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  1. Stump89

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    My favorite cigar, enjoy brother
  2. Stump89

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Smoking a delicious Partagas Presidentes alo dic 16
  3. Smoking the rest of them tonight lol. Time to make some room.
  4. Stump89

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Nice dark wrapper on that one, enjoy.
  5. Stump89

    FOH'ers Daily Beer

    Not a big fan. Too sweet for my taste.
  6. Totally agree. I just did a pairing with an IPA and Cohiba Secretos where I noticed the exact same thing. Also really made the cocoa flavor more pronounced.
  7. I picked these up when I first started getting into CCs about 5 years ago. I always found the 2011 ELs interesting because they seemed all over the place. Everyone loved the Cohiba 1966, either loved or hated the Allones Extra, and universally hated the Short Hoyo. The Short Hoyo definitely falls into the 'unloved' category. I only smoked 1 from this box a few years ago, and gave a few to a friend recently. Let's see how it goes. This one has a silky smooth wrapper with a couple of distinct veins. Aroma and cold draw are that of cocoa powder and not much else. Starts out with some wood, toast, and more cocoa. The smoke is very light and dry. Not a whole lot changes as I keep smoking. More cedary wood, more cocoa. Still dry smoke. There is a little spice through the nose, but not much else going on, and it gets a little harsh towards the ending. Overall, the Short Hoyo Piramides is not a bad cigar by any means. It's better than I remember from a few years ago, but still not anything to write home about. If I could describe it in 1 word it would be 'meh.' Flavors are clear and defined, but also predictable. Like an 'EL Light.' Short Hoyo is staying in the unloved zone.
  8. Thanks, it turned out much better than expected. Next experiment is going to be chili pepper chocolate stout. Very curious to see how that turns out.
  9. I'll take a stab at this. Not a video review but hope this still works. Today's brew is my own homebrewed 'Dad Bod' IPA. Doesn't get more craft than that lol. Brewed with mosaic hops in the boil and then dry hopped with cascade hops for 2 weeks. Paired with a gnarly looking Cohiba Secretos SOM MAR 17. Beer pours dark amber. Nose shows some tropical fruits like pineapple and some citrus, presumably from the mosaic hops. Taste shows more tropical and stone fruits as well as a slight bitterness. Can taste the alcohol too on an unfortunately short finish. I haven't really been impressed with the box of Secretos, they kinda look like something my cat leaves in the litterbox. However, the pairing works quite well with the fruit and slight bitterness from the beer. It seems to accentuate the cocoa flavor and brings out more sweetness in the cigar. Overall rating for the pairing I'd say is maybe 8 out of 10. It was good, not great. Think some PSP Secretos would have made this better. Don't buy blind!!!
  10. Coke or root beer always do the trick for me. I've also been drinking iced coffee and that also pairs well, especially for the summer.
  11. This seriously looks like it should be in a Jaws movie.
  12. That one on the paddle board... nope.
  13. In keeping with the theme of some recent shark posts, I found this gem as a headline today. Good thing this bad boy is extinct... Hopefully.
  14. Stump89

    Driving and smoking

    Have smoked plenty in my car. So much so that I used a cupholder to collect all the bands. Definitely great for a long drive, but I'll light up a cheap and cheerful for just running around doing errands too. Gotta watch that ash though. Nothing worse than ashing on yourself AND the car.
  15. Thanks for the review. I've been interested in picking up a few of these. Good to know that they aren't a huge letdown.

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