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    Central Ohio
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    Golf, scotch, cigars, airplanes, 70's Hi-Fi, ham radio, cars, Bama football (keeps the locals stirred up), ...has to be more, that is just this months hobbies. I enjoy trying to revive the fountain pen and pocket square craze as well!
  1. That's an Ohio thing! Someone has to say're outstanding in your field! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Siglo IV and Dewars Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I have two of the original (Xi?) Xikars. When one seems to get dull I ship it back and they replace it. Use the other while that is going on. My punch I sharpen with a knife sharpening steel. Worst case (no cutter) I will soak the cap (yeah, with spit) in my mouth and it will usually come right off after a few minutes.
  4. Welcome. Just through your airport (twice) first weekend of May. Hope to get back out and spend some more time, had a neighbor that is now in Centennial. Enjoy your cigar journey!
  5. Happy Natal Day! Thanks for all you do!
  6. Right now Dewars and a Siglo IV after yard mowing for the neighbors and enjoying a passing storm on the screen porch. Tomorrow folding bulletins for the church in the a.m. Relaxing until a killler Italian dinner with friends, then more of what I'm doing now! Everyone have a safe and great weekend!!
  7. Great write-up, thanks.
  8. Welcome from Ohio!
  9. H. Upmann Monarchs, 2002 if I recall. I could feel the knot in them. Drawpoker helped, and some were such that I could get a good half out of them cutting out the knot. Still have a few left thinking they might loosen up...maybe in another 15 years! I had another issue with long smokes...RA Gigantes, 2008 I believe. Same deal, tight and noticeable knots in the roll. Otherwise beautiful smokes, but I would rather they spend the time on the inside rather than the outside.
  10. Newbie check-in. I have a wide variety of interests yet only frequent a few boards. Man of few words (online anyway). I look forward to your posts. Steve in central Ohio

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