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  1. The ¾ Sir Winston?

    I've got 5 boxes of Connie As and I have to say they are all in the vein of the SWs I've smoked. From what I've smoked, all of the baking spices and sweetness from the SW were present early in the Connie A. The darker/denser coffee notes appeared in the final 3rd of the CA. It's not to say that you can't find parts of the other in all 3 smokes. The sweet, almost raunchy, cream that is the Upmann marca can be seen across most of their offerings. These 3 in particular. I'd venture to say this... The Connie A resembles the SW through most of the journey. (2/3 of the way matching sweetness and baking spices) The final third might be debatable but that's still most of the cigar. I find the 46s to open sweeter than either of the other two. Cheers men
  2. This thing burned like a dream. Real tasty too. @fastkiller13 and I burned this one in my garage and we think we know, but we don't. I was a bit disenchanted with the results from the last smoke, but I won't beat that dead horse anymore. Looking forward to this reveal. Good luck all. God knows we need it.
  3. I'd go with the Robo sampler. Variety is the spice of life after all. It's slowly becoming a go to vitola for me too. It's warming up in the NE and spending 75-90 mins on a great cigar is a thing again. Oh and if anyone is done with their hooker, I'll drive her home.
  4. Smoked one of these like a month ago and I knew right away I needed a box of em. My memory might be rusty but this could be one of the strongest smokes from the Linea 1492. Without further ado ... Cohiba Medio Siglo SGA ABR 17 Cheers gents!
  5. I have a lovely box of Party D 4s with box code ASR AGO 17. Enjoy those Connie As. 👍
  6. I told myself I'd sell off some smokes to fund the purchase of a Dupont Defi Extreme. I can't pull the trigger. I have the money to buy it but it reminds me of the other argument in my head. Tupperdor or buy a fancy cabinet. I have several quad torches but after going a little nuts on some smaller rg cigars... I go to the FOH lighter. I might buy your single torch 10 pax on Amazon of the throw aways. I think I'd rather buy cigars than fancy lighters. For the record I've owned really nice Colibrís and Xicar. All have broken eventually. I owned a $19 Vector that was with me for almost 9 years. Weathered. Beat up. It always fired up. Eventually the reservoir broke and I had to let it go.
  7. I would say the Mag is a milder cigar. It's quite smooth in its delivery. Very little in the sense of any spice even in the retrohale. A bit linear for me, but nobody will complain when you're getting a bunch of great smoke for 90 mins. The Connie A is much more complex than the 50. There's a touch more spice present here. More creaminess. More baking spices. I get more sweetness out of this one as well. From my experience, the flavors do progress and are more evident as you burn thru the cigar. Mag 50 = very nice latte at Starbucks Connie A = cappuccino at Le Sirenuse in Positano Take my thoughts with a grain of salt. The Connie A is my fav "everyday" reg prod cigar. Connie had me at first puff. Cheers
  8. @CubanLover84 @fastkiller13 And myself herfin' at Jamie's tonight. Good times! Venue can change next time but the more the merrier. We broke the 2 man threshold. Let's see if we can grow the team next time. Cheers North Jersey guys! Javi
  9. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    RASS LAU JUN 16 Razor burn gents. I dryboxed for nearly a week. I'm telling you, if you're not dryboxing your cigars you're missing out on so many flavors.
  10. Boli Petit 👑 Coronas ETP DEC 16 My PC game be getting strrrrrrrrong! Cheers gents!
  11. H Upmann Mag 54 ATE JUL 17 These look amazing. Cheers guys!
  12. Or half/media coronas. Maybe some Petit Robos. LOL
  13. Cuba Tourist Numbers.

    This is the exact reason some folks abroad look at Americans (us, I'm a naturalized American) funny. If there were no cigars and no rum... I'd still go back to see my aunts and uncles who remain. @NYgarman they say different strokes for different folks, and just like no one is attacking your stance on the island... There's no need to cast a net as if to claim you could possibly get into peoples' heads and know their intent for visiting. I'm certain there are thousands of Americans, Canadians, and Europeans that visit and leave the island without rum nor cigars. The irony is it sounds like you don't care to visit, but you enjoy the finest things the island has to offer. (Which by most accounts is arguably the best tobacco products on the globe, which is pretty big.) The question for YOU my friend is... If you couldn't have the USPS drop a box at your doorstep from several thousand miles away with your favorite Habanos, and instead had to go pick up the finest tobacco in the world yourself. Would you visit then? In the words of the officer in the old Looney Toons skit with Bugs... YOU MIGHT RABBIT. YOU MIGHT!
  14. Cuba Tourist Numbers.

    My wife and I chuckle about food options at resort lunch buffets and what is presented. You'll often find things like pizza and lasagna, and honestly we would love nothing more than some local fare. The last several years our vacations are more about getting out and seeing where we're staying. Enjoy the local food. The people. I think it'd be silly to say we don't love amenities, but to your point, and you really nailed it, if all you want is an extension of your current first world then why leave? It's not always safe to leave a resort, or city limits if you will, but when you can... Explore! You might appreciate what you have that much more once you learn how others live. And live happily I might add. THIS! 👏
  15. I'm always looking for a new way to get better physically and of course mentally. About two years ago I was introduced to yoga and practiced it weekly for about half a year. Yoga in turn got me digging deeper. How to quiet down the noise and bustle upstairs? I found meditation and more specifically guided meditation. Sometimes we sit on a mat or a comfortable chair, close or eyes, and then what? There are many many great guided meditation examples on YouTube, but I happen to gravitate towards a channel called The Honest Guys. You might want to give them a try. Beyond that I've read several amazing introspective books, including Universal Laws by Jennifer O'Neill and The Untethered Soul by the amazing Michael Singer. (He has a video series to accompany the book) The later book will set one question before you, Who am I? You'll learn quickly that what we feel can only come from within. Fear, hate, anxiety, and love, to name a few, cannot come from outside of us. We're in more control than we think, or know. I've shared the gift of meditation with my wife whose high powered role in a financial institution has tried to lean its full weight on her. She's in a better place. I'm in a better place. Anytime I feel a little "out of control" the breathing exercises commence. We must keep our minds as healthy as our bodies. All the best to you and Di on your ride. Cheers

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