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  1. 007 25

    If only they would re-do Dr. No. I think that modern filmmaking would do that particular story well...
  2. I routinely buy boxes blind having never tried a single, and if I don't like em, I can always find willing takers! Live on the wild side!
  3. Di, if you are looking for a real whale watching experience, the grey whale migration happens in Baja California every winter... unsurpassed whale watching: They take you out on little Ponga boats, and there are literally thousands of whales. My in-laws went down after they saw our pictures and videos, check out the baby whale petting:
  4. Lemons

    No Lemon laws, I'm really surprised to hear that... What about the warranty?
  5. Heading to Hawaii on Fridaii

    Sorry to hear about your vacation becoming a pain in the ass. I hope the trip ends up way better than you expect. With any luck, you will find a secluded beach with some laid-back vibes and chill out enjoying a cigar or six without busy bodies to harass you. My experience in Hawaii has always been if you don't bother others and you are slightly off the beaten path (my understanding is that is relatively easy on Big Island), no one will bother you. Stay away from beach parks and you should be gravy! Aside from the punch to the pocketbook.
  6. Heading to Hawaii on Fridaii

    Hawaii's appeal is that it's tropical island paradise while still being inside the US. It's not a great "value" destination - unless you value the benefits of being able to stay in the US (say you want a virtually guaranteed safe experience for your kiddos). I'm going in July, and I have an 18 month old. I don't have to pass through customs, worry about dodgy water, yada yada. Wife and I have been in a lot of beautiful tropical paradises and Hawaii is on par with the best of them with essentially zero headaches (costs aside). It's all about what you value in your travels... My budgeting advice: hit Costco when you land and make sure you cook your own meals. Buy a few bottles of rum and enjoy paradise, you only live once...
  7. $530 US for 100mL! That bottle better have SIX bands.
  8. Personally I don’t get any more enjoyment from a $30-$50 cigar versus a ~$15 cigar. More power to those that love em. I’d go E2s or Mille Fleurs. I tend towards smaller smokes and gave the vote to the MFs
  9. Plain Packaging Options.

    Honestly, I love going to the humidor and checking out the collection. Appreciating the cigars with all five senses, it makes me happy! The artwork plays a role, but it's a 5% kinda thing for me. Would I have a problem with unbanded cigars? Not really, but Fugu does bring up the topic of counterfeit merchandise. How could you possibly be confident that you are getting the real deal, especially if you are buying singles?
  10. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    That's a beautiful baby! Great job mom and dad!
  11. you accidently break a glass...

    A small price to pay to have something so juicy to hold over my spouse’s head for the rest of our lives. It’s a twofer as well, “Sorry honey, can’t go to your parents’ house, can’t afford to.”
  12. Let's talk Steak

    Picanha, rock salt only. Grilled on hardwood charcoal to medium rare.
  13. Panama

    Bocas del Toro, magical.
  14. My first time with beetles...

    Thanks for the information. I have never frozen cigars, as I have only purchased through vendors online. I am beginning to think that is a mistake....
  15. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Larry's a cigar lover, so seems apropos...

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