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  1. If one has a problem with wiping mold off your cigars and smoking them, I can understand (and your cigars shouldn't really be getting moldy in the first place!). Personally, I don't think it's that big a deal, if you can wipe it clean and it smells like you want to smoke it. If your cigar smells mildewy, definitely chuck that sucker. My understanding is that you can't necessarily tell if a mold is toxic by its color. https://www.bioidea.net/resources/pathogenic-yeasts-candida-and-cryptococcus/
  2. In my humble opinion, I don't believe this represents a significant health risk. If you can wipe off the growth, the only thing really left is spores. Fungal spores are all over essentially everything, so in theory it shouldn't be much different than cigars that have never seen growth in the first place. If you see mold in the foot, it would be impossible to remove from the cigar. The growth of the mold itself can contain lots of nasty compounds. I would consider mold on the foot to be a deal breaker myself.
  3. 12 grams for $420 means it's part hashish... Not for the casual smoker crowd to be sure.
  4. https://www.google.com/amp/halfwheel.com/stolen-fuente-container-recovered-mostly-empty/147249/amp
  5. Southern California! Only venomous snake in this area is the Rattlesnake - whose reputation is far more fearsome than the snake itself.
  6. Just had an encounter with a King this weekend - magnificent creature, with a most welcome presence (even if I had to gently escort him outside 4 times).
  7. If you want that mold identified, let me know! I work for a testing lab and can get likely get it DNA sequenced and positively IDed. Yes it's mold.
  8. Jeez the marketing for Prefect Draw is getting out of hand
  9. A perfectly cromulent conversation!
  10. Have you been using DEET based mosquito repellent? This happened to me once on a camping trip, turned out that DEET was the culprit...
  11. Wait what? Coffee oils are unsaturated oils, subject to becoming rancid. Why on earth is soap not ok?
  12. Aeropress is a fun contraption that makes great coffee VERY quickly. It seems like a gimmick, until you use one. Worth the $20 it costs online to buy one to try. The best coffee depends on your taste: Sweet - Espresso Oily - French Press Smooth - Pour-Over Ceramic or Chemex Heavy - Cold Brew (New Orleans Style) For my money, the best tasting coffee always comes from a affordable pour over drip setup (one cup at a time). Use much more ground coffee than you think you need and use less water when brewing! More grounds = better brew. Make it strong as the devil and if you want more volume of coffee, add hot water to the brew at the end (ala Cafe Americano). The reason for this approach: The most desirable flavors (to most) are extracted / washed off the coffee first. The best caffeine / oils / sugars all come off the coffee within the first 40 seconds of exposure to 195F-200F water, which is why espresso is so excellent tasting. When you pour over, though, you can't force the water through as quickly, and have to increase water exposure time and volume. After this initial ideal extraction period, you start to extract the less water soluble compounds - mostly bitter polysaccerides / phytocompouds - that make the brew start to taste acrid and bitter. If that's to your taste (say you love French Press), great, but IMHO it fouls the cup. Source: Protein Chemist with 10 years chromatography experience and former barista

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