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  1. Irish Whiskey

    While not all that exclusive or fancy, my taste buds have been thoroughly enjoying a bottle of Jameson Black Barrel lately. A close second for me is Bushmill Black Bush.
  2. I'll second Jacob's and Co. (King and Brant) Wonderful meal. Get a Caesar salad...made table side. Quite the show. We also enjoy Hemingway's rooftop bar (Cumberland St. by the Yorkville rock) but it is typically summer. Might not have the same je ne sais quoi in the cooler months. We also visited a great Italian place that was in a house. Trattoria Nervosa maybe? The nice thing about Toronto is there is plenty to do, and typically a casual walk or subway ride away.

    Happy natal day Lisa!
  4. make your own four roses small batch bourbon

    Thanks for posting. Hadn't read this before, but working my way through Irish whiskeys of late. I typically have a bottle of small batch around. (non LE!)
  5. Nice! I have/enjoy the 71 At Fillmore East version...the entire side 4 of the double album...if you are doing vinyl. <-and just why wouldn't you?
  6. Newb from Ohio

    Welcome from the east side of Columbus!
  7. We are fortunate to have several around central Ohio. Of late I have been enjoying Seventh Son's "Rookery" porter and their "Humulus Nimbus" Strong Pale. Rockmill, Elevator, Buckeye Lake all have something to my liking as well. Enjoy the quest!
  8. Xikar site guarantees 2%, so you might send them a note. Also, if you aren't happy, they will swap them out for you regardless. Stellar customers service, although I only have use their cutters. If the cigars are smoking to your liking, I wouldn't fret too much.
  9. I typically age at a higher humidity (70%), thinking like some said above, that the moisture helps the process. Just my electrons working, no real science. I used to store my ready stock at 65-68 but the past year have dropped that to 63%, due to hard to smoke cigars. Just that little change has done wonders.
  10. Newbie from Austin

  11. Some of the better restaurants will give you orange sherbet between courses, so there must be something to it? I prefer water, scotch, porter, reds, et al depending on the time of day and meals.
  12. Hailing from NW Ohio

    Welcome fellow Ohioan...enjoy! Those silly 24:24's will get the best of you. Start planning your walk-in or look for cooler sales. Beautiful Williams County, nothing more NW than that! (although I'm not sure how you're going south to Michigan?)
  13. Howdy - newbie from Indiana here.

    Welcome from Ohio!
  14. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Romeo Number 2 poolside with an iced tea...that may have Or may not have a splash of absolut citron in it for good measure [emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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