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  1. Short break wih a HUHC. Such a great cigar. Definitely thumbs up.
  2. Breakfast with a HUHC and a very nice view.
  3. And finally a Partagas Anejados.
  4. Enjoying this beautiful day with a tasty Cohiba Maduro Magicos.
  5. Starting with a Partagas Anejados.
  6. This Hospital is really nice and the surrounding is just awesome. It's close to Zürich.
  7. And my final cigar for today: Cohiba Siglo 6 (nice and smooth)
  8. French cuisine today. ERdM RE Francia, until now a solid good smoke but the previous PL was much better.
  9. PL RE Francia, I need definitely more of those. I am impressed. Live in hospital can be so nice.
  10. Some pics of my cigars I smoked the past few days. PL RE GB Upmann Royal Robusto with a very bright and flat wrapper, but the taste was ok. A really perfect Cohiba Robusto And now I am smoking my first Punch 48. Until now, I like it very much. Sure, it needs some time to get perfect, but it's worth the money. And I smoked several HUHC (all very brilliant).
  11. Partagas Maduro at the morning. I am running dry, need ammo. I have to buy more cigars on the weekend for my hospital stay.
  12. Another day in hospital. I smoked an Upmann Magnum 50 in the morning and I am having a Partagas Anejados right now.
  13. I had an Upmann Magnum 50 this morning and a Partagas Maduro No. 1 this evening.
  14. Bolivar RE 5ta Avenida
  15. That Cohiba Maduro Genios starts brilliant.

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