Lancero 11/17 x 4 Cohiba Robusto BMP OCT 16 2009 Winnie—From 5er Unk Code 1998 Punch Churchill—OASU-FR 6/1998 2011 HDM Des Dieux—2011 Unk Code 5er 2009 SLR Pacificos—MOS AGO 2009 2012 SCDLH El Morro—AME DIC 2012 2013 BCG—ESO OCT14 2014 PL MonteCarlo—EML SEP14 2007 PLP—Unk Code box Split 2014 RGPC—RAE OCT14 Montecristo 80th Aniversario (RUM AGO 17) Montecristo 2 (UBN JUL 17) HU Half Corona (SOM MAR 17) HU Magnum 54 (MEG AGO 16) Juan Lopez Sel 2 (OPS NOV 16) Boli CE (50 cab) POS FEB 07 Upmann Mag 46 (50 cab) PSL OCT 06 Hoyo DC (50 cab) BLU FEB 09 Hoyo Du Gourmet SOT JUN 11 LGC MdO No. 3 OSU OCT 00 Punch RS 11 ASB NOV 06 SLR Churchill PUT DIC 06 SLR Serie A (50 cab) EUS MAY 11 Party Lusi Gran Reserva 2007 1of 2 from the Habanos festival gala dinner Montecristo No 2 MEL FEB 17 Bolivar PC ETP FEB 17 H Upmann Connie 1 MEG MAY 16 Cohiba Robusto RUE OCT 16 Cuaba Distinguido TOS MAY 17 Non-Cuban ALEC BRADLEY CRESCENDO FROM 2012 GURKA EUROPEAN SELECTION HABANO FROM 2011 PARTAGAS CHICOS A COUPLE OF THEM JUST FOR PEOPLE TO TRY OUT FEEL FREE TO TAKE ONE IF THEY ARE STILL THERE Padrón 1964 Anniversario Diplomatico Maduro Opus XXX Warped Skyflower Davidoff the masters selection 2007 Opus X A coffin Quesada Oktoberfest Das Boot '17 Quesada Oktoberfest Kaiser Ludwig '17
  12. Lol maybe someone else will have one and put it in for you. There are a lot of people to go and some really heavy hitters in terms of length in the forum so I am sure they have some amazing cigars to put in. I am curious what @Habana Mike has up his sleeve. Can't wait to see how he spices it up. Also @leemack912 if you can post pics of the box and contents it would be greatly appreciated if you have trouble you can just email and I will post them for yah.
  13. Wow great trades. I hope you enjoy the PLPC. I hope with 11 years on it that Carmel is really at the forefront of that cigar. Enjoy man.
  14. @shaffer22 we have not heard from you in a while I hope all is well.

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