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  1. Partagas Anejados
  2. HdM Epicure de Luxe from 2014, needs still more time and my wife smoked a Laura Chavin mini cigar.
  3. Upmann Magnum 50
  4. Partagas Anejados
  5. Bolivar RC from 2012. After this cigar I realized again that I should pay more attention to the standard cuban range. There you get definitely more value for money.
  6. I had a solid HdM Anejados today.
  7. As I wrote before, me too.
  8. There is a transit seal below, thats right. But I don't want to spred panic, but I only know seals looking like this: Maybe I am wrong and there is a newer version. May I ask for the production date, please? Out of humidor, I checked a box of 2014 where the transit seal is visible and it shows the same seal which can be found at this website.
  9. From time to time I like the BHK, but the 52 I like most. This one is from 2013.
  10. Some months ago, I baught a box BHK 52 with a code from 2016 in a german LCDH:
  11. I also prefer the Partagas Anejados. I smoked a bit more than a box of them and all of them were fine. My second favourite Anejados is the HdM, which I smoked as often as the Partags, also without any issues. Both are mild, not very complex, but a very nice midday smoke.
  12. A 2014 H. Upmann Magnum 50, quite a good midday smoke.
  13. Partagas Maduro No.1, outstanding.
  14. Punch RE Asia Pacifico 2006 From the first to the last draw it is evolving nicely.
  15. I smoked my first RA RE Belux 2016. A mild cigar with no unpleasant side effects (due to it's young age). But I was a bit bored, because the taste of it's last draw was equal to it's first. Burn and draw was perfect.

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