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  1. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    7 Year Old ESG... simply perfect.
  2. 24:24 Today and Weekend

    Obligatory XKCD
  3. Who here vapes?

    Vaping = Using a vaporizer to heat small amount of liquid (typically vegatable glycerin/propylene glycol) that has nicotine (or THC/CBD) and flavoring dissolved in it into vapor to inhale it. It "tastes good" and carries a buzz (either nicotine or THC). I recommend you mute this video, but here is the idea. Used to be called e-cigarettes, but "vaping" sounds more hip I suppose.
  4. 24:24 Today and Weekend

    But in the old days, no forum No ordering from 24:24 at work via smartphone And no poofters (and everyone was named Bruce)
  5. Per the article, only thing stolen were Tabak Especial Dulce Robusto and Undercrown Shade Belicoso.
  6. What would you buy - Baby Edition

    Thanks for all your help everyone! Greatly appreciated, the perspectives and sentiments are as valuable as the suggestions themselves.
  7. What would you buy - Baby Edition

    Thanks for the great suggestions all! Baby Casey born January, so something ENE 17 would be be ideal.
  8. Let's say (perhaps hypothetically) you have your first child. What 2017 box do you buy to smoke once a year on the birthday (minimum 20 count)?
  9. Thanks for the links, much appreciated! O / H get transferred from cigars to the environment (since dried tobacco is rather hygroscopic), so I would assume that it would be extremely difficult to prove that isotopic ratios come from plant growth, not gas exchange.
  10. Wild to think that the Canadian government sponsored a study like that. I know Health Canada is thorough with imports (much to my chagrin), but developing/validating a GC method to identify trace organic compounds in such a complex matrix (tobacco leaf) is a monumental task. I haven't seen any experimental evidence that shows an technique that can accurately ID tobacco by origin, although I would be happy to read all about anything on the matter. Can you link to something (non O / H) about isotyping analysis being used to identify agricultural products' origins? I haven't found any and I would love to take a gander...
  11. No, I understand the concept, I just didn't see a methodology that can be used with IR-MS or OA-ICOS (Off-Axis Integrated Cavity Output Spectroscopy) for anything other than Carbon, Hydrogen or Oxygen. Do you have any information about OA-ICOS being performed on N, P, K or S, I'd love to dork out about it... Has experimental data proving a difference between Cuban tobacco and non-Cuban tobacco using isotopic differences been shown? If the methodology works, a difference in isotopic variations would still need to be established. I haven't seen these data, if the method is feasible. Sorry, left out the part where I did a cursory search and found this article about NMR and wine testing. Like I said, I went down the science rabbit hole! Neat stuff! The GC-MS testing linked by @Elvis is awesome but it does raise some questions - the method can't distinguish between Cuban wrapper leaf and Non-Cuban wrapper leaf. I work closely with GC-MS daily, and I have a very good idea about the cost to develop and validate a GC-MS method like this (eleven analytes would be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars). Who did this work? Anyone have a copy of the paper? I'd love to read it...
  12. Hurricane Irma

    Dynamic Update Live update thread Stay safe everyone!
  13. Very interesting! Thanks for the rabbit hole, never heard of NMR analysis of isotope ratios as an authentication tool for wine! Here is a white paper on IRMS (Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometery) / OA-ICOS (Off-Axis Integrated Cavity Output Spectroscopy) Two problems with using these methodologies to identify regions of cigars: 1) These are useful on wines because they require a liquid matrix (IRMS uses pure CO2 diffusion into liquid to extract isotopes (gas exchange not viable for solids), OA-ICOS uses gas analysis (vaporized water / ethanol)). I don't think either would be suitable for a solid matrix More importantly, 2) Cigars are dynamically exchanging analytes with the environment (ambient water) in a way that wine is not, altering the isotopic ratios of Oxygen and Hydrogen (the analytes for both methods)
  14. I agree with the idea that trading tobacco is likely not happening. Why would it be so hard for Tabacuba to proxy buy some tobacco bundles? It would be a net profit to be sure, so the motivation is easy to see. It couldn't be that difficult, right?
  15. Why is it so difficult to believe that Cuban cigars are blending? Seems like a great idea from HSA's point of view. Buy low, sell high - they've proven adept at that. If the trouble is simply the manifests fir bulk tobacco purchases, it doesn't seem that difficult a task to disappear those documents. If they don't get caught, they're printing money.

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