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  1. Wow, I don’t know what to say. The Trinidad was the only cigar I noticed that had any damage to it, and all it had was some minor damage to the cap. I felt it was still smokable, so I didn’t mention anything. Nothing else was damaged, that I noticed, when I boxed them up. If you’re right and this is being caused by the cold temperatures, what is the solution? I can replace the damaged cigars, with the exception of the Trinidad, just let me know where to send them. Al
  2. The QdO54 was the first out of the box and this inspired me to smoke one tonight as well. I didn’t love it if I’m honest. Not saying it was bad. It was definitely fresh, and could benefit with some more time to acclimatize for whoever takes it.
  3. Next up is @stinkhead. Al
  4. Sorry, For some reason it wouldn’t let me attach the pics. Here they are. Al
  5. OK, puts and takes have been approved. I’ll get the box back out tomorrow. Also included in the box are some Johnny O WF Lanceros to try if you are so inclined. It seems like there is some interest on the forum. Puts: Lusi - BUT MAY 12 BCG - PUR JUN 16 QdO no 54 - MSU AGO 17 CoRo - BMP OCT 16 ERDM Choix Supreme - OMS ENE 17 Takes: HDM DC - 2011 HURR - LUB MAY 15 HU Mag 50 - LEP MAY 17 JL Sel no. 2 - OPS NOV 16 PL Picadores - EOT JUN 16
  6. I’ve got the box. Everything looks good. I’ll get my proposed puts and takes to Wertman tonight.

    To me, the Lost City is just OK. I’m not one who can pick out flavors in a cigar beyond general profiles like sweet or spicy. That’s said, this is the one cigar where I could. It is straight up white pepper from first light to the nub. I found it to be pretty one dimensional. As for my New Years cigar, I’m thinking one of the Cohibas or the Sir Winston from the Christmas sampler. Hope you enjoy the Losr City, and happy new year to all.
  8. Christmas Party

    Good lord, how boring. I’m fortunate enough to work for a company where it’s OK, even encouraged to act the fool for a night, as long as we don’t break any laws or hotel rules. The worst that happens is your picture gets taken and displayed at the following year’s Christmas party so everyone can laugh at you again. Of course, I work for a relatively small company (<300 people), and everyone knows pretty much everyone else, so all the stupidity is, for the most part, amongst friends. I wouldn’t want it any other way.
  9. Best 2016 Box Codes

    I’m with you on PUR. Three of my favorite cigars last year came from PUR.
  10. It's not so much the voltage you need to take into account but the amps. If you are using one of the feeds to the garage as a sub main it needs to be big enough to handle the combined amps requirements of everything you plan to run in the garage, lights plus power points. At the sub board you then split that cable up to feed a breaker for your lights and a breaker for your power points Exactly right^^
  11. If assume you’re talking about the La Hoyo de Rio Seco? I got excited too, but there seems to be a typo somewhere. The text says 46 ring gauge, but the spreadsheet says 56. I would prefer the 46.
  12. It’s not necessarily unusual. It’s possible whoever installed the wiring ran separate circuits to the lighting and outlets. installing a sub panel should be fairly easy, especially if the existing wiring is run in conduit. If it is, you can trace the conduit to where it comes out of the ground, and redirect it to the location you want to install the sub panel. Then, you would pull out the existing wires and install new, sized for current draw you anticipate needing for everything you want to feed out of the sub panel. Last, you would run the wiring for your existing lighting / outlets into the new panel, and run new wiring for the heater. if you have direct burial cable run to the garage, it becomes a bit more difficult as you would need to dig a new trench for the new wiring. Either way, it’s not a big deal, and depending on circumstances (location of main electrical service relative to the garage, and whether or not you already have a conduit from the main house to the garage) may not be too expensive. I hope this helps. If you have any more questions, please feel free to reach out and ask.
  13. I just don't get it

    I thought I would post an update tonight on my box of RASS. After several months of avoiding these, I plucked up the courage to give them another go. Now, I'm not sure if these will ever become a favorite of mine, but all I can say is wow, what a difference. This was the first cigar out of the box that I actually enjoyed, and I can see this becoming a change of pace cigar for me when I crave something a little different. Why did I like this cigar now? I took the advice of many of you on this post, as well as other posts, and modified my storage conditions in order to lower the moisture content in my cigars. I still use the winador for my frequent smokes, and have now, due to an increased volume of cigars to store, have purchased a large cooler for the cigars I don't smoke very often, or am trying to age. For humidity maintenance, I'm using 62% Boveda packs. Additionally, and I think most importantly, I unplugged the winador and am storing my cigars at room temperature (72F). For this, I want to call out @PigFish and thank him for his repeated teaching on percent moisture content. It is now clear to me that temperature is absolutely important when managing percent moisture content in cigars. In addition to the RASS, I'm finding that all of my cigars taste and burn better than when I was storing them around 65F. Thank you again, sir, for showing me how to better enjoy the wonderful world of Cuban cigars. The irony here is that most of Pigfish's comments on this post have been about poor construction, not storage conditions or percent moisture content, and I acknowledge this may still be the case. Alas, I still have no idea for certain, why I enjoyed this particular cigar while the first six showed me just how much I could hate a cigar. None the less, I did learn valuable lessons from everyone's responses, which leads me to comment on what a great place FOH is to learn and live this hobby of ours. The collective wisdom of this community amazes me, and I thank you all for sharing your experiences. Cheers, all.
  14. Dog just got sprayed by a skunk...

    After trying to clean our idiot, I mean dog, ourselves, we left him in the garage overnight. The next day, we brought him to the nearest pet store / groomer, in our case, Pet Smart. They washed him down to point we could let him back into the house, using some kind of soap that left a very perfumey, yet non skunk smell. Word of warning though...every time the dog gets a little wet for the next couple months, the skunk smell comes right back, until he / she dries off. Good luck,

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