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  1. Please do let me know your impressions when you enjoy another one.
  2. A couple of more boxes:
  3. As seen in picture, the box code is eligible. Sadly only four more SP Molinos remaining in box. Cigar's performance on this box has been consistently good-to-great. Looking forward to a potentially excellent showing based on my first impressions from the pre-light draw and excellent draw. First Third: Surprisingly starts a little musty/grassy, but eventually transitions into a more nutty and cream-like profile: almonds, milk coffee and hay notes. Spicy finish. Middle 3rd: Pecans and the previously noted almonds are now balanced with sweet spices like nutmeg and cinnamon. Creaminess and nuttiness fade by end of middle third. Pencil shavings and cedar aftertaste. Final 3rd: The cigar now displays medium-roasted coffee and leather notes. Cedar still lingers on the finish. Solid 94 points. 1.5 hours had lapsed by the time I put it down. Must admit that I was tempted to light up a second one, but wisely resisted temptation. By the time I saw the aged box of Molinos in this weekend's 24:24, it was already sold out and didn't even get a chance of sending an email. Congratulations to the fortunate cigar lover that purchased it.
  4. EML MAY 14 Time: 49:34 First 3rd:Molasses, vanilla, cream coffee and cedar notes. What a start. Loving the oaky finish.Middle 3rd:Started losing its burn at the beginning of this third and in my unsuccessful attempt to recover it without losing the ash, I overwhelmed the cigar with unwanted smoke from ash and also overheated it. I should have known better. Harshness started to overshadow the original sweetness and creaminess. By the midpoint, both had completely faded. MEA CULPA!!!Final third:From this point forward, bitter coffee started to dominate and cigar never recovered. Usually, I would have put it down, but I was determined to avoid skewing the timing stats.To be fair, I'll leave it UNRATED. Promising start, but I ultimately ruined it. I'll smoke another petit corona over the weekend and replace this entry.
  5. Congratulations!
  6. In the interest of Science...😛 Finally the box that I purchased last week arrived, and I had to taste one cigar to compare with the well-constructed sample that I tasted last week (see above). For curiosity's sake, I picked the best of the worst (i.e. a small soft-spot near the top of 1st third). I was hoping to also smoked one that is well constructed, but rain ruined this experiment since I didn't even get to light the better cigar. LOL, I should have started with the good example. Observations: - 👏👏👏Only 36% failure rate: Based on preliminary inspection of this box, around 5 other cigars in box are underfilled and 3 cigars had one or two hard spots. I already discarded those other eight cigars; no need to smoke another bad stick from this box. - not sure if calculated risk payed-off based on salvaged sticks - better looking wrappers than the one I sampled last week (see above tasting note) - mid-body to mild - more nutty - less creamy - mint notes were also present Rating: 50 points due to the known construction issues.
  7. I will definitely pick up two or three boxes, but I have to wait until early August to get the extra month in the VAT-refund period.
  8. Wishing I could've find more, but one will have to do for now.
  9. Since du Prince is sadly being discontinued, I'm assessing if I should outsource a couple boxes while I'm still seeing them within Germany.First 3rd:Chestnuts, almonds and caramel are dominating this third. Loving the sweetness on the finish along with the pencil shavings notes.Middle 3rd:Almonds are still present. Starting to show some creamy notes. Really interesting hints of lemon drop at the end of this third. Semi-oaky finish.Final 3rd:There's still a touch of cream along with some newly-developed coffee notes. As it reached its end, slight hints of licorice are noticeable on the finish.Solid 90 points. These skinny cigars are really pleasurable to smoke. I'll grab a couple of cabs locally since these cigars are unfortunately becoming hard to get when they do show up in 24:24.
  10. Sory to hear your 80 was so insipid. Salt notes also ruins a cigar for me. 😡
  11. Please do share pictures of final product. I'm sure I'm not the only one that would like to see them.
  12. Anyone out there has any PSP/HQ aged Trinidad Fundadores that you're willing to trade me? If you do, please don't read this tasting note because it might dissuade you about trade them. 😛First 3rd:Unlike the Trinidad Coloniales from yesterday, there's no introverted beginning for the Fundadores. Within the first draw, there's tons of toffee interplaying with caramel and cream coffee. Lovely sweetness with no bitterness detected at any point. What a draw! Notes of Hay primarily noted on the finish. Middle 3rd:Lots going on throughout this third. Toffee notes are now more subdued at the beginning of 2nd third. By the middle of this third, creaminess start to overtake it along with the evolving caramel and cacao notes. By the end of this third, pecan starts to become noticeable. What a lingering finish of cinnamon spices and cedar! Final 3rd:Can this third keep up with the previously noted complexity? My doubts were dissipated when this Trini transitioned and evolved into a more spicy, medium-roasted coffee profile with vanilla undertones. The cinnamon is now complemented with nutmeg spices. Cream notes have finally diminished, but I now hardly miss them. Cedar and oak on the finish.94 points with tons of upside if I ever manage to age the rest of the box. What an elegant middle-body cigar. Impeccable construction. Impressed with the ash that it produced throughout the ~110 enjoyable minutes. Ash never fell off on its own; I purposely disposed the ash three times. I even smoked it until the draw was just unbearably hot.It felt like I smoked three different cigars consequently. Admittedly, now I'm exaggerating.
  13. No doubt, this a great cigar to age.
  14. Thanks for sharing tasting note. After reading your impressions, it's now on my radar to outsource a box via secondary market some day.
  15. Spanishcedar, I'm certain that you will be very, very happy when you finally receive it! FWIW, I'm still debating if I should have rated it higher based on how much I enjoyed it.

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