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  1. ElJavi76

    Greetings from Greece

    The wife and I are going next year for our 10th anniversary + her 40th, ahem I mean, 21st bday. Probably do a lil island hopping. Can't wait. Enjoy Jason!
  2. ElJavi76

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    Had a great time with the family this weekend. The pork was delicious. Enjoy eating it way more than going to the slaughterhouse. Also saw several folks going to town with blow torches on the hogs then scraping them and then rinse repeat. Interesting way to start the prep. Hopefully the video uploads properly. Reunited with my cousins after years. Great time by all. Cheers 20180811_071348.mp4
  3. Partagas Maduro No 1 REG MAR 18 These have a great coat on them. I've heard great things and then Rob goes and basically gives these away. Great price FOH! Thanks for making these available. Cheers
  4. ElJavi76

    Whats up for the weekend?

    I reconnected with my cousins who I haven't seen in about 4 or 5 years. Why? I don't know. Just life doing its ebb and flow thing. Funny thing when I chatted with the younger cousin he said, no more losing each other's numbers. You're stuck with me forever. I'm ok with that. When you grow up somewhat isolated because your extended family doesn't live near you, it's a really weird dynamic. Wanna know how brave my cousin is? He hopped on a raft with 4 of his friends back in the early 90s and left Cuba. He spent 4 days in the open ocean and they were recused by a cruise ship. Brave, crazy, and definitely lucky. He insisted that we fry a hog this weekend. He goes don't worry, I got all the equipment we need. We're frying it in your backyard. LoL I'll try to capture it as best I can. Cheers all, and get better Rob.
  5. I have at least one friend who thinks I resemble Eric Hosmer of the SD Padres baseball team. Horrible time finding serious pics of myself. I dunno, maybe I do. Maybe I don't. You be the judge.
  6. Two new boxes hand delivered by a friend who just got back from Cuba... Trinidad Vigia TPO MAY 18 Trinidad La Trova ARS FEB 18 Into the fridge they went. Tomorrow freezer. Back to fridge on Friday and then into gen-pop. I'm buzzing with excitement over my potential haul come November. Cheers
  7. ElJavi76

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    Good guys 2 - AS Roma 1 was the final. When I bought the tickets CR7 was still at RM... And then we got the news after the WC he was moving onto Juve. Nice game last night, with a couple of the stars having some nice moments. Cheers
  8. Cohiba Talisman box 2 of 2 LRG DIC 17 These two boxes were birthday presents. One from my wife and one from myself. 😉 Cheers guys
  9. ElJavi76

    North Jersey Herf...

    Sorry I didn't see this sooner. Saw flyers for it last week but didn't think too much about it. Fridays are usually spent with the family. We should try for a group hangout soon. I think after vacations are done and summer reaches a crescendo it might clear people's schedules a lil.
  10. ElJavi76

    best rums under US$50.

    Ron Centenario 20 can be had for under $50 and is absolutely amazing. I find it to be better than Zacapa 18. I think it's similar to the Dip Reserva. They have a 30 year version as well that I find to be much better than Zacapa XO... But these are closer to the $90 mark than the younger stuff.
  11. Box 1 of 2 Cohiba Talisman LRG DIC 17 Also a very awesome sampler from Rob n company. Thanks again for putting in great comps and the generous giveaways. That Party Maddy 1 will ensure I don't break into my new box that's in the mail right away. Cheers
  12. As far as current production... Few cigars have much, if any, nic effect on me. BBFs pack that punch. I've had to lay one down at the halfway mark. Kicked my arse! Empty stomach too which couldn't have helped. Ramón Alloñes Jubilee AP Regional... Started this off like it wasn't a big deal. Half inch into it, the thing dialed up to 20/10. Got the pins and needles all over my skin and the cold sweats. Had to grab a sweet drink to settle things down. My buddy and I just smoked ED Conde Beli's and he got a nic buzz. Didn't put any kind of dent on me. But in the summer I've been smoking about 2 sticks a day.
  13. ElJavi76

    USA usd currency exchange in Cuba

    I'm still left to wonder guys what the best approach is... Do I buy 500-1000 EUR here and then hope my driver can hook it up? I have heard that the black market money exchangers go gaga over the hundred dollar bills with the blue magnetic stripe across the back. I just wanna get most bang for buck out there without paying thru my teeth. I bank with Citibank in the states and they can deliver currency to my local branch. The exchange rate is the thing that'll drive that discussion.
  14. ElJavi76

    Is this a shark?

    Hey Elliot @SigmundChurchill could this be your goldfish? Check out the drone pic of the paddleboarder, feet away from a shark up in Cape Cod. http://www.capecodtimes.com/news/20180730/great-white-shark-shadows-unsuspecting-paddleboarder

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