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  1. I've never had anything from Warped, but I've heard good things. My choice for this is the La Palina Goldie Laguito no.2 and Especial. Expensive, but great cigars. Interesting backstory on them as well. They at least used to only be rolled by Maria Sierra who was one of the first women rollers at El Laguito. She worked at El Laguito and was trained by Avelino Lara and Eduardo Rivera Irizarri. Cuban pedigree in the Goldie translates to a great smoke.
  2. Nice to see some love for the JL1. Also one of my top smokes for the year. The JL2 gets all the love, but I always prefer the corona gorda size especially for the price.
  3. Agree with El Prez 100%. Construction issues aside, I find myself wanting more depth from this cigar. Based off recommendation from other members, the Cedros 1 and 2 are far better in flavor and value.
  4. I've been sampling a few from a 2015 box and I've yet to be impressed. Flavor is pretty much wood and spice as you mentioned, and I've never been been able to get through one without some kind of burn/construction issue. I keep trying in hopes that they'll turn around with age, but I doubt it.
  5. RG Perlas. Great flavor and priced to smoke regularly.
  6. FOH'ers Daily Beer

    Sounds like a great time no matter what, and the beer is top of my list to try.
  7. FOH'ers Daily Beer

    Was it worth the wait?
  8. I have to go with the short lived Trinidad Robusto Extra. I was able to get a box from 2007 when I was first getting into CCs a few years ago. The Trex was the first Cuban I smoked that made me realize what I was missing. Perfectly balanced and rich flavor profile that blew me away. I only have 2 left now, but they've been a treat every time.
  9. I dont think the Pats will miss Jimmy G. This year's draft seems to be pretty heavy on QB talent. I can see the Pats waiting on a QB who they can get a good bargain for later in the draft. Worked with Brady. They don't have too many picks to trade up to get a top tier guy either.
  10. Cubans for Dad

    Agree with both of the choices above. Maybe also consider the Partagas E2, a bit shorter but still a great larger rg smoke.
  11. There's a sucker born every minute. Hard to tell if that body of work on a bad team is worth that much. I highly doubt it, especially with a 7:5 td - int ratio in 2017.
  12. Brazilian Rosewood is generally used as a finishing wood because the figuring in the grain is gorgeous. I have seen many guitars with tops made from it, and they are beautiful. While the humidor might have the rosewood finish, it's probably still lined with Spanish cedar. I've also read that Brazilian Rosewood is a very fragrant wood with an almost floral aroma, which might not be the best for cigar storage.
  13. hot chillies - can they hurt you?

    An old boss of mine told me I could have the rest of the day off if I ate one of his ghost peppers before a meeting. I took him up on it, and had to cut the meeting short. I ended up at my desk drooling into a trash can for a half hour. He came by and had a good laugh, but he kept his word and I got the day off. Spent an hour on the john after I got home so I'm not sure if I actually won that one.

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